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STDM calls for creation of two independent regulatory media authorities.


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 (TAP) - The Tunisian Union of Media Managers (STDM (Statistical TDM) Fully utilizing the capacity of a time division multiplexing (TDM) channel. Traditional TDM interleaves data into slots, and the slot is wasted if there is no data to send at that moment. Statistical TDM fills all available slots. ), Wednesday, called for the creation of two regulatory authorities of audiovisual media and written press and stating their autonomy in the Constitution.

"The constitutionalisation of these two authorities will certainly help promote the information sector and ensure its freedom, in accordance with the rules of ethics," President of the Union Amel M'zaabi told the Constitutional Authorities Committee at the National Constituent Assembly A constituent assembly is a body elected with the purpose of drafting, and in some cases, adopting a constitution. An example is the Russian Constituent Assembly, which was established in Russia in the wake of the October Revolution of 1917, which overthrew the Russian Provisional  (NCA).

These two authorities shall be governed by a Higher Information Council while respecting their independence, she added.

She also said that the regulatory authority of audiovisual media should be independent including from unions representing the sector's professionals.

These unions, she added, could propose personalities non-represented in them, while the regulatory authority of written press should be represented by union and independent members.

According to Mr. M'zaabi, members of the regulatory authority of the audiovisual media should be independent and highly qualified.

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Publication:Agency Tunis Afrique Press
Date:Jun 20, 2012
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