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South Eugene High School South Eugene High School is a public high school located in Eugene, Oregon, United States. It was founded as Eugene High School around 1900, and was located at Willamette Street and West 11th Avenue in a brick building that later served as Eugene's city hall.  will hold a graduation ceremony Saturday.

Seventeen students received 4.0 grade-point averages. They were Ellen Ballantine, Eve Barker, Laurel Beckley-Jackson, Megan Berry, Leah Chisholm, Sanya Detweiler, Erin Gray Erin Gray (born January 7, 1950) is an American actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Kate Summers in the situation comedy Silver Spoons and as Colonel Wilma Deering in the science fiction TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. , Scott Hickey, Carina Carina (kərē`nə) [Lat.,=the keel], southern constellation, representing the keel of the ancient constellation Argo Navis, or Ship of the Argonauts. Carina contains Canopus, the second brightest star in the sky.  Kooiman, Kyle Krumsick, Alison Lee, Nathan Lindquist, Rebecca Marcus, Matthew McGlade, Wenqi Shao, Johannes Strom and Patricia Wu.

Ballantine, the daughter of Harriet Behm and John Ballantine, plans to attend Oregon State University Oregon State University, at Corvallis; land-grant and state supported; coeducational; chartered 1858 as Corvallis College, opened 1865. In 1868 it was designated Oregon's land-grant agricultural college and was taken over completely by the state in 1885. . She was named most valuable player in softball, was all-district in track and volleyball, served in a yearlong exchange to Costa Rica Costa Rica (kŏs`tə rē`kə), officially Republic of Costa Rica, republic (2005 est. pop. 4,016,000), 19,575 sq mi (50,700 sq km), Central America.  and was selected as one of 15 students to be a youth ambassador in Washington, D.C.

Barker, daughter of Paul and Nora Barker, plans to attend Lewis and Clark College Clark College: see Atlanta Univ. Center. . She received honorable mention in the National Peace Essay Competition.

Beckley-Jackson, the daughter of Steve and Leslie Beckley, plans to attend Boston University Boston University, at Boston, Mass.; coeducational; founded 1839, chartered 1869, first baccalaureate granted 1871. It is composed of 16 schools and colleges. . She is editor of the student newspaper, The Axe, and has been involved in rowing for four years.

Berry plans to attend Stanford University Stanford University, at Stanford, Calif.; coeducational; chartered 1885, opened 1891 as Leland Stanford Junior Univ. (still the legal name). The original campus was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. David Starr Jordan was its first president. . The daughter of Timothy and Evangelina Berry, she received a PSAT PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
PSAT Puget Sound Action Team
PSAT Particulate Source Apportionment Technology
PSAT Predicted Site Acquisition Table
PSAT Princeton South Asian Theatrics
PSAT Pacific Situation Assessment Team (DoD) 
 Letter of Commendation and received the highest honor in science and math from the Society of Women Engineers.

Chisholm, the daughter of Gayle and Mike Chisholm, plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley The University of California, Berkeley is a public research university located in Berkeley, California, United States. Commonly referred to as UC Berkeley, Berkeley and Cal . She was outstanding sophomore of the year, homecoming queen and a National Honor Society The National Honor Society (NHS), established in 1921, is a recognition program for American high school students who show achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  member.

Detweiler, the daughter of Beth Kealy and Jack Detweiler, plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley. She has been active in the National Honor Society, string ensemble, Eugene Youth Symphony and volleyball.

Gray plans to attend the University of Arkansas The University of Arkansas strives to be known as a "nationally competitive, student-centered research university serving Arkansas and the world." The school recently completed its "Campaign for the 21st Century," in which the university raised more than $1 billion for the school, used  Honors College on a four-year academic scholarship. She is the daughter of Robert and Kathleen Gray. She was 2002 freshman girl of the year, 2004 National Junior Olympic steeplechase steeplechase

Either of two distinct sporting events: (1) a horse race over a closed course with obstacles, including hedges and walls; or (2) a footrace of 3,000 m over hurdles and a water jump.
 champion and national age-group record holder in that event. She was group leader for the National Honor Society.

