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TV HOSTESS Emma Noble lured a former lover into her web when she flashed her breasts at him and said: "What do you think of these, then?"

The willowy blonde gave her sexy come-on to besotted Brian Tattersall - who appeared with Emma on The Price Is Right - at a West End hotel room.

It was the start of a secret two-year affair that left Brian, 29, emotionally drained - and two stone lighter. And last night he warned her latest love, former Premier's son James Major: "Watch out! She's a Black Widow who'll suck the life out of you and leave you crushed."

Brian revealed how he fell for sexy Emma hook, line and sinker - and even splashed out on a pounds 6,000 diamond engagement ring.

He said: "She looks all sweetness and light, but I can tell you from bitter experience that she will eat you alive.

"I call her the Black Widow because she mates and moves on and damn the consequences.

"I was madly in love with Em. But she has to be the centre of attention all the time.

"While things were good our sex life was absolutely mind-boggling and I was the proudest man in the world to have her on my arm.

"But I realise now that while I loved her, she used me because it was convenient at the time.

"I hope this new bloke James has his head screwed on right because he has no idea what is about to hit him."

Brian met Emma, 26, in March, 1995, when they were both hired to help Bruce Forsyth hand out prizes on the show.

The male model, from Blackburn, Lancs, recalled: "My first feeling when I saw her in a mini-skirt with blonde hair down to her waist was, `Wow, what a goddess'.

"We had a drink after filming one night at the Yorkshire TV studios in Leeds and she blurted out, `Well, why don't you just tell me what you want from me'.

"I was a bit taken aback and thought `What the hell', so I told her I fancied her like mad.

"I got my confidence up by having a few more drinks and then I asked her up to my hotel suite.

"But I couldn't just jump on her that night. I was trying to be a gentleman.

"I just had to kiss her, though, just one really slow one and it was like fireworks going off in my head.

"We sat up talking until 5am about our past relationships and our career plans. She was ambitious and I admired her for that.

"We kept our clothes on and she fell asleep in my arms. But we had to get up at 7am so I could drive her to the station for the train back to London.

"I hardly knew her really, but she was standing on the platform crying her eyes out because she didn't want to leave."

It was another five months before Brian experienced the Noble art of lovemaking. That was when she teased him by thrusting her newly silicone- enhanced 34C boobs in his face. He recalled: "I knew I was in love with her but I needed something to convince me. And believe me, going to bed with Em was all the convincing I needed.

"I drove down to her parents' place in Sidcup, Kent, and took her out for a romantic dinner.

"But we both knew what we wanted and after the meal we raced back to my hotel room in the West End.

"We were kissing as we sat on my bed. But suddenly Em leapt up and said: `Do you want to see my boobs?'

"I knew she'd had the op to go from a 34B to a 34C so I was kind of curious.

"Then she just ripped her top off and thrust them in my face saying: `What do you think of these, then?'

"She jumped on me and we started tearing each other's clothes off. She was very adventurous and fun in bed and because I'm very passionate myself we had no problem satisfying each other over and over again.

"I kept telling her how beautiful she was and she kept kissing me and touching me until I exploded.

"She had a fantastic body, all 5ft 10in of her was heavenly. Afterwards we wrapped ourselves in one of the white cotton sheets.

"We stepped out to my hotel balcony and I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her back and the sheet around both of us.

"We stood there staring at the twinkling lights of London in total silence for half-an-hour. It was a magical moment."

Brian went on: "Em always looked immaculate. I could sit for hours watching her brush her long golden hair and apply her lipstick. She'd spend ages on her face but she looked so beautiful I could never resist her, so the make-up would end up all over me as well.

"She was unbearably ticklish in her feet so I'd grab them, licking and stroking her toes until she was squirming and giggling like mad.

"Then I'd work my way up to her knees and her hips while she was begging me to make love to her. And her legs just go on for ever!

"She was a deeply sensual woman. Everything about her just screamed lust and sex so I was completely drawn into her web."

At the beginning of the relationship what Brian didn't realise was that Emma had just dumped another boyfriend, model Robbie New.

He said: "I knew about Rob because she had mentioned him in a letter to me, but I thought they were in the past. Then it all came out in the papers after we had split up.

