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For healthy eating, timing matters: limiting mealtimes to 12-hour period per day helps flies' hearts. Apr 4, 2015 716
Brain cells predict rival's move in game: monkey experiment could offer clues to autism, schizophrenia. Apr 4, 2015 582
A hormone that suppresses insulin. Brief article Mar 21, 2015 178
Chemical marks on DNA cataloged: clues to Alzheimer's, cancer emerge from epigenetic data. Mar 21, 2015 787
For penguins, it's a matter of no taste: birds lack genes to savor some flavors of fish they consume. Mar 21, 2015 334
Brain at rest offers clues to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's: PET scans of patients pick up clear signals indicating deterioration of neural network. Mar 21, 2015 638
Genetic tweaks built bigger brains: experiments in mice show how to grow a wrinkled cortex. Mar 21, 2015 747
Genetic history of Darwin's finches: DNA analysis pinpoints source of birds' varied beaks. Mar 7, 2015 726
Environment steers immune system: genes play lesser role in influencing variations in immunity. Feb 21, 2015 357
Bacteria-killing viruses linked to inflammatory bowel disease. Brief article Feb 21, 2015 181
Gustometer. Brief article Feb 7, 2015 168
Oxygen may raise lung cancer risk: incidence drops at higher elevations, where air is thin. Feb 7, 2015 763
Cold noses coddle colds. Brief article Feb 7, 2015 185
Big data, big challenges: as researchers begin analyzing massive datasets, opportunities for chaos and errors multiply. Feb 7, 2015 3181
Insect-eating bats implicated as Ebola outbreak source: tree in guinea harbored suspects in infection of 2-year-oid who was first victim in epidemic. Jan 24, 2015 774
Bird flu follows avian flyways. Brief article Jan 24, 2015 206
Contamination blamed in STAP debacle. Brief article Jan 24, 2015 214
Repeat performance: too many studies, when replicated, fail to pass muster. Report Jan 24, 2015 4449
Cells in groups may aid breast cancer's spread: gangs, not individuals, form distant tumors, study finds. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 330
Imprisoning parasites can deter malaria's spread. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 204
Softness stifles some chemotherapy drugs. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 155
Domestication did horses no favors. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 208
The art of DNA folding. Brief article Jan 10, 2015 263
Genes tell tale of cat domestication: traits differing in tame, wild felines linked to DNA variants. Dec 13, 2014 692
Gut microbes less diverse in humans: great apes harbor more varied bacterial populations. Dec 13, 2014 382
Human thoughts activate genes: mind control device switched on protein production in mice. Dec 13, 2014 614
Jet lag disrupts microbes in the gut: mice with time-shifted bacteria develop metabolic problems. Nov 29, 2014 375
Y chromosome linked to cancer: chromosome loss in blood cells may cut men's life span. Nov 29, 2014 475
Brits may lack Anglo-Saxon ancestry: DNA from ancient skeletons forces rethink of British history. Brief article Nov 29, 2014 215
Yeast use scents to entice fruit flies: the fungal cells can hitch a ride on the insects to get around. Nov 15, 2014 630
Body microbes make useful molecules: human microbiome produces thousands of drug candidates. Oct 18, 2014 569
Source of coffee's kick found. Brief article Oct 18, 2014 110
The biologist and the bones. Sep 20, 2014 461
DNA clarifies Ebola outbreak's origin: West Africa's epidemic stems from just one infected person. Sep 20, 2014 591
Early antibiotics may lead to fat later: altered microbiome in infant mice promotes adulthood obesity. Sep 20, 2014 450
Mice do mimic people, or don't: new study disputes earlier report on genes, inflammation. Sep 20, 2014 712
Seals gave ancient Americans TB: marine mammals transported tuberculosis from Africa. Sep 20, 2014 711
Gut-dwelling virus is surprisingly common. Brief article Sep 6, 2014 192
Mummies reveal hardened arteries: pharaohs, ancient Peruvians, many others had heart disease. Sep 6, 2014 1011
Airborne transmission of Ebola unlikely, monkey study shows: captive macaques did not transmit deadly virus. Sep 6, 2014 507
Gene methylation can lead to cancer. Brief article Sep 6, 2014 169
Domestication linked to changes in embryonic cells: developmental defects may explain tame animals' traits. Aug 23, 2014 813
Eyes exploit fiber optics to see in dark: Muller cells shunt red and green light to cones; blue leaks to rods. Aug 23, 2014 486
Prions portend pregnancy plight: test for aberrant proteins may detect preeclampsia early on. Aug 23, 2014 810
Tibetan high life aided by old DNA: extinct hominid passed on extreme-elevation adaptation. Aug 9, 2014 717
Controversial stem cell papers retracted: mistakes, misconduct lead to questions about STAP cells. Jul 26, 2014 793
HIV hides in growth-promoting genes: by spurring cells to divide, virus creates long-term reservoirs. Jul 26, 2014 721
Autoimmune diseases blocked in mice: experimental T cell treatment thwarted diabetes, halted MS. Jul 26, 2014 575
Avian flu could strike Asian poultry markets. Brief article Jul 26, 2014 146
Microscapes take off at D.C.'s Dulles airport. Jul 26, 2014 381
Oxytocin stimulates repair of old mice's muscles: hormone known for its role in social bonding could help heal injuries in the elderly. Jul 12, 2014 704
