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Security spotlight: idea exchange.

Stricken by rampant criminal activity, Russia searches for a cure. As part of that search, the Russian Ministries of Security and Internal Affairs have invited law enforcement officials and others involved in the protection of people and assets throughout the world to the first International Conference on Law Enforcement and Community Policing.

The conference, which will be held in Moscow November 7 to 14, is meant to be a forum for the exchange of ideas. The Citizen Ambassador Programs of People to People International, a Spokane, Washington-based organization that arranges scientific, technical, and professional exchanges, has been asked to help choose those who attend from the industrialized world and formulate the curriculum so that all attendees get something out of the event. According to D. Michael Rennaker, director of law programs for People to People, the conference hopes to accomplish two objective to help the Russians solve their problems through an exchange of ideas concerning policies, techniques, and technologies and to help people from the industrialized nations get a look at what their counterparts in other industrialized nations are doing.

The conference will consist of three days of formal sessions, including in-depth presentations, demonstrations, roundtable discussions, question-and-answer sessions, as well as visits to police stations, jails, laboratories, and crime scenes. In addition, delegates to the conference will have the opportunity to spend two days in small group sessions with their Russian counterparts.

Key issues to be covered include the new technologies available to police, forensics, violent predatory crime, organized crime, narcotics, and international and domestic terrorism. Invited keynote speakers, and seminar leaders include Russian President Boris Yeltsin and U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. The conference leaders and other professionals will also be making presentations.

The conference is open to all levels of law enforcement professionals and interested parties. The cost is $900. For those who want People to People to make their arrangements for meals, accommodations, local transportation, excursions, and international airfare from New York City, the cost is $4,125. Delegates who are flying from other cities pay $3,075. For more information about the conference and the agenda, contact D. Michael Rennaker, Director of Law Programs, Citizen Ambassador Program, Dwight D. Eisenhower Building, Spokane, WA 99202; phone: 509/534-0430; fax: 509/534-5245.
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Title Annotation:International Conference on Law Enforcement and Community Policing
Author:Arbetter, Lisa
Publication:Security Management
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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