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Scantron Service Group Selects Dynamic Mobile Data's MobileDispatch Software to Wirelessly Enhance Service to 13,000 Customers Nationwide.

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National Service Organization Incorporates Out-of-the-Box Wireless

Dispatch and Communications Software into Legacy System for Custom


Dynamic Mobile Data Systems, Inc.'s (DMD) state-of-the-art wireless technology will help Scantron Service Group (SSG) of Omaha, NE reduce the response time of technicians by as much as 75 percent, the companies announced today.

Using MobileDispatch(TM) and DMD's underlying wireless communications technology, MobileServer(TM), SSG successfully completed a field service enhancement project involving 130 field technicians in which the average one-hour phone response time per call was reduced to 15 minutes.

"This technology has let the field technicians receive new calls within seconds of them being entered in the system, decreasing our response time to our customers dramatically. It also enables technicians to communicate to other technicians and their managers very quickly," said SSG's Field Support Operations Senior Manager, Brian Janning. SSG is a service division of Scantron Corporation of Tustin, CA.

Janning added, "Important information and quick responses to that information have enhanced the service SSG delivers to its customer base."

MobileDispatch affordably enables time sensitive, two-way communication and status tracking for companies dependant on the mobile efficiency of their field forces.

SSG integrated the software into their legacy AS400 system. When a service request is received, ticket information is passed from the AS400 to a SQL database on an NT server via a data mirroring process. Once in the SQL database, MobileDispatch processes the information and handles status updates, then transmits the information over the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network(SM) to Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM, TSE: RIM) 950 Wireless Handhelds(TM) used by the field technicians.

Technicians receive the same call information via the handhelds as they would if they were calling SSG's Call Center, and they send back the appropriate status information as they respond to the calls. Previously, all call information and status updates - traveling to a call, starting onsite work, waiting for a part, etc. - were relayed via telephone.

Though interfacing the AS400 to the NT server was something that SSG could do in-house in a reasonable amount of time, it did not have the expertise or time capacity to write an interface to the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network. Using MobileDispatch for the wireless communication interface and for other call-structured event handling dramatically reduced development time for the entire project.

"The Scantron project is a testament to MobileDispatch's flexibility as an off-the-shelf, real-time dispatch product," stated DMD's Vice President of Applications Development, Jeff Bond. "Through MobileDispatch's many configuration screens, we were able to tailor a solution specifically for Scantron in a very short time frame."

Janning added, "The MobileDispatch software was very flexible in the area of being able to accommodate proprietary data from our internal system to the RIM Wireless Handheld. There were many fields that were left unassigned so that we could send any data from our system that we wanted to."

As a result of the project, SSG has seen a reduction in the number of calls coming into the Call Center. Previously, the company was averaging about 1900 incoming calls per day, but since the implementation of the program, that number has dropped to between 1300 and 1400.

Janning provided a case that occurred immediately after deployment of the new system, involving a call from a customer who had a broken printer at the end of a workday. "The customer was expecting to see the technician the next day for a repair. As the technician was driving home, he received the call information on his handheld. He was three blocks away, so he stopped in," Janning said. "He repaired the printer and continued home. The entire service call from customer calling to call closing was less than 45 minutes. This made the customer quite happy and made the technician's next day more productive."

About Dynamic Mobile Data Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Mobile Data Systems, Inc. (DMD) is a leading-edge developer of wireless business solutions. Founded in 1994, the company is an industry leader in designing vertical market mobile computing applications for the mobile data market. DMD offers wireless enterprise solutions that help reduce the total cost of ownership for enterprise systems, while improving information access and increasing the efficiency of remote/mobile workers.

About Scantron Service Group

Scantron Service Group (SSG) is a multi-vendor computer maintenance and installation services organization serving over 13,000 customers nationwide. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, Scantron Service Group is the service division of Scantron Corporation of Tustin, California. Scantron Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of John H. Harland Co. of Atlanta, GA, (NYSE: JH). Since 1981, the company has offered a variety of computer solutions for individual customer needs while providing high-level customer service and network support. SSG's range of services include computer system and peripheral maintenance and repair, network support, network implementation services, and optical mark read (OMR) maintenance on Scantron Corporation's proprietary scanning hardware.
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