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SOAP TALK he Everyone Aaron's trial.

CORONATION STREET Coronation Street is an award-winning British soap opera. It is the longest-running television soap opera in the United Kingdom, first broadcast on Friday, 9 December, 1960 in the Granada region of ITV.  * REMEMBER that old ad about the man who liked his razor so much, he bought the company? Well, as Kevin becomes Sally's rock while she recovers from her run-in with Anne, there's good news for the recovering Underworld worker.

She's won the lottery, and considers buying shares in the factory!

Meanwhile, Lesley's condition becomes so severe that Eileen realises it's time she had proper care, so she's sent to a home while Paul comes to terms with his loss. She's not the only one sent packing.

As the penny finally drops for Stella about Karl's gambling problem, she kicks him out.

Elsewhere, Sunita blows her top when Dev organises a family holiday without consulting her, so she tells him they can go without her.

Kirsty continues to make life difficult for Tyrone as he plans on going for a drink with Tommy, and she insists on tagging along. However, everyone is stunned as she apologises for her recent behaviour.

Don't be fooled, lads. It's just the calm before the storm.

EASTENDERS * PIGS will fly before there's ever a peaceful day in Albert Square Albert Square is the fictional location of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. It is ostensibly located in the equally fictional London borough of Walford in London's East End. . Where would Walford be without long-running feuds, grinding axes and bitter words spat across a crowded Queen Vic bar? Derek and Phil see to it that it's business as normal this week. Phil gets the upper hand at the beginning of the week, prompting Derek to fire questions in Ben's direction about how he got his dad to forgive him so easily for lying to the police.

Not that he manages to get any information out of him, of course.

The simmering feud is only further fuelled when Derek suggests a poker game, and Alfie is forced to take sides. He chooses Phil, but soon reconsiders where his loyalties lie when Phil refuses him an extension on his rent.

Meanwhile, Mandy's had enough of Lucy's comments and packs her bags, ready to leave Walford.

Can Ian convince her to stay with yet another proposal? Elsewhere, Cora realises there may be something between Max and Roxy, Dot struggles with her grief and Heather and Bianca's money problems worsen.

EMMERDALE * ADAM'S situation becomes stickier this week as Aaron takes the fall for the fire.

Cain insists he won't blow Adam's cover but is forced to tell a shocked Debbie and Cameron. As Adam draws closer to confessing to the police, Aaron beats him to it - and confesses to starting the fire himself.

SOAP TALK Soap Talk was a television talk show on SOAPnet hosted by Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway. It debuted in 2002 and ended in 2006. The reason for the show's cancellation was due to lackluster ratings.

The series focused on soap-related guests and topics.
 Chas is devastated dev·as·tate  
tr.v. dev·as·tat·ed, dev·as·tat·ing, dev·as·tates
1. To lay waste; destroy.

2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark.
 and begs Adam to explain why Aaron would have done it. Moira pleads with Adam to lie, so he does.

Riddled with guilt, Adam panics and Aaron worries that he won't go along with the plan. Everyone waits at court for Aaron's trial but when he fails to show Chaz can't get hold of him and she turns to Cameron for support, making her feelings about him clear.

Meanwhile, Brenda spends the night with Pollard pollard

fine protein-rich feed supplement for farm animals; a byproduct from the milling of wheat for flour. Called also shorts.
, starting a secret affair that David is not happy about. Not at all.

HOLLYOAKS * BRENDAN'S not sunk his claws into anyone properly for a while now - but it seems he could be lining up his next victim in Doug.

He and Ste run into all kinds of problems this week after a meeting with the bank.

Cue Brendan wading in, looking for an opportunity to get a hold over Ste once more. He makes Doug a tempting offer, which the lad will come to regret by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, in the strangest pairing since Darren Osborne Darren Osbourne is a fictional character in the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.

He was played by actor Adam Booth and is currently played by actor Ashley Taylor Dawson.
 and Suzanne Ashworth Suzanne Ashworth is a fictional character on the long-running British Channel 4 television soap opera Hollyoaks.

She is played by actress Suzanne Hall. Character history
Suzanne Ashworth arrived in Hollyoaks in 2005.
, Texas and Jodie decide to give their relationship a go.

Texas doesn't seem entirely convinced it's what she wants, however, especially when she welcomes Dodger with open arms...

The chemistry heats up between Riley and Lynsey as they bond over an intensive gym session, while Mitzeee plans a birthday to remember for the footballer. And Joel vows to get to the bottom of exactly what it is that Brendan is up to.

HOME & AWA* THE Braxton brothers are in for rough week.

While Brax plods on with his cage fighting, determined to repay Leah, Heath gets himself into a spot of girl trouble.

April declares her love for her wonderful boyfriend at the beginning of the week, little realising Henri is hell-bent on winning Heath back.

The whole thing comes to a head when his ex-girlfriend fills April in on exactly what he's been up to behind her back...

NEIGHBOURS * WHEN Emilia is stranded in a remote location, she calls Michael for help, but then his car breaks down.

Michael and Emilia are overwhelmed by passion but, in best soap tradition, their liaison is witnessed by Chris, who has been sent to help.

Meanwhile, Kate involves Rhys in her plan to break up Kyle and Jade. Although he initially decides not to seduce se·duce  
tr.v. se·duced, se·duc·ing, se·duc·es
1. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct. See Synonyms at lure.

2. To induce to engage in sex.

 Ms Mitchell, when she slights him, he seeks revenge by spreading seeds of doubt in her mind.


BAD DEAL: Tensions rise over a game of Poker in EastEnders.
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