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SOAPBOX... (Week beginning Monday, March 6).


Rachel struggles to come to terms with her father's illness and rejects Susan's offer of support. She also remains hostile toward Bree and Summer, refusing to reconcile their differences.


Ian returns from South Africa with half-brother Ben in tow, but Peggy is anxious to take charge of her grandson - pushing Jane into the middle of a Beale-Mitchell feud. After learning of Rosie's windfall, Mike attempts to repair his relationship with Dawn.


Nicola is causing all sorts of problems for Ivan and Paul. She's quick to react when her brother and his lover have a row about the latter coming out to his family, and sets about seducing the bin man. When Lesley asks Nicola if she's slept with Ivan, she doesn't deny it, but when Rodney hears the rumour, his scheming daughter plays the victim, saying he took advantage of her.


When Matt reappeared on the scene asking about Josh's welfare, Ashley was obviously shocked. But following an argument with the doctor this week, the squeaky-voiced butcher vows never to give his enemy access to his son. He later relays his fears to Claire, telling her he thinks Matt will tear their family apart.


Michaela encourages Amy to take her relationship with Ste a step further - but it seems she has a hidden agenda. The malicious schoolgirl then wastes no time in spreading the gossip, quickly earning the young Barnes girl a bad reputation.


Since his arrival in the sleepy village, Owen has gone from saint to sinner in Cwmderi. This week his plunge into the deepest depth of depravity continues. The young preacher finds himself pleading with Sabrina not to disclose the truth surrounding his work 'helping' prostitutes. But will she keep his secret, or will the truth finally come out at long last?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2006
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