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Springfield High School Springfield High School may refer to:
  • Springfield High School (Colorado) — Springfield, Colorado
  • Springfield High School (Illinois) — Springfield, Illinois
  • Springfield High School (Louisiana) — Springfield, Louisiana
 will hold its commencement program June 8 at Silke Field.

Eleven students with highest honors will be recognized at the ceremony.

Kelly Barley is the son of Ken and Charlotte Barley. He was a member of Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, National Honor Society The National Honor Society (NHS), established in 1921, is a recognition program for American high school students who show achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. , and the basketball and golf teams. He plans to attend the University of Oregon The University of Oregon is a public university located in Eugene, Oregon. The university was founded in 1876, graduating its first class two years later. The University of Oregon is one of 60 members of the Association of American Universities. , majoring in journalism and communications.

Kelly Egan is the daughter of Daniel and Jolene Egan. She was a member of Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, Teens Against Tobacco Use, Chemistry Club and National Honor Society, and participated on the track, cross country and tennis teams. She plans to attend Oregon State University Oregon State University, at Corvallis; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1858 as Corvallis College, opened 1865. In 1868 it was designated Oregon's land-grant agricultural college and was taken over completely by the state in 1885. , majoring in forest science.

Robert Hannah, the son of Robert and Lynette Hannah, was a member of the track and field and football teams. He participated in Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, the Math Fair and Math Olympics. He plans to attend Oregon State University, majoring in engineering.

Luke Hardy, the son of Steve and Nancy Hardy, was a member of the symphonic and jazz bands, National Honor Society, Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, and the track and cross country teams. He plans to attend Oregon State University and to major in mechanical engineering.

Devin Holmes, the son of David and Ellyn Holmes, was a member of the symphonic and pep bands, Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, Teens Against Tobacco Use, Media United and Chemistry Club. He also participated in soccer, track and field and the Mr. SHS SHS Shares (stock)
SHS SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Humidity Sensor
SHS Sciences Humaines et Sociales (French: Social Sciences)
SHS Student Health Service
SHS Second Hand Smoke
 Pageant. He plans to study chemical engineering at Oregon State University.

Shyla Huber is the daughter of Dave and Melissa Huber. She participated in dance, particularly ballet and jazz. She is a member of National Honor Society and plans to be dual enrolled next year at Oregon State University and Lane Community College, where she plans to study pharmacology with a focus on research.

Marianna Hunnicutt is the daughter of Wayne Hunnicutt and Liz Aleman. She is a member of Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol, Chemistry Club, National Honor Society and Oregon Youth Summit. She was a member of the track and field and cross country teams, the orchestra and jazz band. She plans to attend the University of Portland The University of Portland (UP) is a private Catholic university located in Portland, Oregon. It is specifically affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross and is the sister school of the University of Notre Dame. Founded in 1901, UP has a student body of about 3,200 students. , majoring in civil engineering with specialization in environmental engineering.

Jennifer Lam, the daughter of Hong and Ling Lam, was active in student government, Student Advisory Council, National Honor Society, Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol and Chemistry Club. She plans to attend Oregon State University, majoring in pre-pharmacy.

Logan LaRossa, the son of Bill and Jodi Dial, was a member of the football, basketball and track and field teams. He participated in the senior class council and National Honor Society. He plans to attend Oregon State University, majoring in chemical engineering.

Skyler Lauridsen is the son of Lester Lauridsen and Lana Rankin. He participated in basketball, track and field and was varsity football captain. He plans to attend the University of Oregon, majoring in science.

Chau Nguyen Chau Nguyen (b. 1973) is a Vietnamese-American news anchor currently employed with KHOU-TV. Chau's family fled after the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam when she was just 2 years old and her family settled in Houston, Texas.  is the daughter of Kim Pham. She was a member of the tennis team and orchestra. She plans to attend Princeton University Princeton University, at Princeton, N.J.; coeducational; chartered 1746, opened 1747, rechartered 1748, called the College of New Jersey until 1896. Schools and Research Facilities
 to major in molecular biology molecular biology, scientific study of the molecular basis of life processes, including cellular respiration, excretion, and reproduction. The term molecular biology was coined in 1938 by Warren Weaver, then director of the natural sciences program at the Rockefeller  with an engineering focus.

