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Selected Canadian military export contracts reported during 2001. (Spotlight on Canadian Military Exports).


Selected canadian military export contracts reported during 2001

Overseas (non-US)

Supplier(s)              Province

Acro Aerospace           Richmond, BC
and Helipro              Langley, BC

Atlantic Turbines        Summerside, PE

Bell Helicopter          Mirabel, QC

CAE Inc.                 Montreal, QC

CMC Electronics Inc.     Montreal, QC

DRS Flight Safety &      Carleton Place, ON

Department of            Ottawa, ON
National Defence

Oerlikon Aerospace Inc.  St-Jean-sur-
                         Richelieu, QC

Pratt & Whitney Canada   Montreal, QC

Spar Aerospace Ltd.      Edmonton, AB

                         Military product/
Supplier(s)              service

Acro Aerospace           Refurbish helicopters,
and Helipro              support and training

Atlantic Turbines        Utility aircraft engine

Bell Helicopter          2 Bell 412EP helicopters

CAE Inc.                 Transport aircraft simulator design
                         Frigate machinery control system #
                         Blackhawk helicopter trainer work #
                         Chinook helicopter simulator
                         KDX-II destroyers & minesweepers
                         management systems #

CMC Electronics Inc.     Tactical radios #

DRS Flight Safety &      Frigate communication systems

Department of            Surplus CH-135 Huey helicopters
National Defence         (via US State Department)

Oerlikon Aerospace Inc.  Maintenance of air defence

Pratt & Whitney Canada   Light attack aircraft engines #

                         Surveillance aircraft engines #
                         Trainer aircraft engines #
                         Ansat utility helicopter engines #
                         Maritime patrol aircraft engines #

Spar Aerospace Ltd.      Transport aircraft avionics upgrade #

Supplier(s)              value            Recipient

Acro Aerospace           $4.5 million     Honduras
and Helipro              $6 million       Tunisia
International            $15.5 million    Venezuela

Atlantic Turbines        Not reported     Colombia

Bell Helicopter          $40 million      Thailand

CAE Inc.                 Not reported     China
                         $45 million      India
                         Not reported     Israel
                         $47 million      Singapore

                         $20 million      South Korea

CMC Electronics Inc.     $18 million      South Korea

DRS Flight Safety &      $12.4 million    Venezuela

Department of            $11.3 million    Colombia
National Defence

Oerlikon Aerospace Inc.  Not reported     Thailand

Pratt & Whitney Canada   $76 million *    Brazil
                         $10 million *    Dominican Republic
                         $1 million *     Guyana
                         $7 million *     Indonesia
                         $10 million *    Russia
                         $8 million *     United Arab Emirates

Spar Aerospace Ltd.      $15 million      Malaysia

US (Combat systems)

Supplier(s)              Province

CMC Electronics Inc.     Montreal, QC

Bristol Aerospace Ltd.   Winnipeg, MB

CAE Inc.                 Montreal, QC

DRS Flight Safety        Carleton Place,
& Communications         ON

Derlan Aerospace         Milton, ON

Expro Chemical           Saint-Timothee, QC
Products Inc.

General Dynamics Canada  Nepean, ON

General Motors Canada    London, ON

Messier-Dowty Inc.       Ajax, ON

Northrop Grumman
Systems Canada           Enfield, NS

Northstar Technical      St. John's, NF

Virtual Prototypes Inc.  Montreal, QC

                         Military product/
Supplier(s)              service

CMC Electronics Inc.     Combat vehicle digital intercom

Bristol Aerospace Ltd.   Patriot missile target system #
                         M1 battle tank engine housings

CAE Inc.                 Apache helicopter simulator upgrade #

DRS Flight Safety        F/A-18E/F fighter aircraft
& Communications         systems support #

Derlan Aerospace         Apache helicopter transmission work #

Expro Chemical           155 mm artillery shell propellant
Products Inc.

General Dynamics Canada  Bradley vehicle panel displays

General Motors Canada    Ten 105 mm Mobile Gun System vehicles
                         LAV III armoured vehicles

Messier-Dowty Inc.       Joint Strike Fighter aircraft
                         prototype landing gears #

Northrop Grumman
Systems Canada           LAV III turret &
                         chassis controls #

Northstar Technical      Submarine control console #

Virtual Prototypes Inc.  Joint Strike Fighter
                         aircraft design simulator #

Supplier(s)              value            Recipient

CMC Electronics Inc.     $3.5 million     US Army

Bristol Aerospace Ltd.   Not reported     US Army
                         $4 million       US Army

CAE Inc.                 $13.9 million    US Army

DRS Flight Safety        $27.6 million    US Navy
& Communications

Derlan Aerospace         Not reported     US Army

Expro Chemical           $144,500         US Army
Products Inc.

General Dynamics Canada  $15.3 million    US Army

General Motors Canada    $37.5 million *  US Army
                         $453 million *   US Army

Messier-Dowty Inc.
                         Not reported     US Air Force

Northrop Grumman
Systems Canada           $52 million      US Army

Northstar Technical      Not reported     US Navy

Virtual Prototypes Inc.  Not reported     US Air Force

# Subcontract with a corporate prime contractor.

* Estimated contract value.

Source: Canadian Military Industry Database, Project Ploughshares
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