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Savi Technology.

Containers transporting cartons of chilled and frozen beef from Namibia to the United Kingdom are now being secured and tracked "end-to-end" by Radio Frequency Identification See RFID.  (RFID) technologies and networked software. The "SST for Africa" project was co-announced recently by participants in Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST), including the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), the World Customs Organization The World Customs Organization (WCO) is an intergovernmental organization that helps Members (Governments usually represented by Customs administrations from 170 countries) communicate and co-operate on customs issues.  (WCO), SIMTAG (50 percent funded by the European Union), South African Port Operations SAPO operates 13 terminals in 6 South African ports. It is the port management division of Transnet, the South African transport giant. Operations
List of ports:
  • Cape Town
  • Durban - "the largest port in Africa" according to the company's website
 (SAPO sapo

[L.] soap; a compound of fatty acids with an alkali.
), the Namibian Port Authority (Namport), and MEATCO.

SST seeks to improve the visibility and security of containerized con·tain·er·ize con·tain·er·ized, con·tain·er·iz·ing, con·tain·er·iz·es
1. To package (cargo) in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling.

 cargo with proven and emerging advanced technologies. In the "SST for Africa" project, participants are examining whether tagging shipments from MEATCO, a supplier of additives for meat and fish products, will improve quality management of perishable products, including customer satisfaction, security and efficiency.

In a related press release, SIMTAG co-announced its participation in the "SST for Africa" project to integrate intermodal management and security technologies that SIMTAG and SST have previously demonstrated independently.

Within "SST for Africa", refrigerated trucks and containers that transport beef from the interior of Namibia have been secured with battery-powered RFID sensor bolt seals. The RFID seals are supplied by Savi Technology.
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Title Annotation:radio frequency identification technology
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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