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SRI news: UBS in green data deal.

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 Investment Bank said that its Alternative Research business has entered into a "strategic alliance" with Trucost, an environmental research organisation providing data and analysis on the carbon impacts of companies.

"Trucost helps investors, companies and governments understand how environmental issues will affect companies' business activities," the investment bank explained.

UBS Alternative Research's arrangement with Trucost will include joint marketing through collaboration with the bank's SRI research team, as well as investor calls, conferences and roadshows. In addition, UBS will facilitate access to Trucost's products and services, which includes analyses of company emissions, natural resource usage, and other environmental impacts based on a proprietary external cost methodology.

"The demand for socially responsible and environmentally conscious research has risen sharply," said Mark Steinert, Global Head of Equities Research at UBS.

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, Chief Executive of Trucost said, "Trucost was established in 2000 to help investors, companies and government to understand how companies' environmental impacts could affect their financial performance."

"More and more investors understand that environmental impacts have a cost, and that cost affects business performance," added Julie Hudson, Global Head of Socially Responsible Investing Socially responsible investing describes an investment strategy which combines the intentions to maximize both financial return and social good. In general, socially responsible investors favor corporate practices which are environmentally responsible, support workplace diversity,  and Sustainability Equity Research.

Since 2008, UBS Alternative Research has formed strategic alliances with four other firms including Integrity Research, Governance Governance makes decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. It consists either of a separate process or of a specific part of management or leadership processes. Sometimes people set up a government to administer these processes and systems.  Metrics metrics Managed care A popular term for standards by which the quality of a product, service, or outcome of a particular form of Pt management is evaluated. See TQM.  International, America's Research Group and Noble.

UBS Research covers more than 3,300 companies globally, representing 85 per cent of the world's market capitalisation Noun 1. market capitalisation - an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share
market capitalization

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Publication:CPI Financial
Date:Jun 10, 2009
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