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Relationships looking rocky Emmerdale STV Debbie tries to make things up to Cameron, but the damage has been done.

He can't stand the thought of her having slept with Andy, even if it was for Sarah's sake and he confides in Chas, telling her their relationship is over.

But what surprises them both more than anything is that they share a moment that suggests there's a spark between them...

Another partnership that could be in trouble is Paddy and Rhona's.

The week starts out well, with her organising a romantic meal at which she plans to propose. But Paddy becomes suspicious of her actions and gets drunk, ruining the whole event. Can he make it up to Rhona and can she forgive him? Meanwhile, a distraught Moira learns her dead husband cashed in the endowment policy that was supposed to be their nest egg and decides she has to sell the farm.

GOSSIP SOAP star Ben Barber claims his on-screen alter ego, Rhys, isn't really nasty, you Neighbours We'll believe he's just misunderstood.


Emmerdale Ben, thousands it's giving Faye loves playing Macey because Gaynor for a Megan newcomer to be ruthless her the opportunity having spent most of her career change, 'nice' characters.

portraying CREATURE COMFORTS Neighbours C5 It's never nice when a popular character meets their maker in that big soapland in the sky, but it's even worse when there's an animal involved. brings them closer again. Karl also gets to see another side of Rhys, who is so desperate to become a surgeon.

So prepare to shed a tear as Karl comforts an upset Susan as their lovable little terrier Audrey has to be put to sleep.

The only positive is that her demise means the Kennedys are forced to spend time together - here's hoping it Sophie accidentally wrecks Andrew's attempt to sign Corey's brother's band by dumping the teenager, while both Michael and Lucas declare their feelings for Emilia, but who will she choose? Who knows - she may even go it alone!

HENRI STIRS THINGS UP Home and Away C5 Henri is an odd name for a woman, but she certainly knows how to turn men's heads - especially Heath's. at the school, so will be around for quite some time.

They were once an item, so when she turns up in Summer Bay you can bet she's heading for his door. Heath also seems to be on Bianca's mind, because she raises a toast to him on her hen night rather than her hubby-to-be Liam!

One person who isn't pleased to see her is his current squeeze, April - especially as Henri has landed herself a teaching job Alf loses the election, but seems more concerned about Irene, who appears to be afraid to leave her own home.

IT'S A SMASHING NIGHT River City BBC1 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say. Murray is certainly pleased when Raymond offers him a chance to tuck into something hearty at the Tall Ship after he's spent the night in his car.

night. But Raymond's CCTV recording is missing, so they have no footage of what happened. So Gina assumes it was Conor and Adeeb who did it after their earlier row - until the DVD turns up and reveals who the real culprit is. Gina is in for a shock.

But his chances of having a quiet meal are shattered by Gina, who arrives to tell Eileen that the Oyster's glass door has been smashed in the Meanwhile, the police hold a press conference at which Michael and Leyla appeal for Nicole to come home.


An unfortunate case of Chinese whispers wreaks havoc in River City. Dan arranges a low-key date with Kelly-Marie but news gets back to her that he's not really that interested - causing crossed wires and complications.

Peter hits the bottle again Coronation Street STV He may only be a little lad, but Simon already knows what he likes - and it's not Carla.

YOU Big C4, Unfortunately, telling everyone that Carla has hit him has the opposite effect.

knowing Leanne thinks moving away and allowing everyone to have a fresh start might be a better idea. Those ITV3, Not Danish, But it could be something else that scuppers Carla and Peter's relationship - he hits the bottle again when he finds alcohol in Carla's bag.

We always knew that Lewis was a charmer, and he puts his skills to good use at the Bistro to help Nick out of a tight spot.

As a thank you Nick then offers him a work trial - but will Lewis be interested? Frank tells Sally they have a future together, but then jumps into bed with Jenny. What a rotter.

Roxy's flirty to the Max What is it about Max Branning that makes him like catnip to Albert Square's women? No, we have no idea either. If they were throwing themselves at his brother Jack, we could understand it - after all, he's a bit of a stud muffin to say the least, but Max? No, thanks!

Nevertheless, there's another one of them at it this week, and having had a dalliance or two with Max in the past, you'd think Roxy would know which of the Branning brothers to go for.

Mind you, she is desperate. Roxy thinks she's lost her sex appeal, so flirting with Max makes her feel wanted again. And seeing as he and Tanya haven't been intimate since he returned to Walford, he's feeling extra frisky.

Max is definitely tempted, but tries to resist. But, despite promising Tanya he wouldn't let her down and would be her rock while she battles cancer, he and Roxy share a few saucy text messages.

But just as it seems as if they're going to take matters a step further, Tanya and Max have a big row about their relationship, making him feel guilty. Once again he vows to stand by her no matter what - here's hoping he's man enough to do so.

Bianca's financial issues mount thanks to a final demand gas bill. She desperately tries to win some money by buying scratchcards, and when that doesn't work, has the cheek to go berserk at Carol for throwing away cash on a drink at the Queen Vic and a top from the charity shop.

Ray comes to the family's aid by giving Bianca pounds 300 for Morgan's care, but that only covers the most pressing bills. Despite feeling humiliated, she then accepts a cleaning job from Janine.

Her new boss, meanwhile, is trying to keep Michael well and truly under her thumb. She's making decisions about their unborn child without consulting him, and even fails to tell him she's been for a scan. A massive argument ensues, and it seems as if this relationship made in hell may have come to an end - until Michael surprises Janine with a big question.

Meanwhile, Lucy is still trying to discredit Mandy, and thinks she finally has enough ammunition to shoot her down after landing photographic evidence of her pawning a diamond bracelet Ian bought for her.

But still Ian refuses to act, so Lucy takes matters a step further.

She discovers Mandy has been transferring money to somebody called 'L Stevens', finds out the mystery person's mobile number and sends them a text inviting them to Walford.

Lucy fully expects 'L' to be a bloke Mandy has been seeing behind Ian's back - so imagine her shock when she turns out to be her future stepmother's nasty mum Lorraine, who can't wait to get her feet under the table at the Beale house. After a day or two of being bullied by her, they'll be wishing Mandy had got a fella on the side.


SAD... Karl kind to Susan ISSUES...Heath and April APPEAL... Michael at mic PRESSURE... Peter and Carla COME HITHER EYES... Roxy thinks she's lost her sex appeal so flirting with Max makes her feel desired MARRY ME ... Michael proposes to Janine ANXIETY ... Cameron and Debbie
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