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A Ricardian Analysis of the Distribution of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture Across Agro-Ecolog Trade Report Apr 1, 2008
A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on African Cropland Trade Report Aug 1, 2007
A Structural Ricardian Analysis of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations In African Agriculture Trade Report Apr 1, 2008
Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Research, Development, and Deployment Trade Report May 1, 2008
Advances in Environmental Biology Academic Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2016
American Forests General Magazine/Journal Jun 17, 2016
Argentina - Second National Communication of Argentine Republic To the Convention on Climate Change Trade Report Nov 28, 2007
Atmospheric Stabilization of Co2 Emissions: Near-Term Reductions and Intensity-Based Targets Professional Report Sep 1, 2007
Australian Journal of Environmental Education Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2014
Can China Continue Feeding Itself? The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Trade Report Jan 1, 2008
Carbon Markets, Institutions, Policies, and Research Trade Report Oct 1, 2008
Climate Change and Poverty: An Integrated Strategy For Adaptation Trade Report Jul 1, 2008
Climate Change Impacts In Drought and Flood Affected Areas: Case Studies In India Trade Report Jun 1, 2008
Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation In Development Programs - A Practical Guide Trade Report Jan 1, 2008
Conservation Matters General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
Country Stakes In Climate Change Negotiations: Two Dimensions of Vulnerability Trade Report Aug 1, 2007
Differential Adaptation Strategies To Climate Change In African Cropland By Agro-Ecological Zones Trade Report Apr 1, 2008
Does Temporary Migration Have To Be Permanent? Professional Report Mar 1, 2005
E General Magazine/Journal May 1, 2013
Earth Island Journal General Magazine/Journal Jun 17, 2016
EarthTalk: Questions & Answers About Our Environment. A Weekly Column General Magazine/Journal Jan 11, 2015
Ecos General Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2011
Endangered Species Bulletin General Magazine/Journal Jun 22, 2015
Endangered Species Update Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2009
Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
Environmental Health Perspectives Academic Magazine/Journal May 1, 2016
  • Response to "Lessons from Toxicology: Developing a 21st-Century Paradigm for Medical Research'".
  • Comment on "Lessons from Toxicology: Developing a 21st-Century Paradigm for Medical Research".
  • Uppsala consensus statement on environmental contaminants and the global obesity epidemic.
  • Cross-sectional associations between exposure to persistent organic pollutants and leukocyte telomere length among U.S. adults in NHANES, 2001-2002.
  • A curated database of rodent uterotrophic bioactivity.
  • Pediatric emergency visits and short-term changes in [P.M.sub.2.5] concentrations in the U.S. State of Georgia.
  • Effects of acetaminophen on oxidant and irritant respiratory tract responses to environmental tobacco smoke in female mice.
  • Modeling and prediction of oyster norovirus outbreaks along Gulf of Mexico coast.
  • Mechanism profiling of hepatotoxicity caused by oxidative stress using antioxidant response element reporter gene assay models and big data.
  • Fine-scale exposure to allergenic pollen in the urban environment: evaluation of land use regression approach.
  • Blood cadmium levels and incident cardiovascular events during follow-up in a population-based cohort of Swedish adults: the Malmo Diet and Cancer...
  • E-waste and harm to vulnerable populations: a growing global problem.
  • Cross-talk in the female rat mammary gland: influence of aryl hydrocarbon receptor on estrogen receptor signaling.
  • Developmental effects of the ToxCast[TM] phase I and phase II chemicals in Caenorhabditis elegans and corresponding responses in zebrafish, rats, and...
  • Birth weight, ethnicity, and exposure to trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids in drinking water during pregnancy in the born in Bradford cohort.
  • Organophosphate insecticide metabolites in prenatal and childhood urine samples and intelligence scores at 6 years of age: results from the...
  • Residential road traffic noise and high depressive symptoms after five years of follow-up: results from the heinz nixdorf recall study.
  • Use of dieselized farm equipment and incident lung cancer: findings from the agricultural health study cohort.
  • Parabens and human epidermal growth factor receptor ligand cross-talk in breast cancer cells.