Human-ape split gets an earlier date: new study revises DNA mutation rate of chimpanzees. Jul 12, 2014 760
Bromine found to be essential to animal life: fruit flies deprived of the element fail to hatch or die as larvae. Jul 12, 2014 710
Blind mole-rats are loaded with anticancer genes. Brief article Jul 12, 2014 117
Healthy placentas are not sterile: womb microbes resemble those found in women's mouths. Jun 28, 2014 728
A genetic quirk makes hair blond. Brief article Jun 28, 2014 160
MERS outbreak picks up pace: in recent weeks, virus infected hundreds, including two U.S. cases. May 31, 2014 1426
Activity in bone-growth genes may set humans apart from Neandertals: methylation differs between people and extinct hominids. May 17, 2014 665
Five mutations could make bird flu spread easily through the air. Brief article May 17, 2014 163
Written in bone: genetic data from ancient Europeans are rewriting the prehistory of the continent. May 17, 2014 3231
First chromosome made synthetically from yeast: feat is major advance toward creating engineered eukaryotic life- forms in the lab. May 3, 2014 704
Bank voles provide clue to prion disease susceptibility: mice engineered with rodent's brain protein develop other species' degenerative brain disorders. May 3, 2014 638
New mechanism discovered for decades-old cancer drug. Brief article May 3, 2014 163
Trial supplement is no elixir of life: compound lets mice live healthier but not longer lives. Apr 19, 2014 391
Now-extinct moa thrived before people reached New Zealand. Brief article Apr 19, 2014 162
Eating less protein may extend life: meat-rich diets could raise the risk of dying young. Apr 5, 2014 685
Native American ancestry unveiled: DNA from skeleton shows tribes come from one population. Mar 22, 2014 711
When flowers died out in Arctic, so did mammoths: genetic analysis finds vegetation change around same time as megafauna extinction. Mar 22, 2014 778
Second bird flu wave ups pandemic worries. Mar 22, 2014 390
Monkeys born with edited genes: DNA-snipping technique shows therapeutic promise. Mar 8, 2014 330
Arctic melting may help parasites infect new hosts: grey seals encounter killer microbe as their territories expand northward. Mar 8, 2014 598
A little acid can make a cell stemlike: mouse cells enter primordial state capable of making any tissue. Feb 22, 2014 723
How the zebrafish got its stripes: yellow and black pigment cells chase each other into patterns. Feb 22, 2014 437
Stone Age Spaniard had blue eyes. Brief article Feb 22, 2014 103
Marine microbes shed packets of DNA, nutrients: bacterial vesicles may offer genetic exchange opportunities, affect carbon cycle. Feb 8, 2014 709
Deadly influenza could strike aboriginal groups hardest. Brief article Feb 8, 2014 134
Nicotine may damage arteries. Brief article Jan 25, 2014 174
Antioxidants can help repair persistent sores. Brief article Jan 25, 2014 153
Snake DNA offers clues to the evolution of venom, binge eating: python and cobra genes changed quickly as new hunting adaptations arose. Jan 11, 2014 627
Autism may be linked to chemicals produced by microbes in the gut: mice with altered intestines were less social, more anxious. Jan 11, 2014 497
The vast virome: scientists are just beginning to get a handle on the many roles of viruses in the human ecosystem. Jan 11, 2014 2703
Me and my microbiome: Tina Hesman Saey tries out new services offering clients a peek at their own bacteria. Jan 11, 2014 1010
Antibiotics hinder chemotherapy. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 157
Ancient DNA exposes Native Americans' Eurasian roots. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 203
1 Your body is mostly microbes: microbiome results argue for new view of animals as superorganisms. Dec 28, 2013 858
5 A double dose of virus scares: MERS, H7N9 join list of potential pandemics. Dec 28, 2013 701
6 Sleep clears the cluttered brain: Gunk between cells is cleansed during slumber. Dec 28, 2013 331
7 High court rules against gene patents: justices open way for choices in DNA testing. Brief article Dec 28, 2013 233
24 Gift of steroids keeps on giving: mouse muscles stay juiced long after doping ends. Dec 28, 2013 356
Modern dogs originated in Europe: first domesticated canines did not live in China or Middle East. Dec 14, 2013 692
Steroids boost muscles for the long haul: in mice, effects don't end when doping does. Nov 30, 2013 635
Sleep allows brain to wash out junk: finding may lead to improved Alzheimer's disease therapies. Nov 16, 2013 753
Family takes on progeria in Life According to Sam: documentary portrays an extraordinary search for a cure. Nov 16, 2013 499
Biological clocks set by the moon: organisms have rhythms dictated by tides, lunar cycle. Nov 2, 2013 692
Cancer mutations found outside genes: genetic variants in noncoding DNA associated with disease. Nov 2, 2013 587
Carcass microbes identify mice's time of death: bacteria accompany body's decomposition in consistent time sequence. Nov 2, 2013 637
Dinosaur dreams dashed. Brief article Oct 19, 2013 132
Cats' genes explain hunting success: lion, tiger and snow leopard DNA offer clues to feline evolution. Oct 19, 2013 580
MERS virus jumped several times from animals to humans. Brief article Oct 19, 2013 161
Alzheimer's disease protein structure may vary among patients. Brief article Oct 19, 2013 152

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