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Putting the mind's healing powers to the test. Book review Mar 19, 2016 394
Mice offer clues to concussion risk: brain needs time to recover between hits, study suggests. Mar 5, 2016 438
Early signing benefits deaf kids later on: exposure to sign language from birth may enhance mental skills. Mar 5, 2016 321
Tiny brains made in lab dishes. Brief article Mar 5, 2016 157
Cancer drug's effect against Alzheimer's debated. Brief article Mar 5, 2016 278
Sneaky virus delivers the goods to brain cells. Brief article Mar 5, 2016 193
Schizophrenia tied to synapse pruning: variants of immune system gene implicated in mental disorder. Feb 20, 2016 547
Brain waves could guide anesthesia: network connections weaker in those who go under easily. Feb 20, 2016 388
Pain produces memory gain: high heat improves recall of objects a year later, study finds. Feb 6, 2016 482
Test tells viruses from bacteria: gene behavior can distinguish what's causing an infection. Jan 23, 2016 703
Elusive transition state captured: crossover point in molecule's transformation detailed. Jan 23, 2016 353
Shrub cells are true to form. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 180
Potent-pot users show brain damage: more THC associated with weakness in key white matter tract. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 311
Eyes hard at work can make ears go temporarily deaf. Brief article Jan 9, 2016 139
Alzheimer's drugs' unexpected effect: antibody treatments make mice's nerve cells hyperactive. Dec 26, 2015 318
Testes battle brain for selenium: in mice, these organs compete when nutrient levels are low. Dec 26, 2015 383
Brain's GPS cells map time, distance: neurons that monitor location have many jobs, rat study find. Dec 12, 2015 498
Blood-brain barrier jiggled loose to deliver medicine. Brief article Dec 12, 2015 238
Nerve cells could block urge to scratch: neurons in spinal cord may curb itch caused by light tap on skin. Report Nov 28, 2015 402
Nets full of holes snag memories: mesh that wraps nerve cells may store long-term info. Report Nov 14, 2015 422
Signs of Huntington's appear in youth: adult-onset disorder may affect children's brain development. Report Nov 14, 2015 300
Sex influences ability to read crowd's emotions. Report Nov 14, 2015 212
Head rush: blood exerts a powerful influence on the brain. Nov 14, 2015 2390
Adolescent brains open to change: teens' neural wiring is extra sensitive to outside influences. Oct 31, 2015 1213
DNA varies from neuron to neuron: neighboring nerve cells can have distinct genetic makeups. Oct 31, 2015 530
Caffeine resets body's circadian clock: after-dinner coffee could induce 40-minute delay, study shows. Oct 17, 2015 439
Alzheimer's acts like prion disease: misfolded proteins implicated in more neurological disorders. Oct 17, 2015 1483
Diagnosing what caused a medieval trembling hand. Oct 17, 2015 327
Altered protein makes mice smart: genetic tweak points to future treatment for schizophrenia. Brief article Sep 19, 2015 285
Hints emerge of how the brain visualizes dreams. Brief article Sep 19, 2015 156
Fish oil may ward off schizophrenia: promising results still need verification in larger study. Sep 5, 2015 348
How brain-eating amoebas really kill: infection with Naegleria fowleri triggers fatal immune response. Aug 22, 2015 429
Rat brains have a speedometer: specialized nerve cells fire faster when feet are fleet. Aug 8, 2015 477
Sugar may put you to sleep: glucose triggers nerve cells to spur drowsiness in mice. Aug 8, 2015 461
How screams shatter the brain. Brief article Aug 8, 2015 175
Autism's journey from shadows to light. Book review Aug 8, 2015 434
Wrinkled brain mimics paper ball: power law relationship for folding applies across species. Report Jul 25, 2015 457
Homunculus reimagined. Brief article Jul 25, 2015 151
Female's nose can block male odors: during infertile periods, mice are oblivious to possible mates. Brief article Jul 11, 2015 306
Alzheimer's spares music memories: disease may not harm brain areas linked to song familiarity. Jul 11, 2015 316
Gene crucial for feeling pain found: discovery may lead to better drugs for chronic sufferers. Jun 27, 2015 307
Cerebellum may foster creativity: activity in brain region grew while people played Pictionary. Jun 27, 2015 418
Brain on display. Jun 13, 2015 339
Fruit flies flee from shadows: faux predators instigate response suggestive of fear. Report Jun 13, 2015 548
Trip to Mars could damage brain cells: Mimic of cosmic radiation led to memory, learning woes in mice. May 30, 2015 335
Catching z's may snag memories too: sleep study in fruit flies raises hope for Alzheimer's patients. May 16, 2015 370
Brain hack: consumers take their neurons into their own hands. Nov 15, 2014 2780
Sleep drunkenness:\SLEEP DRUHN-kuhn-ness\n. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 127
Muscles make natural antidepressant: exercise blocks brain toxin linked to stress, mouse study shows. Nov 1, 2014 544
The brain sorts words during sleep. Brief article Oct 18, 2014 175