  • Prenatal ambient air pollution, placental mitochondrial DNA content, and birth weight in the INMA (Spain) and ENVIRONAGE (belgium) birth cohorts.
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    Environmental Law Professional Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
    Environments Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2012
    Estimating Global Climate Change Impacts on Hydropower Projects: Applications in India, Sri Lanka an Trade Report Sep 1, 2007
    Factors Affecting Levels of International Cooperation In Carbon Abatement Projects Trade Report Nov 1, 2008
    Geoscience Canada Academic Magazine/Journal Dec 1, 2011
    Green Social Thought: A Magazine of Synthesis and Regeneration General Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
    How China's Farmers Adapt To Climate Change Trade Report Oct 1, 2008
    In Focus: Climate Change Agenda In the Eu10 - Between the Kyoto Protocol and the Eu Package 3x20 By Trade Report Oct 1, 2008
    Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on the Robustness of Index-Based Microinsurance In Malawi Trade Report May 1, 2008
    Investing In Our Planet: GEF Annual Report 2006-07 Trade Report Jan 1, 2007
    Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2014
    Journal of Environmental Health Professional Magazine/Journal May 25, 2016
    Kenya - Adaptation To Climate Change In Arid Lands (Kaaccal) Trade Report Sep 1, 2007
    Little Green Data Book 2007 Trade Report Jan 1, 2007
    Little Green Data Book 2008 Trade Report Jan 1, 2008
    Little Green Data Book 2009 Trade Report Jan 1, 2009
    Long-Term Adaptation: Selecting Farm Types Across Agro-Ecological Zones In Africa Trade Report Apr 1, 2008
    Mobile Emissions Today Academic Newsletter Mar 12, 2007
    National Parks Children's--Upper elementary Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2016
    Oceanus Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2016
  • Sex, games, and the evolution of gender gaps.
  • Through the looking-glass of the ocean surface: measuring the ins and outs of the critical border between air and ocean.
  • How did earth gets its ocean? a student's quest to learn the origin of our planet's water.
  • Epiphany among the manta rays: can we mobilize a navy of scuba divers as citizen scientists?
  • Forecasting the future of fish.
  • A smarter undersea robot: engineers seek to correct a curious deficiency.
  • Specks in spectrometer: an atomic odyssey from the great calcite belt to a data point.
  • Seal whiskers inspire marine technology: by closely observing nature, biomimetic engineer designs a new sensor.
  • Big questions about tiny bacteria? Novel experiments probe how life thrives at the seafloor.
  • A mighty & mysterious molecule: chemical compounds are the currency in ocean ecosystems.
  • Minerals made by microbes: some geology naturally requires biology.
  • Journey into the oceans microbiomes: a scientist examines a tango between marine animals and bacteria.
  • A green thumb for synechococcus: growing marine bacteria in the laboratory is a challenge.
  • Trouble in the tropics: scientist explores mysterious food-borne illness: ciguatera.
  • Short-circuiting the biological pump: tiny chemical compounds help choreograph a planet-size dance.
  • Uncovering the ocean's biological pump: scientists reveal the hidden movements of particles and chemicals in the sea.
  • Coral-current connections: remote island lies in a strategic spot for research.
  • The riddle of rip currents: scientists investigate how and where these dire beach hazards occur.
  • Detours on the oceanic highway: a student examines leaks from a deep-sea current.
  • Ultrasounds for coral reefs? Scientists find new way to assess the health of vulnerable, valuable coastal habitats.
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    Our Planet General Newsletter Jan 24, 2011
    Pamphlet by: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Trade Pamphlet Oct 1, 2006
    Synthesis/Regeneration General Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2014
    The Multilateral Development Banks and the Climate Change Agenda Trade Report Nov 1, 2007
    The Perception of and Adaptation To Climate Change In Africa Trade Report Aug 1, 2007
    Tok Blong Pacifik General Newsletter Sep 22, 2004
    Tok Blong Pasifik General Newsletter Sep 22, 2012
    UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy Professional Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2015
    Visualizing Future Climate In Latin America: Results From the Application of the Earth Simulator Trade Report Nov 1, 2007
    World Watch General Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2010

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