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 NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- STAR TELEVISION is now seen in more than 42 million homes according to a new survey released today.
 The survey was conducted between September and November 1993 by Frank Small and Associates in 13 of the 53 countries covered by the STAR TV satellite footprint. In China, the survey was conducted in association with the Chinese authorities.
 The results show the number of households receiving STAR TV's five channels has increased by 279 percent in 10 months. The last survey was conducted in January 1993.
 All countries surveyed showed strong growth and the results confirm STAR TV as the pre-eminent Pan-Asian satellite broadcaster in the fastest growing television market in the world.
 -- In China, more than 30 million homes can receive STAR-TV -- 22 percent of all homes able to receive TV in the areas surveyed. Frank Small and Associates worked with the State Statistical Bureau (SSB) and viewers in 25 cities from 21 provinces were interviewed as part of the SSB's monthly income and expenditure survey. The 30 million figure compares to November 1992 estimate that STAR was reaching 5 million homes.
 -- In India, STAR TV penetration has grown by 121 percent to more than 7 million homes in urban areas alone.
 -- Taiwan has confirmed its position as a major market with 2.4 million seeing STAR, nearly half of all TV homes.
 -- Saudi Arabia has exceeded all expectations, with the number of homes measured at 368,940. Further gains in the UAE, Kuwait and Israel have taken the Middle East audience to more than 1 million.
 -- Korea, which was last surveyed in June 1992, has grown from 19,000 to 183,000 homes -- an increase of more than 850 percent.
 -- Thailand increased by 340 percent, with 143,000 now able to receive STAR.
 Releasing the survey, Gary Davey, chief executive of STAR TV said the results exceeded expectations.
 "We are obviously delighted with the growth that STAR TV is experiencing -- we now have a reach of more than 200 million people and our expansion plans will bring even more choice to viewers in Asia and the Middle East. Clearly there is a huge demand for our product right across the footprint, but these sort of figures do not happen overnight. They are the result of a lot of hard work and planning, and this survey more than justifies the confidence that our 700 advertisers have placed in STAR TV."
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Date:Jan 12, 1994

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