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Star Wars set to open new Disney world. Aug 17, 2015 129
$300 Science Fiction Film Discovered on YouTube Gets National Release. Apr 1, 2015 595
Gendering Science Fiction Films: Invaders from the Suburbs. Gil Poisa, Maria Book review Mar 22, 2015 827
Mars Movies: Best Films to Celebrate the Landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover. Aug 7, 2012 906
'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Release Dates Announced; Lionsgate To Break Up Movie Into Two Parts. Brief article Jul 10, 2012 319
Technically human: Kubrick's monolith and Heidegger's propriative event. Leonard, Garry Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 9858
Super 8: Abrams' Cover of Spielberg's Greatest Hits. Jun 10, 2011 489
Dystopian visions. DePietro, Thomas Apr 1, 2011 739
Melies and early cinema(gic): conjuring the science-fiction film genre. Boron, Lukasz Essay Jan 1, 2011 3090
Pop star is the medium is the message: The Man Who Fell to Earth. Pribisic, Milan Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 4297
Japanese science fiction and conceptions of the (human) subject. Poulaki, Maria Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 5857
From Nuclear Nightmare to Networked Nirvana: Futuristic Utopianism in Japanese SF Films of the 2000s: a critic and fan of Asian film, Grady Hendrix founded and codirects the New York Asian Film Festival in this piece, he shines light on a movie category familiar to most only through the Godzilla movies. Hendrix, Grady Essay May 1, 2010 2380
Inalienable rights: aren't all creatures--extra-terrestrials included--created equal? McCormick, Patrick Nov 1, 2009 980
The apoca-list the best endings to humanity's worst fate. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 223
Star Trek made me an atheist. Farrantello, Nick Critical essay Jul 1, 2009 3488
2001: A space odyssey: a transcendental trans-locution. Banerjee, Suparno Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 4904
What dreams sound like: Forbidden Planet and the electronic musical instrument. Laudadio, Nicholas Critical essay Dec 22, 2007 7141
A virtual revisitation of the relationship between creature and creator in Gabriele Salvatores' Nirvana. Cristiano, Anthony Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 6178
Stylistic crossings: cyberpunk impulses in anime. Park, Jane Chi Hyun Sep 1, 2005 2858
Attack of the drones: take cover! The killer robots of the silver screen may soon be appearing in a war zone near you. McCormick, Patrick Aug 1, 2005 1226
Coded discourse: romancing the (electronic) shadow in The Matrix (1). Haslam, Jason Jun 22, 2005 11100
What's wrong with this picture? Educating via analyses of science in movies and TV. Perkins, Sid Oct 16, 2004 2396
The Matrix, liberal education, and other splinters in the mind. Malcolmson, Patrick Critical Essay Mar 22, 2004 8329
The contradictions of Minority Report. Cooper, Mark Garrett Dec 22, 2003 6321
Virtual cities and stolen memories: temporality and the digital in Dark City. Tryon, Charles Dec 22, 2003 8107
The top, the bottom and the middle: space, class and gender in Metropolis. Byrne, Deirdre C. Critical Essay Nov 1, 2003 5633
Asleep at the remote: the Matrix sequels are only the most recent in a long line of terrifying technology movies. Can they serve as a prophetic wake-up call to help us unplug from today's mind-numbing infotainment? McCormick, Patrick Oct 1, 2003 1340
Sci-fi dance. (News). Wisner, Heather Jun 1, 2003 617
Shaping things to come: seeking to impose their global vision of a tyrannical "utopia," powerful elitists have effectively used science fiction to evangelize for their cause. Grigg, William Norman Cover Story Aug 12, 2002 4599
From reel to real: to make their vision of the future a reality, Hollywood entertainment providers have long used science fiction to shape the public mindset. (Cover Story: At a Glance). Grigg, William Norman Brief Article Aug 12, 2002 354
The Problem of the Real and THX 1138. Telotte, J.P. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 5851
Space invaders: speculations on the politics of post-modern space in recent science fiction films. Clarke, Jamie Feb 1, 2000 5593
2001 revisited. Babiak, Peter E.S. Jan 1, 2000 4263
GVFX: a homegrown FX success story. Peranson, Mark Jun 22, 1999 852
Alien invasion. Vilanch, Bruce Mar 4, 1997 774
Star Wars trilogy: special edition. Dec 1, 1996 223
Invasion U.S.A. - Hollywood style. Sharrett, Christopher Column Nov 1, 1996 1005
Canadian science fiction comes of age: Johnny Mnemonic and Screamers have put Canada firmly on the international hipster sci-fi map. Noah Cowan Mar 22, 1996 2790
Producers Network Associates: science fiction on a shoestring. Angela Baldassarre Mar 22, 1996 1256
Virtual horrors of today's cybercinema. Sharrett, Christopher Column Nov 1, 1995 978
Star Trek: science on the edge. Stein, Ben P. Oct 7, 1994 883
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." (sculpture project) Glueckert, Alan G. Oct 1, 1991 546

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