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Seven vie for three Board of Governors seats.

Seven lawyers are running for three seats on the Bar Board of Governors in the 2008 board elections. Eighteen board incumbents as well as two newcomers were also elected to the board unopposed when the filing period ended December 17.

For the Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors, there is one contested race, while 15 lawyers were elected without an opponent.

The Bar Board of Governors will have contested races in the Ninth, 11th, and 17th circuits.

In the Ninth Circuit, Seat 3, William Hancock II and Scott R. McMillen, both of Orlando, filed to succeed retiring board member Warren Lindsey.

In the 11th Circuit, Seat 7, John H. "Jack" Hickey, Jorge A. Mestre, and Mark Romance, all of Miami, filed to replace retiring board member Ben Kuehne.

In the 17th Circuit, Jay Cohen and Keith T. Grumer, both of Ft. Lauderdale, filed to replace Jesse Diner, who will become Bar president-elect in June.

In the uncontested races, newcomers Clay Schnitker of Madison was elected in the Third Circuit, Seat 1, and William J. Schifino, Jr., of Tampa, was elected in the 13th Circuit, Seat 1. Schnitker replaces retiring board member Greg Parker, and Schifino replaces retiring board member Tim Sullivan.

Incumbents reelected without opposition were: Stephen H. Echsner of Pensacola in the First Circuit, Seat 1; Dominic M. Caparello of Tallahassee in the Second Circuit, Seat 2; S. Grier Wells of Jacksonville in the Fourth Circuit, Seat 1; Andrew B. Sasso of Clearwater in the Sixth Circuit, Seat 1; Charles Ebbets of Daytona Beach in the Seventh Circuit, Seat 1; Mayanne Downs of Orlando in the Ninth Circuit, Seat 1; Robert M. Brush of Lakeland in the 10th Circuit, Seat 1; Ramon A. Abadin of Miami in the 11th Circuit, Seat 1; Ervin A. Gonzalez of Coral Gables in the 11th Circuit, Seat 3; Dennis G. Kainen of Miami in the 11th Circuit, Seat 5; Clifford W. Sanborn of Panama City in the 14th Circuit, Seat 1; David C. Prather of West Palm Beach in the 15th Circuit, Seat 1; Scott G. Hawkins of West Palm Beach in the 15th Circuit, Seat 3; Allison K. Bethel of Ft. Lauderdale in the 17th Circuit, Seat 1; Clifton A. McClelland, Jr., of Melbourne in the 18th Circuit, Seat 1; Laird A. Lile of Naples in the 20th Circuit, Seat 1; Ian Comisky of Philadelphia in Out-of-State, Seat 2; and Brian D. Burgoon of Atlanta in Out-of-State, Seat 4.

For the YLD Board of Governors races, three candidates filed for the 20th Circuit, Seat 1, race: Cedric Hall, Starling Hendriks, and Carlo F. Zampogna.

Elected without opposition were: In the Second Circuit, Sean T. Desmond in Seat 1 and Christine R. Davis in Seat 2; in the Fourth Circuit, Michael Fox Orr in Seat 2; in the Sixth Circuit, Peter Sartes II in Seat 1 and Belinda Lazzara in Seat 2; in the Eighth Circuit, Rhonda Stroman in Seat 1; in the 10th Circuit, Victor Smith in Seat 1; in the 12th Circuit, Louis Ursini in Seat 2; in the 16th Circuit, Cara Higgins in Seat 1; in the 18th Circuit, Christine R. Stenger in Seat 1 and Kerri Fowler in Seat 2; in the 20th Circuit, Marcy Shaw in Seat 2; and Out-of-State, Mindi Wells in Seat 1, Victoria Wu in Seat 2, and Ward Griffin in Seat 3.

No one filed for two seats on the YLD board, and those will be filled by YLD presidential appointments. Those seats are Seat 1 in the 12th Circuit and Seat 1 in the 14th Circuit.

Again this year, Bar members in circuits with contested board races will have the option of voting by mail-in paper ballot or via the Internet. The Bar's election company, Election Services Corporation, will mail ballots in time to arrive in Bar members' offices around March 1. It will contain instructions for voting either by the paper ballot or online, which will require the member's name and a PIN. The instructions will include an online address where members can cast their electronic votes.

All votes must have be received by Election Services Corporation by midnight, March 21, and results could be certified by noon on Monday, March 24. If any runoffs are required, that balloting will run from March 31 to April 23.
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