Laser light rewrites memories in mice: nerve cells in the hippocampus help modify recollections. Oct 4, 2014 697
Treatment may aid babies with autism: changing how parents interact with children shows promise. Oct 4, 2014 380
Electrical pulses to the brain may bring memory gains. Brief article Oct 4, 2014 181
Some brain scans may be misleading: busy neurons don't always draw blood, mouse study finds. Sep 20, 2014 366
Study may explain how pain saps will: motivation in mice drained by molecule muffling reward cells. Sep 20, 2014 362
Prosthesis uses arms to tell legs to move. Brief article Sep 20, 2014 156
Hippocampus helps pigeon roaming: birds without the brain structures take fewer detours. Brief article Sep 6, 2014 274
Genetic links to schizophrenia found: newly discovered DNA changes may underlie mental disorder. Aug 23, 2014 580
Early Parkinson's drug use may be OK: taking levodopa long-term doesn't increase side effects. Aug 23, 2014 399
'Alive Inside' touches hearts and brains with music. Movie review Aug 23, 2014 375
Electrode turns consciousness on and off: woman lost awareness, though appeared awake, when part of her brain was stimulated. Aug 9, 2014 671
Frequent marijuana use may affect dopamine response. Brief article Aug 9, 2014 158
Hubs go awry in brain disorders: schizophrenia, Alzheimer's target connection centers. Jul 26, 2014 504
Sunbathing may boost endorphins in the body and brain: mice produce feel-good molecule in response to regular exposure to ultraviolet light. Jul 26, 2014 561
Crayfish get anxious too. Brief article Jul 26, 2014 135
Sleep strengthens brain connections: mice allowed to snooze show signs of solidified learning. Jul 12, 2014 491
Stress hormone kicks brain cells into gear. Brief article Jul 12, 2014 183
Rats feel regret, experiment finds: rodents may lament missed opportunities for food. Jul 12, 2014 743
Feeling less pain may lengthen life: metabolism improves in mice that lack a sensory protein. Jun 28, 2014 370
Brain's support cells adjust hunger: astrocytes have role in controlling appetite in mice. Jun 28, 2014 432
Transplant approach for Parkinson's disease gets boost. Brief article Jun 28, 2014 161
A new view of a nerve cell's dispatch center. Brief article Jun 28, 2014 296
High times: legalization trend forces consideration of pot's dangers. Jun 14, 2014 2981
Young blood proven good for old brain: plasma component restores some of youth's vibrancy. May 31, 2014 877
Students retain information better with pens than laptops. Brief article May 31, 2014 151
Light helps move paralyzed legs: blue flash activates neurons in damaged mouse muscles. May 17, 2014 597
Brain's growth, networks unveiled in new maps. Brief article May 17, 2014 167
Poor slumber is bad for young fruit flies' brains: if same holds true in humans, children's sleep deprivation could alter adult behavior. May 17, 2014 534
Neurons linked to specific behaviors: new view of larval fly brain reveals functions of particular cells. May 3, 2014 731
Brain areas solve moral dilemmas: regions balance competing interests in ethical judgments. May 3, 2014 523
Dietary supplement eases Huntington's symptoms in mice. Brief article May 3, 2014 168
Better aging through brain chemistry: serotonin and dopamine accompany worms' life span extension. Apr 19, 2014 500
Pianists learn better by playing. Brief article Apr 19, 2014 149
Decision-making brain region tells blue from green: vision and language areas not crucial for color distinction. Apr 5, 2014 514
Music doesn't move some people. Brief article Apr 5, 2014 147
Dog brain areas respond to voices: MRIs hint at how pups understand human communication. Mar 22, 2014 557
Rise in stress hormone linked to less risky financial decisions. Brief article Mar 22, 2014 178
Bizarre vision may save brainpower: mantis shrimp perceive color in a way unlike any other animal. Mar 8, 2014 352
Common diuretic could alleviate autism symptoms: drug that lowers chloride levels in brain cells staves off abnormal behavior in rodents. Mar 8, 2014 772
Prosthesis provides sense of touch. Brief article Mar 8, 2014 145
Thinking hard weighs heavy on a person's brain: balance measures tiny changes in force due to blood flow during mental tasks. Feb 22, 2014 687
Brain shot: neuroscientists scramble to take on ambitious presidential challenge. Feb 22, 2014 4080
Lend an ear to science. Brief article Feb 22, 2014 211
Ways of seeing the brain inspire notions of how it works. Feb 22, 2014 631
Bad memories fade with a short jolt: research illustrates vulnerability of brain's information storage. Feb 8, 2014 502
Hormone hinders effects of pot: rodent study could lead to cannabis addiction treatments. Feb 8, 2014 443
Injured rats achieve movement with implant: chip skirts impaired brain region to connect neurons. Jan 25, 2014 465
Fear can be inherited. Brief article Jan 11, 2014 145
8 Language learning starts before birth: babies seem familiar with vowels, words heard while in womb. Dec 28, 2013 547
16 Obama unveils brain initiative: project to seek secrets of thinking, learning. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 273

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