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Self-adhesive labelling innovations.

Self-Adhesive Labelling Innovations

An increasing number of special-purpose on-roll labelling materials and adhesives is now coming on to the market. Fasson, for example, offer a number of formulations designed to answer specific labelling problems.

To meet the demand for lower cost high quality labelling for flexibly packaged consumer products, they have added Dow Chemicals' Opticite brand to their range. Opticite has excellent mechanical and conversion properties, and also offers major environmental advantages, containing no plasticisers, stabilisers or solvents.

For labelling flexible packaging, the company offer FasRoll PE, a polyethylene film construction which facilitates trouble-free automatic labelling of items such as squeezable bottles and plastics bags.

The film links a low density white or transparent polyethylene of 120 micron calliper with Fasson's S670 acrylic adhesive, to give the elasticity, high tack and permanent adhesion needed to apply durable, wrinkle-free labels to flexible substrates.

The 'elastic' facematerial has a medium glossy appearance and offers good UV resistance and weatherability. It provides an excellent alternative to vinyl for those labelling applications where the high chlorine content of PVC is no longer environmentally acceptable.

The rapid growth of thermal transfer printing, for the in-store production of barcoded priceweigh labels, prompted the company to develop a special purpose self-adhesive on-roll material called FasTransfer.

The nature of the thermal transfer process demands a 'receiving' substrate which combines a good bonding surface with an exceptionally smooth finish. Only if both requirements are met can the thermal transfer ink be relied upon to transfer from the donor ribbon at the necessary high speed and create crisp, clear and permanent scannable images. FasTransfer satisfies all these criteria, and can additionally be converted and printed by all conventional roll label production processes.

To fulfil the need for an adhesive that allows labels to be washed off quickly and cleanly with water, they have developed the roll-label adhesive FasRoll WR682, aimed primarily at the drinks and brewery industries, for bottle and keg labelling.

The range of FasVinyl soft vinyl films, available in gloss white, gloss clear and matt white offers many benefits, particularly where flexible containers are used. One of the latest introductions to the range is FasVinyl Matt Clear, developed to meet the demand of designers for a label stock which will complement such fashionable pack finishes as frosted glass and plastics.

PHOTO : Rowntrees jelly labels produced on Opticite
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