Hickey, the son of Bev and John Hickey, plans to attend Santa Clara Santa Clara, city, Cuba
Santa Clara (sän`tä klä`rä), city (1994 est. pop. 217,000), capital of Villa Clara prov., central Cuba.
 University in California. He was active in the National Honor Society, water polo water polo, swimming game encompassing features of soccer, football, basketball, and hockey. The object of the game is to maneuver, by head, feet, or hand, a leather-covered ball 27 to 28 in.  and piano. He studied abroad in Spain.

Kooiman, the daughter of Jim and Joyce Kooiman, plans to attend either Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., or Seattle Pacific University External links
  • Seattle Pacific University official web site
  • IMAGE Comes to SPU
  • KSPU College Radio
  • The Falcon Online

. She has been active in French immersion and the National Honor Society, as well as viola and voice studies. She is an international baccalaurate diploma candidate.

Krumsick, the son of James Krumsick and Victoria Machado, plans to attend Reed College in Portland. He has been active in the National Honor Society.

Lee, the daughter of Gary Lee and Stephanie Harris, plans to attend Harvey Mudd College Harvey Mudd College: see Claremont Colleges.  in Claremont, Calif. She has been active on the varsity swim team and the Nordic ski team, as well as the National Honor Society. She is a National Merit Scholar finalist.

Lindquist, the son of Rick and Pam Lindquist, is uncertain of his college plans. He is a National Merit Scholar finalist, water polo team captain, member of the swim team, Mr. Axeman The word axeman has a number of uses:
  • Most basically, an axeman is a person who wields an axe, such as a woodchopper, an executioner or a warrior of antiquity. From this history, it is often used for someone who abuptly ends something.
, a member of the youth symphony and National Honor Society.

Marcus, the daughter of Lisa and Andrew Marcus, is undecided on college plans. She is an international baccalaurate certificate candidate, plays trumpet and piano and has been on the rowing team for four years.

McGlade plans to attend Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., or Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. He is the son of Charles McGlade and Veronica Alfero. He is an Advanced Placement scholar and was named outstanding international high school junior, outstanding student in French immersion and outstanding Spanish AP student.

Shao is the daughter of Jiena Miao and Qiman Shao. She plans to attend either Harvard, Massachussetts Institute of Technology or Stanford University. She is a U.S.A. Math Olympiad qualifier, was second in district singles tennis, a piano soloist with the Eugene Symphony and made Oregon all-state orchestra.

Strom plans to atttend either Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, or the University of Oregon The University of Oregon is a public university located in Eugene, Oregon. The university was founded in 1876, graduating its first class two years later. The University of Oregon is one of 60 members of the Association of American Universities. . He is the son of David Strom and Katya Heide. He has been an international baccalaurate diploma candidate and was active in French immersion.

Wu, the daughter of Tsui-Li Wu, plans to attend the University of Chicago or Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University, at Pittsburgh, Pa.; est. 1967 through the merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (founded 1900, opened 1905) and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research (founded 1913).  in Pittsburgh. She is an international baccalaurate candidate, a member of the National Honor Society and was a Eugene Youth Symphony concerto competition winner.


The 385 members of the class of 2005 include Natasha Adams, Adedamola Adenji, Katelyn Alexander, Scott Allen, Emily Allgood, Bond Allred, Timothy Anderson, Eric Andrews, Jeffrey Angermayer, Kamran Aryah, Melissa Balding, Ellen Ballantine, David Banes, Levi Barich, Eve Barker, Rachel Bauman, Laurel Beckley-Jackson, Amanda Begg, Michael Belcher, Danielle Belfatto, Victoria Berends, Sarah Bernstein, Megan Berry, Katherine Best, Samuel Best, Danika Bevirt, Roshny Bahakta, Lewis Birdseye, Brendan Birr birr 1  
1. A whirring sound.