Class of 2007

The 272 graduates include Kerry Ackley, Kristina Adair, Casey Aden, Andres Aguilar, Honey Ah Sam, Kelcie Ah Sam, Cameron Allen, Jacob Allison, Kayla Anderson, Flemming Andreasen, Angela Andrews, Gabrial Ashworth, Alicia Bailey, Lisa Bailey, Kyle Baker, Araceli Ballarta, Kelly Barley, Jessica Bayn, Kassidy Beardall, Whitney Belcher, Alyssa Bellamy, Greggory Bergen, Michael Bergen, Robert Beria, Tiffani Bishop, Jonathan Bivens, Christina Blood, Cornelia Bohse, Joy Bollen, Cassandra Bolton, Nohely Bonilla, Sarah Borges, Lani Boykin, George Braun, Derek Brenden, Maylita Brougher, Grace Brown, Krystal Browning, David Buffington, Jestin Burk, Erin Burleson, Kasey Caldwell, Sylvia Camacho, Daysi Carlos, Christopher Carlson, Harley Casto, Sean Castro, Jessica Chapman, Jia Ming Chen,

Ashley Clifton, Courtnie Coate, Shelly Cole, Rebecca Colvin, Ciarra Comstock, Slaine Cory, Inga Damerow, Eden Daniken, Teresa Daugherty, Adam Davis Adam Davis is an Australian rules football field umpire in the Australian Football League. He has umpired 39 career games in the AFL. [1] [2]

Davis won the 2003 Umpire of the Year award for the AFL Queensland Umpires Association.
, Joshua DeForrest, Steven Del Gallo, Jr., Heather Drummond, Susan Dunn, Sylvan sylvan

emanating from or pertaining to woods. See also sylvatic.
 Edmonson, McKenzie Edwards, Nicholas Edwards, Kelly Egan, Joshua Eisele, Christina Emery, Rachael Englund, Ryan Estep, Eduardo Estrada, Stephanie Everts Everts may refer to:
  • To turn inside out (see wiktionary)
  • Stefan Everts, motocross racer
  • Everts Township, Minnesota
  • Eversion (kinesiology)
, Justina Fairfield, Anthony Ferrell, Bryce Fiedler, Erica Fletes, Gregory Flint, Eric Fowler, Joshua Frey, Milo Milo, athlete of ancient Greece
Milo (mī`lō) or Milon (mī`lŏn), fl. 500 B.C., athlete of ancient Greece, b. Crotona.
 Fultz, Angela Galli, Korin Garcia, Alejandra Garcia-Rodriguez, Ashlynn Gardner, Kathryn Gibbs, Arnoldo Gomez, Jose Gomez, Alva Santoyo Gomez, Noe Gonzalez-Caro, Sara Gorton, Kathrin Grabler, Ryan Gregg, Matthew Grimes, Daniel Gross, Miles Haley, Whitney Hamilton, Robert Hannah, Luke Hardy, Joshua Harris, Jannean Hatlen, Ashley Hatton, Cayla Hawkins,

Bradley Haworth, Jordan Haxby, Amber Head, Nicholas Herling, Julia Hernandez Aguilar, Orlando Hernandez-Wright, Jeffrey Herndon, Chelsi Hills, Corey Hodges, Joshua Hollister, Devin Holmes, Jacob Hope, Kevin Horton, Stephen Hoshaw, Dane Houser, Dylan Howe Dylan Lee Howe (born August 4, 1969 in England) is a jazz drummer, studio/session drummer and composer. Biography
Howe grew up in Hampstead, London. He is the son of guitarist Steve Howe (of Yes)—his father named him after Bob Dylan., DH attended King Alfred School.
, Shyla Huber, Lyman Hughes, Shane Humphrey, Marianna Hunnicutt, David Hunt, Kaleb Hurd, Brady Hyde, Jesse Isaacson, Alicia Jackson, Hermes Joaquin, Homero Joaquin, Jorel Johns, Andrew Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Christopher Jones, Roman Jones, Delvia Picasso Juarez, Kayleen Keller, Christopher Keown, James Kirkland, John Koekkoek, Marcus Lacy, Jennifer Lam, Kaelyn Lamb, Megan Lamb, Megan Lanphear, Logan LaRossa, Skyler Lauridsen, James Lee, Kevin Lenhart, Kelsee Burk Leno, Spenser Lind, Justin Lindsley, Luz Lolla, Manuel Lopez, Nestor Lopez, Raquel Lopez, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Liam Maier-Boyer, Kaytlin Maixner, McKenzie Mann, Alejandra Martinez, Javier Martinez, Edith Villa Martinez,

