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SPI urges flexibility in clean air regulations.

SPI Urges Flexibility in Clean Air Regulations

Testifying on behalf of SPI before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at a July hearing in Dallas, George Freeborn, president of Textek Plastics, urged the agency to adopt regulations implementing the 1990 Clean Air Act that will give plastics manufacturers the operational flexibility needed to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

"Flexibility enables processors to develop products to perform in specific and unique applications, supply small volume demand, overcome shortfalls in specific resins, and match competitors' products," said Freeborn.

If the EPA fails to provide viable operational flexibility in the permit program, industry will risk market dislocations, face uneasy investors, or may simply move out of changing markets, Freeborn said. "The net effect could mean less competition, higher prices, and less innovation, and force businesses to shut down their operations."

In the testimony, SPI urged the EPA to adopt an expedited review process as one way of allowing businesses to make changes quickly. SPI also supported a permitting process that provides for possible future operating scenarios. According to the testimony, such an approach would allow plastic processors to switch between production materials without needing new or revised permits.

The hearing was held on an EPA-proposed operating permit rule issued in April in compliance with the 1990 federal Clean Air Act Amendments. The rule requires all sources of significant air emissions to obtain permits to stay in operation.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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