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See a river begin in Utah's wasatch range.

See a river begin in Utah's Wasatch Range

At Cascade Springs in Uinta National Forest, a short paved walkway leads to the birthplace of a mountain stream. A series of boardwalks crisscrossing its gurgling source take you close to the beginning of Provo Deer Creek. Here, the young stream flows over travertine ledges and forms clear shallow pools where trout scurry along the mossy bottom (no fishing allowed). Cattails and watercress grow at water's edge; ferns line the path.

To reach the source, follow more paved walkways upstream past Rocky Mountain white oak, willow, birch, and hawthorn. The path climbs for several hundred yards as the sound of rushing water gets louder. Water oozes and gushes from the ground everywhere; over 7 million gallons come to the surface each day. It takes at least 30 minutes to cover the walks and to study the signs explaining the area's hydrologic (water) cycle.

The springs are 25 miles northeast of Provo. From State Highway 92 (the Alpine Scenic Loop), turn onto Forest Service Road 114--a good, paved two-lane road--and drive 6 miles to the springs. When you leave the springs and go north, an immediate right turn gets you started toward Midway and Heber City via a steep, red-dirt road. Best traveled in dry weather, it offers good views of the Heber Valley and Mount Timpanogos.
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Title Annotation:Provo Deer Creek in Uinta National Forest
Date:Jun 1, 1986
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