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SIDF extends loans to 23 industrial projects.

In a statement to the press,Mohammad Bin Salem Al Dobaib said that the Saudi Industrial Development Fund's (SIDF (System Independent Data Format) An international standard format for storing data along with its file system. When conceived by the SIDF Association in 1993, its primary purpose was to allow backup tapes created by one vendor to be readable by another vendor's ) Board of Directors was convened recently under the chairmanship of Engr. Yousif Bin Ibrahim Al Bassam.

In its meeting, the Board endorsed twenty three loans for the erection and expansion of a number of industrial projects with commitments in excess of SR 912 million against investments totaling SR 2,021 million,he added.

According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 Mr. Al Dobaib,the chemical industries sector was the prime beneficiary of such loans.

Eight loans for industrial projects in the sector were approved with total commitments exceeding SR 363 million compared to an overall investment size of SR 788 million, reflecting the substantial investments required for projects in this sector.

Projects approved, he said,included an expansion of a woven polypropylene polypropylene (pŏl'ēprō`pəlēn), plastic noted for its light weight, being less dense than water; it is a polymer of propylene. It resists moisture, oils, and solvents.  sack plant, and another for the expansion of a polypropylene and polyethylene film producing factory.

Industrial plants approved by the Board also included a recycled base oil plant, and a polyethylene pipe plant.

An expansion project for the production of PTE PTE

The ISO 4217 currency code for the Portugese Escudo.
 textile,a polyethylene and polypropylene films' plant,an epoxy epoxy

Any of a class of thermosetting polymers, polyethers built up from monomers with an ether group that takes the form of a three-membered epoxide ring. The familiar two-part epoxy adhesives consist of a resin with epoxide rings at the ends of its molecules and a curing
 coated and lined pipes' plant,and another industrial plant for transparent wrapping film were also among approved projects.

Moreover,seven projects in the consumer products industry with investments totaling SR 556 million were committed loans of over SR 249 million.

These projects included an expansion of an industrial plant for the production of tarts, pastries,Mamoul,cake,and bread,a plant for fish and shrimp processing, packaging,and freezing,and another for cement packaging paper bags.

Three other projects in this sector also benefited from the loans committed including a drinking water drinking water

supply of water available to animals for drinking supplied via nipples, in troughs, dams, ponds and larger natural water sources; an insufficient supply leads to dehydration; it can be the source of infection, e.g. leptospirosis, salmonellosis, or of poisoning, e.g.
 plant, an expansion of an industrial plant for a variety of fruit juice, soft drinks and power drinks,an expansion of craft paper plant,and an expansion of a desalinated water plant.

As for the engineered products sector,it was endorsed five loans with commitments of over SR 145 million,compared to an overall investment of SR 360 million.

The projects involved were a plant for industrial pumps,another for fluorescent lamps fluorescent lamp

Type of electric discharge lamp consisting of a glass tube filled with a mixture of argon and mercury vapor. A current of electricity causes the vapor to produce ultraviolet radiation that, in turn, excites a phosphor coating on the inside of the tube,
, a project for longitudinally welded steel pipes,a plant for steel scrap shredding shred  
1. A long irregular strip that is cut or torn off.

2. A small amount; a particle: not a shred of evidence.

,and a plant for the production of iron,carbon,and stainless steel stainless steel: see steel.
stainless steel

Any of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10–30% chromium. The presence of chromium, together with low carbon content, gives remarkable resistance to corrosion and heat.
 tanks,and prefabricates pipes for tanks.

Additionally, Mr. Al Dobaib said, the Board approved the lending of three other projects in the building materials Building materials used in the construction industry to create .

These categories of materials and products are used by and construction project managers to specify the materials and methods used for .
 sector with commitments totaling SR154 million against overall investments of SR 316 million.

Approved projects in the sector included an industrial project for the production of aluminum, steel,and concrete cutting,and grinding discs,another for precast concrete precast concrete

Concrete cast into structural members under factory conditions and then brought to the building site. A 20th-century development, precasting increases the strength and finish durability of the member and decreases time and construction costs.
 pipes and fittings,and a third for granite tiles,panels,and blocks.

Since its inception,the Fund has extended a total of 3,071 loans which contributed to the construction and expansion of 2,172 industrial projects all over the Kingdom, Mr. Al Dobaib stated.

It was for this contribution that thousands of jobs were created,advanced technologies transferred to the various industrial sectors,products provided in substitution of imports,and high quality,competitively priced Saudi products exported to different markets worldwide.

Closing his statement, Mr. Al Dobaib said that the role of the Fund goes beyond just lending.

Its support to industrial projects involves the rendering of marketing, financial,administrative,and technical advice.

Thus, assisting in the financing of such projects is only a part of the Fund's mission for the support and development of the industrial sector across the Kingdom,he added.

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