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Please be regional

It's easy to talk about regionalism re·gion·al·ism  
a. Political division of an area into partially autonomous regions.

b. Advocacy of such a political system.

2. Loyalty to the interests of a particular region.

 in literature and bring up writers of the past, including Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Bret Harte, William Faulkner, Willa Cather, Joel Chandler Harris Noun 1. Joel Chandler Harris - United States author who wrote the stories about Uncle Remus (1848-1908)
Harris, Joel Harris
, Mark Twain, and John Steinbeck Noun 1. John Steinbeck - United States writer noted for his novels about agricultural workers (1902-1968)
John Ernst Steinbeck, Steinbeck
. It's also easy, especially for critics, to sneer that the genre has had it day. Yet regionalists, then and now, are simply people who write about what they know best, in the way they know best; and after all, in the right hands, a devotion to dialect or a focus on mores or situations specific to a certain place simply point up mild differences on the great canvas of shared human experience.

The seven short stories in Martha Egan's

La Ranfla & Other New Mexico New Mexico, state in the SW United States. At its northwestern corner are the so-called Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at right angles; New Mexico is also bordered by Oklahoma (NE), Texas (E, S), and Mexico (S).  Stories, published by Papalote Press, have a regional base but also deal with situations everyone experiences in one way or the other: how long-standing arguments fade when backs are to a wall; how we learn to be who we are and also stand up for ourselves; and how a sudden accident or change of plans can set even the most orchestrated or·ches·trate  
tr.v. or·ches·trat·ed, or·ches·trat·ing, or·ches·trates
1. To compose or arrange (music) for performance by an orchestra.

 life in new motion.

Egan's previous books are Milagros: Votive Offerings From the Americas and Relicarios: Devotional Miniatures From the Americas. She also owns the Santa Fe Santa Fe, city, Argentina
Santa Fe, city (1991 pop. 341,000), capital of Santa Fe prov., NE Argentina, a river port near the Paraná, with which it is connected by canal.
 gallery Pachamama. Egan reads from and signs copies of her book from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, at Collected Works Collected Works is a Big Finish original anthology edited by Nick Wallace, featuring Bernice Summerfield, a character from the spin-off media based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.  Bookstore, 202 Galisteo St., 988-4226.

When Debora L. Carr's parents moved from New Jersey to retire in the Duke City six years ago, the graphic artist and packaging designer decided to accompany them to keep the family close together. The experience of adjusting from back-there Eastern life to the quirky aspects of New Mexico time led her to regale her friends in New Jersey with periodic updates on her learning curve in the Land of Enchantment, and the result, just published by Dog Ear Publishing, is titled You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico. How many of us have met people who think that they do? Carr has begun work on a sequel, Home on the Strange. That sure sounds familiar.
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