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SICPA, Samo A.S. form joint venture in Turkey.

The packaging inks business of the SICPA Group and Samo A.S. have formed a joint venture in Turkey, which began trading in October October: see month.  2004. The new company will be known as SICPA-Samo Baski Murekkepleri Sanayi AS (SICPA-Samo Printing Inks Industry SA).

This joint venture is an important stepping-stone Step´ping-stone`

n. 1. A stone to raise the feet above the surface of water or mud in walking.
2. Fig.: A means of progress or advancement.
These obstacles his genius had turned into stepping-stones.
 for the new partnership to develop the company's position in Turkey. The joint venture will benefit from the full range of technologies and services of both organizations to support its growth in this rapidly developing region.

Samo A.S is one of the longest established ink manufacturers in Turkey. The SICPA Group was founded in 1927, operates from more than 40 sites with 3,500 employees worldwide and sales to more than 200 countries.

As well as being a global leader in inks and security solutions for bank notes and value documents, it has a leading position in the packaging inks market.

Jak n. 1. (Bot.) see 1st Jack.

Noun 1. jak - immense East Indian fruit resembling breadfruit; it contains an edible pulp and nutritious seeds that are commonly roasted
jackfruit, jack
 Koen has been appointed CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of SICPA-Samo Baski Murekkepleri Sanayi AS. The company will operate from SAMO A.S.'s site outside Istanbul Istanbul (ĭs'tănbl`, ĭstan`bl), city (1990 pop. 6,748,435), capital of Istanbul prov. .
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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