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Sawing Buyers Guide. (Sawing).

Sawing Buyers Guide

MAN-Modern Applications News presents its annual Sawing Buyers Guide, an
alphabetical guide to manufacturers and distributers of Sawing equipment
and supplies for the metalworking industry that have responded to
requests for company and product information.

For your convenience, the Guide includes each company's product, fax
lines, contacts, and phone numbers. Our Web site,, also presents this Buyers Guide with
company and product information.

         Company Name           Management/Contacts
      Address/Phone/Fax         Products

ADVANCED MACHINE & ENGINEERING  Kris Drennen, Marketing Assistant
Tel 815-962-6076                The AmSaw line has cutting rates
Fax 815-964-1446                up to 150 square inch per minute                    an cuts bars, billets, rails,                     tubes, plates, and profiles;
                                automated material handling

A K MACHINE & MFG., INC.        Mark Austin, Owner
Tel 724-248-7359                AKMMI variable power feed
Fax 724-248-7359                attachment for vertical bandsaws,
                                uses compressed air, user friendly

AMERICAN SAW & MFG.             Dan Rhodes, Manager
Massachusetts                   Lenox[R] bandsaw blades and sawing
Tel 800-642-0010                fluids, precision ground and
Fax 800-265-9221                carbide tipped teeth with patented               productivity-increasing                geometrics; Lubricants and
                                technical support to improve saw

BAHCO NORTH AMERICA             Hakan Hellstrand, Marketing and
Pennsylvania                    Communications Director,
Tel 570-341-9500                Bahco Milford bandsaw the line
Fax 570-341-9294                cuts all materials from hardened      super alloys to abrasive                composites

BEHRINGER SAWS, INC.            Joseph Dick, President
Tel 610-286-9777                Semi-automatic and automatic
Fax 610-286-9699                horizontal bandsaws, power        hacksaws, vertical plate saws and           circular cold saws for both
                                90[degrees] cuts and miter cuts

COSEN SAWS, USA                 Peng Hasog, Vice President
South Carolina
Tel 803-547-4720                Manufacturer of metal-cutting
Fax 803-547-4748                saws, heavy-duty production saws                  with sawing capacities from 25" to                   80"x80"

DOALL COMPANY                   Steve Manning, National Sales
Illinois                        Manager Sawing Products
Tel 800-923-6255                Manufacturer of bandsaw blades,
Fax 847-699-7524                saws, coolants, and material                  handling systems

GAYLEE CORPORATION              B.V. Bowersock, Senior Vice
Michigan                        President
Tel 800-435-5800
Fax 800-810-7297                Solid carbide and carbide-tipped                  thin saws, saws, and cutters.

HYD-MECH SAWS                   Steve Sparke, Vice President Sales
Ontario, Canada                 and Marketing
Tel 519-539-6341                Dual column horizontal straight
Fax 519-539-5126                cutting up to 118" capacity,                vertical mitering left and right,                 horizontal double miter and
                                horizontal single miter production
                                saws; Custom application solutions
                                and material handling provided

KALTENBACH, INC.                David McCorry, President
Tel 800-825-5729                Semi, automatic, and CNC circular
Fax 812-342-2336                cold saws; Horizontal bandsaws for         ferrous and non-ferrous materials;           Plate processing centers, and
                                drilling machines

KASTO-RACINE, INC.              Jeff Kanter, Sales Manager
Tel 724-325-5600                Supplier for sawing and storing
Fax 724-325-5611                applications: Heavy duty bandsaws,         plate- and billet-saws plus high             production circular saws,
                                automated custom-build storage and
                                retrieval systems for all bar

M.K. MORSE COMPANY (THE)        (Name omitted by request)
Tel 330-453-8187                Bandsaws; Hole saws; Reciprocating
Fax 330-453-1111                and jigsaws; Abrasives

O.G. BELL CO.                   (Name omitted by request)
Tel 440-993-7797                Manufactures solid carbide
Fax 440-933-6660                circular saw blades

PRODUCTION MACHINERY, INC.      Don Gettier, manager
Tel 410-574-2110                Manual circular cold sawing
Fax 410-574-4790                machines

SIMONDS INDUSTRIES, INC.        Eric Pfeiffer, Marketing Manager
Tel 800-343-1616                Bandsaw blades; hand and power
Fax 800-541-6224                tools; hole saws, jigsaw and
                                reciprocating saw blades; hand
                                files and rasps

STARRETT, THE L.S. CO.          Alan Coffin, Saw Sales Manager
Tel 800-254-8690                Bandsaw blades available in narrow
Fax 978-249-8495                and wide band; Products include                bimetal, M-42, carbon,
                                carbide-tipped, special purpose,
                                hack saws, hole saws, jig and
                                recip blades

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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