Chelsey Maser, Jordan May, Tamara McCollister, Danielle Medina, Dusty Merrill, Kenneth Michlanski, Jacob Miller, Kylan Mitchell, Wendy Montes mon·tes  
Plural of mons.
, Crystal Moore, Gabriela Morey-Castro, Michael Morgan, Sarita Mukura, Bethany Mullins, Nathan Myers, Cole Naber, Stacey Nelson, Chau Nguyen, Lidia Nicolae, Billy Nix, Ramon Noriega, Stephanie Oakes, Ashley Ogle, Ted Olandersson, Ross Olsen, Charles Otto, Richard Palmer, Courtney Pauwell, Christopher Pereyra, Grace Persson, Christian Pina, Joshua Piquette, Ryan Place, Aaron Pope, James Powell, Jr., Alvin Prasad Prasāda (Sanskrit: प्रसाद), prasād/prashad (Hindi), Prasāda in (Kannada), prasādam (Tamil), or prasadam , Jessica Quiroz, Michael Raaf, Timothy Reece, Brittany Ridge, Alexandra Riggle, Damaris Rivera, Stephanie Rivera, Nichole Roccaforte, Elizabeth Roeder, Ashley Roland, Scarlet Roland, Branden Rossman, Charles Sakari, Zachary Schilling, Tyrell Schmoe, Kolby Schnelli, Tyler Schnelli, Christopher Schumacher, Justin Scott, Jonathon Shaw,

Thomas Shew, Sarah Shull, Ronita Singh, Jason Skinner, Clayton Smatana, Jeremiah Smedley, Harley Smith, Nathan Smith, Johanna Solares, Ryan Stark, Jennifer Starr, Amanda Stillion, Ambur Suski, Adam Taylor, Ashlee-Ann Taylor, Austin Taylor, Kinsey Tennison, Sabrina Thavisack, Tyler Tholl, Sharaya Thomas, Eric Thompson, Justin Thorpe, Nicholas Thrasher thrasher: see mimic thrush.

Any of 17 species (family Mimidae) of New World songbirds that have a downcurved bill and are noted for noisily foraging on the ground in dense thickets and for loud, varied songs.
, Timur Tilenov, Sable sable, species of marten, Martes zibellina, found in Siberia, N European Russia, and N Finland. This carnivorous mammal is highly valued for its thick, soft fur, which is dark brown or black, sometimes with white underparts and sometimes flecked with silver.  Tillett, Lydia Torrescano, Renata Triolo, Cody Tryon, Shane Turner, Mariah Vandegriffe, Joanna Vargas, Audrey Vejraska, Julio Velazco, Ricardo Veron Leguizamon, Jordan Vogeney, Trevor Walling, JohnMichael Walton, Andrew Watson, Kyle Weatherly, Weill Wellendorf, Raymond White, Wendy White, Brett Whiting, Calie Whittaker, Erin Wicks, Amanda Willis, Josh Wilson, Tyrell Wilson, Megan Woodie wood·ie  
Variant of woody.
, Kyle Woods, Audrey Yager, Elizabeth Zekmeister, Alan Zinkgraf, Jr.


When: 7 p.m., June 8

Where: Silke Field

Also: A baccalaureate service will be at 7 p.m., June 7, in the Springfield High auditorium
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