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Sally Army paedo ring.


A SALVATION army Salvation Army, Protestant denomination and international nonsectarian Christian organization for evangelical and philanthropic work. Organization and Beliefs

The Salvation Army has established branches in 100 countries throughout the world.
 couple working on a British army base have been arrested in a massive paedophile paedophile or US pedophile

a person who is sexually attracted to children

Noun 1. paedophile - an adult who is sexually attracted to children

Andy and Melanie Newing, who both hold the rank of captain in the Sally Army, were both held in Germany.

The couple work as canteen and book shop operators at a barracks bar·rack 1  
tr.v. bar·racked, bar·rack·ing, bar·racks
To house (soldiers, for example) in quarters.

1. A building or group of buildings used to house military personnel.
 in Bielefeld.

Yesterday, the Army confirmed their arrest for "paedophilic activities".

Squaddies have issued death threats since the Newings were arrested at their home last week. It is understood a soldier alerted the Special Investigation Branch - the Army's CID Cid or Cid Campeador (sĭd, Span. thēth kämpāäthōr`) [Span.,=lord conqueror], d. 1099, Spanish soldier and national hero, whose real name was Rodrigo (or Ruy) Díaz de Vivar.  - after his own child was allegedly approached by the couple.

When officers raided their house, 700 yards away from the barracks where they worked, some 400 video tapes were taken away.

Investigators also took computers, discs, photographs and other material.

An Army source claimed last night: "They wore God's uniform to work but what we have seen in their home can best be described as the work of the devil."

Officers are investigating links to a Euro-wide paedophile network. Newing, aged 41, is now under arrest on a secure army base while his wife is being held elsewhere in Germany.

A special alert was put out on the British Forces Broadcasting Service The British Forces Broadcasting Service was established by the British War Office (now the Ministry of Defence) in 1943. Today it provides radio and television programmes for HM Forces, and their dependents, in Afghanistan, Belize, Bosnia, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, the Falkland  on Wednesday seeking information about the couple.

Soldiers serving in the UK were asked to contact the SIB sib: see clan.  if they had any information about them.

The pair, charged under the 1987 Children and Young Persons Act for "paedophilic activities", wore their Sally Army uniforms to work every day.

One official said: "They had links to child pornography Child pornography is the visual representation of minors under the age of 18 engaged in sexual activity or the visual representation of minors engaging in lewd or erotic behavior designed to arouse the viewer's sexual interest.  distributors in Holland, Scandinavia and to Cheb in the Czech Republic.

"Cheb is a notorious place; it is known as the Eastern European capital of the child sex trade.

"We believe this has been going on with this couple for some time. They have been in Germany for two years."

The Salvation Army has a long tradition in Germany of running on-base facilities like canteens and newspaper shops for soldiers.

The couple were well known to officers and men. Top Army brass were said to be horrified hor·ri·fy  
tr.v. hor·ri·fied, hor·ri·fy·ing, hor·ri·fies
1. To cause to feel horror. See Synonyms at dismay.

2. To cause unpleasant surprise to; shock.
 when they learned of the probe into their affairs, which has gone on for some weeks.

An Army spokesman in Germany said yesterday: "The Royal Military Police's Special Investigation Branch are taking forward a difficult inquiry into alleged paedophilic activity in Bielefeld.

"A married couple have been arrested and charged with offences under the Children's and Young Person's Act 1987."

German police are liaising with their military counterparts in case German civilian children have been caught up in the alleged outrages. It is understood images of children aged as young as two have been found.

The couple live in the Koenigsberg area of the German town, which is where many civilian workers for the army are quartered. Because of their status, they will probably be tried by court martial COURT MARTIAL. A court authorized by the articles of war, for the trial of all offenders in the army or navy, for military offences. Article 64, directs that general courts martial may consist of any number of commissioned officers, from five to thirteen, inclusively; but they shall not  early in England next year.

The Salvation Army in Germany refused to comment.

Last night, it was claimed that a massive vice probe into kiddie porn in the USA would expose some of the biggest names in Hollywood as paedophiles.

A federal investigation, codenamed Operation Avalanche, has already resulted in over 100 arrests - and the US Department of Justice say there will be hundreds more, including celebrities.

Officers have targeted perverts who use computers and the Internet to organise abuse of boys and girls boys and girls


A source close to the inquiry revealed: "The people scooped up so far are just the tip of the iceberg tip of the iceberg
n. pl. tips of the iceberg
A small evident part or aspect of something largely hidden: afraid that these few reported cases of the disease might only be the tip of the iceberg. 
. A new wave of arrests coming very soon will include major players in Hollywood."

He declared: "There are some heavyweight notables on the list and federal authorities are closing in on them."

Justice spokeswoman Lori Rabjohns, said: "These are people who appear upstanding members of society.

"They try to seduce kids or take naked pictures of them. We're talking doctors, lawyers, teachers - and celebrities."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 7, 2001
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