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Sharaf: AaeIraqi scrap is nuclear-freeAAE.

AMMAN Amman (ämän`), city (1997 est. pop. 1,415,000), capital of Jordan, N central Jordan, on the Jabbok (Wadi Zerka) River. Jordan's largest city and industrial and commercial heart, it is also a transportation hub, especially for pilgrims en route  (Star)AuDuring a press conference held on October 18, Director General of the Jordanian Nuclear Regulatory Committee (JNRC JNRC Joint Nuclear Research Center ), Jamal Sharaf, addressed major nuclear concerns and issues.He explained how this conference aims to reinforce transparency (1) The quality of being able to see through a material. The terms transparency and translucency are often used synonymously; however, transparent would technically mean "seeing through clear glass," while translucent would mean "seeing through frosted glass." See alpha blending. , a policy he is willing to maintain within the framework of the committee. AoWe want JNRC activities to be clear to citizens so that they would understand the nature of this committee and its ongoing persistent work to insure Insure can mean:
  • To provide for financial or other mitigation if something goes wrong: see insurance or .
  • Or you may be looking for ensure or inshore.
 nuclear safety,Ao he said.Sharaf stressed that there isnAAEt any nuclear waste or substances among the Iraqi scrap which enters Jordan. The scrap is checked twiceAuonce on the Iraqi side and again on the Jordanian sideAuusing hi-tech electronic detection devices to ensure it is safe and free of nuclear substances.AoThere has been an agreement with the Iraqis on these procedures, and if there were any nuclear substances in the scrap crossing Jordanian borders it would be immediately sent back,Ao he explained.In addition, Sharaf talked about the local, regional and international projects JNRC is working on since it has signed and endorsed many treaties and agreements of cooperation with several countries including the USA, the UK, Canada and others.According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 Sharaf, the proposed location for the nuclear plant in Aqaba is being studied thoroughly to make sure that it is a proper spot in terms of geology geology, science of the earth's history, composition, and structure, and the associated processes. It draws upon chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and mathematics (notably statistics) for support of its formulations. , safety, and other factors. AoIt is approximately 20 kilometers south of Aqaba,Ao he said, adding,AoAn international company is working with us on a risk assessment report, to make sure that this location is safe and perfect for its upcoming purposes.AoFurthermore, he said that the committee has appointed a consultant to make an environmental assessment so that the location would be specified in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment. AoA national plan is in the making regarding nuclear policies, while all involved parties come together to form a solid plan that would ensure the nuclear safety of the Kingdom,Ao he asserted.JNRC is a relatively new establishment, yet it has many purposes such as operating in coordination with relevant institutions to regulate and monitor the use of nuclear energy and ionized i·on·ize  
tr. & intr.v. i·on·ized, i·on·iz·ing, i·on·iz·es
To convert or be converted totally or partially into ions.

 radiation; and protecting environment, people and property from the danger of radiation and related pollution. Sharaf stressed that JNRC aims to protect people and environment and to secure investments legally and financially.Director General briefed the attendants on the tremendous obligations and work the JNRC has to do including insuring quality of medical devices in relation to nuclear activity or usage, along with training workers and employees who operate these devices to protect both themselves and patients.In addition, Sharaf said that great efforts had been undertaken to consolidate border control, and Aowe are awaiting the arrival of the necessary equipments that would serve to check trucks at borders in a more advanced manner to ensure that they donAAEt carry any nuclear substancesAo.Sharaf talked about the committee and its remarkable accomplishments so far, saying that AoJordan is now on the international nuclear map and we are working in collaboration Working together on a project. See collaborative software.  with involved parties and the International Atomic Energy Agency International Atomic Energy Agency: see Atomic Energy Agency, International.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

International organization officially founded in 1957 to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
 (IAEA IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency. ) to achieve moreAo.JNRC was established in 2007 as a successor to the formerAaJordan Nuclear Energy Commission which was established in 2001. JNRC is a semi independent institution, directly related to the Prime Minister, but enjoying administrative and financial independence

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Oct 26, 2009
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