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Sawing Buyers Guide.

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual Sawing Buyers Guide, an alphabetical guide to manufacturers and distributors of Sawing equipment and supplies for the metalworking industry that have responded to requests for company and product information. For your convenience, the Guide includes each company's product, fax lines, contacts, and phone numbers. Our Web site, also presents this Buyers Guide with company and product information.

 Company Name                Management/Contacts
Address/Phone/Fax                 Products

ADVANCED MACHINE &           Steve Swanson, Sales Manager--Machine
 ENGINEERING                 Division

Illinois                     The AmSaw 100 utilizes thin disposable or
Tel 815-962-6076             conventional saw blades that can be
Fax 815-964-1446             reground; cutting rates up to 150 sq.      inches per minute when cutting bars and
                             pipes; automated options available

BAHCO NORTH AMERICA          Hakan Hellstrand, Marketing and
                             Communications Director
Tel 570-341-9500             Milford bandsaw line cuts all materials
Fax 570-341-9294             from hardened super alloys to abrasive   composites

BEHRINGER SAWS, INC.         Joseph Dick, President
Tel 610-286-9777             Semi-automatic and automatic horizontal
Fax 610-286-9699             bandsaws, power hacksaws, vertical plate     saws and circular cold saws for both        90[degrees] cuts and miter cuts

COSEN SAWS, USA              Michael Finklea, National Sales Manager
South Carolina
Tel 803-547-4720             Manufacturer of metal-cutting saws,
Fax 803-547-4748             heavy-duty production saws with sawing               capacities from 25" to 80"X80"

DOALL COMPANY                James Carey, Vice President Sales--
                             Sawing Products
Tel 800-923-6255             U.S. manufacturer of all bandsawing
Fax 847-699-7524             elements--blades, coolants, saws, and  material handling equipment including
                             cut-off and dual column saws and
                             vertical contour band machines

HE & M SAW                   Diane Frederick, Marketing Manager
Tel 888-729-7787             Horizontal pivot. Horizontal miter, dual
Fax 918-325-4824             column, wide flange, vertical, and              plate production band saws

KALTENBACH, INC.             David McCorry, President
Tel 800-825-5729             Semi, automatic, and CNC circular cold
Fax 812-342-2336             saws; Horizontal bandsaws for ferrous      and non-ferrous materials; A full range        of machinery for the structural

KASTO-RACINE, INC.           Werner Rankenhohn, Executive Vice President
Tel 724-325-5600             Bandsawing, coldsawing, hacksawing
Fax 724-325-5611             machines; automated bar storage and         retrieval systems

LENOX                        (Name omitted by request)
Tel 413-567-8700             Band saw blades and sawing fluids; Power
Fax 413-567-7790             tool accessories and hand tools;             Lenox[R] Armor[TM] CT Black and CT
                             Gold--new blades for extreme cutting
                             and long blade life

MISSLER, INC.                Don Klingstein, General Manager
Tel 317-876-94644            Manufactures heavy duty twin column
Fax 317-733-9345             high-production bandsaws and narrow kerf            carbide cold saws; Control systems              range from simple automatic to CNC

M.K. MORSE COMPANY (THE)     Peter Heenan, Marketing Director
Tel 800-733-3377             Band saw blades; bi-metal, carbon, carbon
Fax 800-729-1112             grit; Metal-cutting circular saw blades;          abrasives

OG BELL CO.                  (Name omitted by request)
Tel 440-933-7797             Manufactures solid carbide circular saw
Fax 440-933-6660             blades

SIMONDS INDUSTRIES INC.      Esiz Pfeiffer, Marketing Manager
Tel 800-343-1616             Metal cutting saw blades; Carbide tipped
Fax 800-541-6224             bandsaw blades

STARRETT, THE L.S. CO.       Alan Coffin, Saw Sales Manager
Tel 800-254-8690             Bandsaw blades available in narrow and
Fax 978-249-8495             wide band; Products include bimetal,             M-42, carbon, carbide-tipped, special
                             purpose, hack saws, hole saws, jig and
                             recip blades

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Title Annotation:Sawing Buyers Guide
Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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