"He apparently didn't want her to have the operation and she threw a trantrum and dumped him."

Emma's letters were very sexy indeed.

"Once she wrote to me and said that she couldn't wait to see my little hamster again, which was her pet name for her favourite part of me," said Brian.

Brian, who still lives in Blackburn, began to drive 200 miles three times a week to see Emma.

He then whisked her away for a romantic weekend at his parents' sprawling estate in the Lake District.

He said: "My parents have a couple of cottages which they lend out to family and friends, so I took Em up to see them.

"We'd do simple things like going for long walks in the fields and feed the ducks in the lake. Then we'd go back to one of the cottages and eat a romantic meal in front of a roaring log fire.

"We then had a huge old-fashioned bed to make love in. It was perfect. We were together for about three weeks when she told me that she loved me. I was over the moon because I felt exactly the same way.

"Mum and Dad knew how serious I was about her. They really liked her and were shocked at how things turned out."

Then last April Brian invited Emma to a family wedding.

"All my friends from the village had their eyes out on stalks when Emma arrived in a white mini-skirt. I was so proud."

The couple then moved into a flat in Blackheath, South London.

But Emma, who was being booked for lucrative modelling assignments in Sweden insisted they still kept their relationship under wraps. Brian said sadly: "She told me it would kill our careers if the news got out because we're not supposed to get involved if we are on the same show together."

"I would have shouted it from the top of Mount Everest - `This is the woman I love and I want to spend the rest of my life with her!'

"I was naturally very hurt but I just went along with her demands - again.

"Now I can look back and see that she thought it was better for her image to be seen as young and single."

Brian revealed how they spoke about getting engaged. "We'd been together for nearly two years and I assumed marriage was the next step. I designed a ring with three separate diamonds set in platinum. It was 3.5 carats, perfect for a woman who always demanded the best of everything.

"I hid it in a velvet box and one night I held it up in my fingers and said, `Would you like this sweetheart?'

"She looked at me astonished and tried it on her ring finger but it was too small.

"So I sent it away to get re-sized but that was the last she saw of it because things all started to go wrong from there."

The couple began to row furiously last July because, according to Brian, she was convinced he was having an affair. He said: "She found some old photographs of an ex-girlfriend in a drawer of junk I hadn't sorted though for years.

"She accused me of planting them to upset her. One night I was on the phone to Mum when she came storming in and ripped the socket out of the wall.

"I had to call Mum back to apologise but Em was just off her head. She wouldn't believe me.

"Another time she threw her Filofax through a bay window in our bedroom.

"I raced in to find glass everywhere and when I asked her if she was all right she just looked at me."

Brian says he tried desperately to salvage the relationship.

"She was totally blanking me. This went on for weeks. I would call it mental torture because she'd either ignore me or play vicious mind games.

"I lost about two stone through the stress and I looked terrible. I was devastated at the thought of losing her but she didn't give a monkey's.

"One morning I lay there sobbing I was so upset. She took my hand and just sat there looking bored.

"I wanted her to hug me and reassure me but she just wasn't interested."

The crunch came one night when Brian invited friends over for a meal.

He said: "It was late August. I'd bought an Indian takeaway and when she opened the foil boxes she saw that I'd got her tandoori chicken instead of chicken tikka marsala.

"Em absolutely flipped. She started screaming and swearing at me. My mates were really embarrassed and as I watched her have yet another tantrum I thought, `Well, that's it then'."

Brian returned two nights later to find she had taken her clothes and moved back in with her parents.

"I still didn't give up. I sent her flowers, rang her and wrote her letters but there was no response. I was absolutely heart-broken."

Brian's mum Lynette said the family was devastated because they treated her like a daughter.

She said: "Em would come down the pub with us and drink with the local farmers. They'd never seen anyone like her in the Lake District.

"I felt ill seeing my son so upset. Towards the end he was on the phone to me every night in tears. I was furious at the way she treated him."

Staring at a picture of Emma cuddling her new boyfriend James Major, Brian added: "I don't even recognise her now and I certainly don't fancy her any more.

"She's aged about 15 years and it's got nothing to do with that short hair cut.

"I look into her eyes and all I see is coldness. She's not the girl I fell in love with."
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