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Science in the News Quiz.

Directions: Read the late-breaking science news stories in our Science News section on pages 4-6. Then test your knowledge by answering the questions below. Circle the correct letter.
1. One scientist is using dead brains to

a. neurons.
b. new brains.
c. plants.
d. new skin.

2. This medical breakthrough may bring
hope to patients with

a. Parkinson's disease.
b. Alzheimer's disease.
c. a and b.
d. none of the above.

3. What percentage of Americans wash
their hands after using public

a. 95.8
b. 67
c. 82.3
d. 75

4. Soap bubbles help wash away

a. bacteria.
b. germs.
c. a and b.
d. none of the above.

5. The final rest stop of ancient Ibaloi
tribal mummies:

a. tree houses
b. cremation urns
c. Pacific Ocean
d. sacred burial caves

6. Preservation method used on Ibaloi

a. smoked and sun dried
b. formaldehyde
c. freeze-dried
d. roasted in bonfires

7. Last summer, scientists built the
first robot that

a. cooks like mom,
b. builds another robot.
c. baby-sits.
d. feels emotions.

8. Scientists taught "Robo-Mom" to

a. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
b. toys.
c. the process of natural selection.
d. the principles behind Newton's laws
of motion.

9. By 2003, where will the world's
largest telescope be located?

a. Omaha
b. Martha's Vineyard
c. Shetland Islands
d. Canary Islands

10. What will the giant telescope

a. solar arrays
b. a 10-meter "supermirror"
c. plastic coating
d. binoculars


1. a 2. c 3. b 4. c 5. d 6. a 7. b 8. c 9. d 10. b
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