2. Strong forward momentum; driving force.

intr.v. birred, birr·ing, birrs
To make a whirring sound.
, Eric Black-Maier,

Lydia Blandy, Jordan Blumberg-Enge, Matthew Bramow, Sean Brice, Simon Brizzee, Vienna Brunt, Nicholas Buiski, Holly Buntman-Ronnenberg, William Butdorf, Lindsey Butera, Mia Caldwell, Kimberly Cagney, Gavin Calciano, Bryan Campbell, Sierra Carbary, Nicholas Carlson, Jonathan Chancey, Patrick Chaney, Nicholas Chase, Chiedza Chikawa, Leah Chisholm, Yujung Choi, Elizabeth Christensen, Ashley Churchill, Aaron Clark, Andrew Clark, Anna Clark, Lannon Cling, Abram Clinger, Van Cobian, Thomas Collee, Carly Collins, Rachael Collins, Colleen Cooley, Kathryn Coxon,

Shani Crist, Forest Crocker-Solis, Adrian Crooks, Johathan Cross, Sara Cunningham, Shahne Dahl, Maia Dart, Brittany Davis, Margaret Davis, Noah Deligio-Spiess, Samantha Demboski, Janelle Derven, Sanya Detweiler, David Devore, Natasha Dickens, Briana Dishion,

Nastassia Donoho, Jessica Dotson, Craig Emmes, Raymond Emory, Patrick Engel, Kristifer Esperanza, Matthew Estes, Darryl Evans, Jennifer Evans, Galen Fairbanks, Kimberly Federics, Samuel Farrell, Amanda Fischer, Tamara Fleck, Katrina Ford, Alec Formatin Shirley, Ashlee Foster, Delynne Frank, Rebecca Freund, Aaron Friedman, Eli Friedman, Amy Frohnmayer, Andrew Fuller,

Akanksha Gambhir, Monica Garcia, Rachael Gardner, Thea Garrett, Laura Giddens, Adam Gilbert, Max Ginsburg, Nicholas Goerger, Michelle Good, Elona Gormley, Brett Gory go·ry  
adj. go·ri·er, go·ri·est
1. Covered or stained with gore; bloody.

2. Full of or characterized by bloodshed and violence.
, Mikel Gottshall, Erin Gray, Paige Greenley, Morgan Greenwood, Johnathan Griffen, Daniel Griffith,

Emmett Griffiths, Valerie Grosscup, Natalie Gullish, Mayra Guzman, Ashley Hadjatry-Tarzaban, Theodore Halpert, Christopher Hanai-Wills, Hilary Hance, Corwin Hanna, Rachel Hansen, Ryan Hanson, Anna Harbaugh, Gaelen Harper, Jessilyn Harper, Cara Harrington, Joseph Hart, Ryan Harvey, Mary Hayes, Amy Hellickson, Alexander Hernandez, Scott Hickey,

Kristi Hilton, Scott Hinnen, Nicholas Hoffman, Avery Holland, Amber Homeres, Hudson Hongo, Ian Howard, Rachel Hsieh, Eric Huestis, Alex Huntsberger, Eric Imamura, Mary Ellen Imfeld, Nichole Inouye, Dylan Isaacson, Rachel Jacobs-Strain, Austin Jagels, Sonja Jameson, Grant Jenkins, Daniel Johnson, Jason Johnson, Bethany Jones, Denali Jones, Devin Jordan, Andrew Kahl, Ariel Kahn, Kaitlyn Kaiser, Erika Kappa, Rose Katz, Kelsey Kawders, Simon Kemp, Courtney Kern, Shannon Kern, Ashley Kivett, Samuel Klonoski, Laurence Knechtel, Parker Koehn, Carina Kooiman, Kyle Krumsick, Cohn Kull, Raleigh Kyablue, Rose Lacey, David Lafferty, Harrison Lakehomer,

Joshua Lambe, Stephanie Land, Juven Lara, Aubry Larson, Ahisa Larson-Xu, Michael Latteri, Jordan Lauch, Kate Lane, Nicole Lavelle, Peter Lee, Alison Lee, Matthew Lee, Dylan Leeds, Kelly Legner, Jhonathan Leos Ramirez, Joseph Lessel, Freeman Levinrad, Elisa Lewis, Alexander Lewis, Fei Li, Nathan Lindquist, Sean Lindsey, Monica Linhardt, Samuel Linton, Emmanuel Luvert, Monee Madrigale, Rebecca Marcus, Richard Martuscelli,

