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EASTENDERS OH Jack, be careful! You only have to look twice at a blonde called Mitchell and she falls pregnant - so watch out with Sharon. Admittedly she was only called Mitchell while she was married to Grant, but she still carries a torch for Phil, bizarrely. So she could follow Ronnie and Roxy in falling under Jack's spell. He asks Sharon over for the evening and it's not long before things get steamy on the sofa. But, perhaps mindful of his extraordinary fertility, he pulls away and tells her he wants to take things slowly. That suits Sharon, as she's still getting over Dennis. And she might have second thoughts about Jack when, later in the week, she discovers Tanya slept with him. Sharon plays agony aunt to Phil this week, who tells her he's thinking about drinking again after getting a letter from Ben. Her solution? To work behind the bar at the Vic! That might not be the best place to avoid temptation. Tyler's back and isn't happy to discover the Emporium now belongs to Derek after Anthony gambled away the family business. As his brother has vanished, it's Joey who gets it in the neck - or, rather, in the face when Tyler punches him, then foolishly goes into business with Derek. With Janine and all her money gone, Michael is left broke and holding the baby. She also leaves Syed in debt, but he can't bring himself to tell Christian (sporting a terrible bleach dye job). He tries to persuade him to postpone the wedding, while Max sets a date for his rematch with Tanya. CORONATION STREET ?? KIRK is one of Corrie's most amusing characters, but he's had nothing to do for months. But now he has a new love interest, albeit an unlikely one. For some reason, Kirk thinks Beth is the bee's knees. Yes, loud, uncouth, thick Beth with the even worse son. When she goes on a date which goes wrong, Kirk rescues her and before long they're snogging. I wouldn't have put them together, but this coupling could be comedy gold. Lloyd gets a major shock when discovers old mate Mandy has a daughter - and he's the dad! To say he's missed out on her childhood is an understatement, as Jenna is 28. Is it too late to start now? Tina has found her feet now she's going to be a surrogate for Izzy - Owen lets her move into his flat rent-free and gives her a pounds 5,000 advance. But Tommy is dead against the idea and looks set to leave. Gloria is still meddling, entering the Rovers in a Pub of the Year contest and putting herself down as landlady - then turning it into a B&B and barring Norris. EMMERDALE ?? KERRY is back in hospital and seriously ill with diabetes, thanks to overindulging with booze. Most would be tempted to wash their hands of her, but daughter Amy comes rushing back to the village to hold her hand. She's terrified when her mum has a seizure but realises her life would be better without Kerry. Rachel moves into her plush new flat in Leeds but she feels lonely and returns to the village, much to Jai's annoyance. Megan dumps Carl for not paying her enough attention, but he's not bothered. And David ditches Priya when he realises he should be paying Jacob more attention. Carl sacks Rodney, Gennie worries about becoming a mum and Val and Pollard finally kiss and make up. HOME & AWAY ?? HARVEY decides not to fight Mel for custody of Lottie. When Alf confronts him, Harvey tells him the truth about Ben's death - that he'd been drinking and Mel lied to the police about it. Brax tries to pay Danny off but is distracted when he and Natalie end up sleeping together. Indi has second thoughts about Romeo - oh, make up your mind! - and April and Dex move in together. HOLLYOAKS ?? CALLUM doesn't trust smoothtalking Aussie Ally and decides to find out more about him. He's amazed to discover he has several aliases and even more girls on the go. Then he invites some of the angry women to the house to confront him. A fire in the coffee shop ignites a spark between Cindy and Rhys and Phoebe and Esther bond over their hatred of Maddie. NEIGHBOURS ?? WHAT do we think might happen to a car overloaded with teenagers? It crashes, of course, and Sophie is badly injured. Plus, Toadie is desperate to discover the sex of their baby. DOCTORS ?? ELAINE is upset when she learns her ex-lover Harrison has changed his murder plea to not guilty and she'll have to give evidence. She visits him in prison, where he admits he did kill Lauren but not the wife of Alex, who keeps visiting Elaine. Is she in danger? SOAP TALK LOCKING LIPS: Unlikely couple Kirk and Beth.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 16, 2012
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