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Sharp Electronics Corporation Introduces New Voltage Regulator That Simplifies Switching Power Supply Design; Chip Combines Primary-Side Power MOS-FETs and Switching Control IC in a Single T0-220 Package.

CAMAS, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 1995--Sharp Electronics Corporation today announced the PQ1PF1 primary-side voltage regulator -- a device that makes power supplies for computers and office equipment more compact and easier to design. In addition to reducing the size of a switching power supply, the PQ1PF1 also reduces power consumption.

The new voltage regulator is ideal for more compact equipment. Compared to using discrete components, this device reduces the parts count in the switching control circuitry from 12 to just 5 and reduces the mounting area from 5.3 cm square to 2.0 cm square. By integrating a power MOS-FET and its switching control into a single device, Sharp allows equipment manufacturers to more easily develop switching power supplies without having to design complex switching logic P thus shortening design times. The PQ1PF1 reduces power loss from the control logic 1.06 watts to 760 milliwatts.

The PQ1PF1 integrates two new devices -- a power MOS-FET (MOS field effect transistor) with a current sensing pin and a pulse-width modulation control IC with built-in oscillator. Sharp combined these two devices using a multi-chip frame assembly into a compact TO-220 package - the same package that normally houses only the power MOS-FET.

The PQ1PF1 also features built-in protection from thermal and current overload and from low-voltage malfunction. Sharp will soon offer an evaluation board for the PQ1PF1 that lets designers and manufacturers check the operating characteristics of power supplies that use the device for primary-side control. The board helps determine a wide range of characteristics, including power supply efficiency, fluctuations under load, ripple, noise, over-current detection, etc.

Application Areas


- Power supplies for all types of electronic equipment

such as personal computers, TV sets, VCRs, etc.

- Switching power supplies


-------------- -0-

Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Conditions

Drain-to-source voltage VDS 500 V ---
Drain current ID 4.5 A ---
Supply voltage (1) VCC 35 V ---
FB pin input voltage(2) VFB 4 V ---
CA pin input current ICA 2 mA ---
Allowable dissipation(3) Pd1 2 W ---
 Pd2 20 W ---
Junction temperature(4) Tj 150 deg C ---
Operating temperature Topr -20
 to +80 deg C ---
Storage temperature Tstg -40
 to +150 deg C ---
Soldering temperature Tsol 260 deg C for 10 seconds

(1) Voltage between VCC and GND pins.
(2) Voltage between FB and GND pins.
(3) Pd1 is the value when self-cooled (free air);
 Pd2 is the value when mounted on an infinitely
 radiating heat sink
(4) Thermal overload shut-off is activated when Tj is in the
 range from 125 deg C to 150 deg C.

Secondary-Side Regulators Also Offered

Earlier this year, Sharp introduced three new low power loss regulators for the secondary side of the power supply with benefits similar to those of the PQ1PF1. The PQ3TZ50, PQ3TZ53, and the PQ7V5 are also compact and highly integrated and available in surface mount packages. The PQ3TZ50 and PQ3TZ53 are 3V and 3.3V regulators respectively with built-in on/off control and low power consumption in the off state (0.55A quiescent current). The PQ7V5 features a variable output voltage ranging from 1.5V to 7V and the same low power consumption in the off state to save energy and extend battery life in portable designs.

Price and Availability


100-piece prices for Sharp's low-power loss regulators are as

PQ1PF1 primary side voltage regulator $5.39 ea.
PQ3TZ50 secondary side voltage regulator 1.21 ea.
PQ3TZ53 secondary side voltage regulator 1.21 ea.
PQ7V5 secondary side voltage regulator 1.21 ea.

All four components are available now through Sharp and its network of distributors. To receive data sheets on these new components and many other Sharp OEM products via your fax machine, call 1-800-833-9437 to reach Sharp's FASTFAX system.

Contact Information

Sharp Electronics Corporation, the $2.8 billion U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation has one of the industry's broadest lines of consumer, business and industrial electronics products. Sharp is the world leader in liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and uses this advanced technology in many of its more than 45 product lines including audio and video systems, microwave ovens, projection panels, electronic organizers, notebook computers and peripherals, copiers, facsimile machines and calculators. Headquartered in Mahwah, N.J., Sharp Electronics employs more than 2,200 people nationwide. For more information, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, 5700 NW Pacific Rim Blvd., M/S 20, Camas, Wash. 98607, or phone 1-800-642-0261.

CONTACT: Young & Roehr, Portland, Ore.
 David White, 503/222-0626
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Date:Jan 4, 1995
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