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Sandbox has a staircase (and toy storage.)

Sandbox has a staircase (and boy storage)

This combination sandbox and toy bin was built in a few hours with standard 1-by pine lumber. Steps and a 2 1/2-foot-high platform help protect toys from rain and invite children to practice climbing skills.

Architect Edward A. Resh of Kailua, Hawaii, chose a level site in his garden for the bottomless 6- by 7-foot ensemble. He used 1-by-12s for the sides and for the panel dividing the 2- by 6-foot bin from the 5- by 6-foot sandbox.

Triangular seats, cut from 1-by-12 stock, straddle the corners of the sand-filled box and keep its sides from splaying.

The 1-by-8 stair treads over the bin rest on 1-by-1 cleats screwed to 1-by-8 rails. The stairs lead to the 2-foot-square platform made of four lengths of 1-by-6 spaced on two 1-by-12 runners. (The runners also serve as gussets for the rails.)

All joints were glued and screwed; the wood was stained a dark brown. For longer life, use redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated wood.

Photo: Youngsters dig in sandbox (right) that shares side with toy-storage bin. Cleats screwed to rails (above) support steps leading to platform over bin
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Date:Jul 1, 1986
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