Roy Matsunga, Michelle Maujean, CharlieRae McConnell, Matthew McGlade, Ambrose McJunkin, Jedidiah McKean, Max McKinney, Neil McLeod, Bryan McMahon, Mathew McMahon, Devin McManus, Andrea McNurlin, Calie McVicker, Rosemary Melia, Tara Melvin, Mildred Mick, Evan Mikkelson, Mathew Miller, Kristofor Miller, Kelsey Miller, Mshaka Mitchell, Rachel Modee, Jadie Mollier, Saraphina Monaco, Jayme Monroe, Jason Moon, Dustin Moore,

Laura Moravec, Arnold Morgan, Kellen Morgan, Emmett Morris, Laura Moshofsky, Andrew Mosman, Samuel Moulton, Richard Murphy, Ester Nagler, Charlie Nance, Lindsey Neal, Sam Nelson-Mann, Kaitlin Newman, Ely Newton, Thuc Nguyen, Frances Ni Jungho Noh, Kendra Northam, Gabrielle Norton-Guerra, Thomas Oakes, Kevin O'Brian, Rosann Olivera, Hanna Olsen, Kossi Esseboue Oni, Adam Palodichuk, Gianluca Paparo, Hyun Sung Park, Chase Parkison, Jayson Parmenter,

Anand Patel, Britta Patton, Sam Pendergast, Quinn Peterson, Tyler Pickering, Carrie Pinkstaff, Joshua Polchowski, Kelsea Polk, Alexander Pomper, Travis Poole, Daniel Poppe Poppe is a surname, and may refer to:
  • Erik Poppe
  • Nils Poppe
  • Ulrike Poppe
  • Walter Poppe

This page or section lists people with the surname Poppe.
, Cordelia Pries pries 1  
Third person singular present tense of pry1.

Plural of pry1.
, Anna Pryka, Matthew Pulliam, Anna Quartermaine-Bragg, Amanda Quick, Tony Ranney, Jamie Reinertson, Titus Rencher, Erica Reynolds, Mercedes Rhoden, Jennifer Richardson, Teddy Roachell, Kevin Roders, Laurel Rogers, Hanna Rosenthal-Fuller, Ren Rossini, Brittany Roy, Michael Rubin, Kai Ruderian, Melinda Russell, Caitlin Sauser, Lindsay Saxon, Lerryn Schaefer, Marcel Schaeffer, Matthew Schifberg, Megan Schimmer, Sandra Schnider,

Robert Scriven, Christopher Senior, Alicia Seymour, Wenqi Shao, David Shapiro, Brady Sherwood, Arianne Shimanoff, Jared Siegel, Courtney Simpson, Gurpreet Singh, Caitlin Sinkey, Natalie Skillern, Emily Smith-Martin, Lucy Softich, Edgar Soto, Samuel Soto, Jacob Soward, Michael Stacey, Jay Stevenson, Avery Stewart, Patrick Straight, Johannes Strom, Luke Sweeney, Keith Swetland, Phillip Syrios, Alex Tabet,

Shonti Tager, Zachary Taylor, Johnathan Terzenbach, Dana Tiel, Taj Tinsley, Jessica Tone, Jessica Tooker, David Toper, Jessica Turner, Amy Ueno, Julie Unfried, Larissa Unruh, Zachary Vavrek, Kari Vik, Casey Voyles, Hallie Walker, Patrick Walro, Taylor Wanstall, Christina Warren, Shelli Webb, Bridget Welch, Aaron Wells, Glenn Wells, Gyasi Welter-Dubin, Elisabeth Westling, Matthew Wheeler, Tiana Whipple, Daniel White, Jordan Widmer, Catherine Wieseke, Nicholas Wiley, Brian Williams, Edward Wilson, Kelly Wilson, Nicholas Wilson, Damion Winship, Monica Witzig, Konrad Wojcik, Cecily Wong, Noah Woodward, Aric Wright, Leland Wright, Patricia Wu, Elizabeth Yandel and Jordan Youngblood.


When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Hult Center for the Performing Arts The Hult Center for the Performing Arts is a performing arts facility in Eugene, Oregon, opened in 1982.

27 architectural firms competed for the opportunity to design the Center, but in the end the Eugene City Council awarded the contract to the New York firm of Hardy
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