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Shakeel Construction - an introduction.

Power Generation and its transmission is indeed one of the most sensitive areas in Pakistan's economic development. In view of the grave repercussions that can result in the event of power disruption, the magnitude of responsibility for all those connected in any form with this field, is enormous. Conversely, only an entity with the first rate skills can qualify to be bestowed with an obligation to handle the construction, erection and installation of these crucial transmission lines and grid stations etc.

Shakeel Construction Private Limited is one such leading entity, which has in a short span of time achieved some amazing success and given adequate evidence of its genuine potential in this area. Set up in Lahore only in 1976, by Jamil Ahmad Khan, it has outclassed numerous well established competitors. It has grown from project to project and today is one of the countries leading Construction Firms, demonstrating lts extra-ordinary specialized skills in some of the most challenging construction projects in Pakistan.

Today by the Grace of Almighty the name of Shakeel Construction has become synonymous with trust and quality performance. Shakeel construction has taken up diverse ventures and projects and meet its respective targets with complete satisfaction of all the concerned. It has however particularly excelled in the following areas:- i) Erection of Overhead

Transmission and

Distribution Lines. ii) Erection of Power Plants. iii) Erection of Microwave

Telecommunications Tower. iv) Erection of Industrial

Installation v) Erection of Grid Station

Realizing the significance of modern technology, SCC places heavy reliance on utilizing the latest and best available machine technology and employees most recent techniques to ensure optimum efficiency in the project. It has on its staff highly skilled personal for specialized jobs. Its management motto is that best specialized skills per job description must be made available at all costs. That is why it has no hesitation to hire the most competent engineers, staff, consultants for even more specific projects so that no stone should be left unturned to ably manage a project.

Apart from an organized managerial apparatus it also possesses a strong technical infrastructure which can generate promptly needful resources for an immediate assignment. The SCC's own workshop has a covered area of 4000 sq. ft. along with fabrication facilities. The Company's field staff is fully trained to manage heavy equipment and to carry out construction work on sites often located in wildernesh away from populated settlements. The Company both in terms of labour force and technological knowhow, is fully capable to take up more than one aforementioned projects at a time.

Shakeel Construction by its managerial conduct and efficiency has inspired faith in the respected foreign collaborators both in and out of Pakistan. The Company has completed numerous projects in collaboration with the Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese Construction Firms in Pakistan. In Saudi Arabia, it undertook important construction work on behalf of the Saudi Firms. At present it is working along with a reputed Italian Firm to complete a huge project for Power Supply Erection in Abu Dhabi. Within Pakistan the record of the Company is no less envious! It has worked for the largest Corporation in the country including Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and the Pakistan Telecommunication and Telegraph Department etc.

Shakeel Construction has maintained a uniform standard of efficiency and quality in its work throughout. This consistency acoounts for the trust that is today reposed in the Company by leading local departments and reputed international companies. By the Grace of Almighty, it has achieved in a short while that others take generations! Some of the major projects accomplished in Pakistan and abroad by Shakeel Construction include:-
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Title Annotation:Shakeel Construction Private Ltd., Pakistan
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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