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SEX IN THE CITY: DAY 2: BEAST OF THE BROTHELS; Pimp Morgan worked girls for 18 hours a day & forced them to have sex in toilets.


A FORMER prostitute who worked in the sex lair of pimp Martin "The Beast" Morgan today reveals how he forced her to service punters in the toilet of a packed brothel.

Morgan threatened his hookers to keep them in line and was so greedy he forced them to take 10 clients in a row.

The balding fatso also made the exhausted women work 18-hour shifts pleasuring Chinese men who spilled out of Dublin's many gambling clubs in the early hours of the morning.

Yesterday, one woman who worked in his most lucrative brothel, Cleopatra's in the plush D4 postcode area of the city, revealed how Morgan:

/ FINED his girls IREUR100 (pounds 125) if they fell asleep on the job

/ MADE them hand over pounds 20 if they were even one minute late for work

/ ALLOWED his friends to have sex with new girls for nothing

FORCED the girls to pay him 50 per cent of everything they earned, and

/ HAD sex with his hookers and regularly assaulted them by grabbing their breasts.

The woman said: "He and his sidekick Peter McCormick are nothing but greedy scumbags.

"The brothel had three bedrooms and up to 60 punters would come through the door in a 24-hour period.

"Sometimes the brothel was so busy we had to service clients in the kitchen, toilet and sitting room, wherever we could find the space." At its height the brothel had a turnover of more than pounds 28,000 a week and Morgan and McCormick pocketed half this.

The pair ran six brothels which specialised in high-class hookers.

The prostitute added: "Morgan told us they were making pounds 2,000 a day for themselves from Cleopatra's alone.

"That's pounds 14,000 a week for doing next to nothing.

"But I'm not surprised. He made us work around the clock, often getting little or no sleep.

"We also had to work 18-hour shifts at the weekend and he fined us if we fell asleep on the job.

"It was practically impossible to stay awake all the time. It was an absolute nightmare."

Saturday nights were the worst when randy Chinese punters dropped by.

The woman recalled: "They would come in after the casinos closed.

"There could be up to 10 of them at one time and we would have to deal with one after the other after the other.

"It was exhausting but we were still not allowed to have any breaks.

"Once we were on the premises we were not allowed to leave until our shift was finished, even if we ran out of food or condoms." The hookers lived in fear of Morgan, who had a violent temper and would threaten to tell their families and partners how they made their money if they stepped out of line.

The woman, who is too terrified to be identified, said: "Morgan and McCormick had a lot of physical contact with the women.

"Morgan was the worst. He would often takes a girl's hand and shove it down his trousers and he was always grabbing us and feeling our breasts.

"He claimed to have slept with more than 1,000 women and liked to boast about his sexual conquests. He was incredibly randy and said he liked to have sex every day. They would laugh at the girls for being fat or having cellulite and criticise their clothes and generally humiliate them."

Morgan, who has seven children with four different women, also boasted that he was involved in a protection racket before becoming a pimp.

He and McCormick operated a 24-hour sex service and advertised their brothels in the controversial In Dublin magazine.

The doors of their sex dens opened at 10am each morning and operated right through the night.

And while the duo regularly called to ensure none of their prostitutes were slacking, they also hired security men to watch the women.

Morgan and McCormick opened their first brothel in 1997 after seeing how much the King of Vice, Tom "Milking Parlour" McDonnell, was making.

Within a short space of time they were making a fortune.

But in 2000 gardai raided five of their brothels and Morgan fled to England, where he tried to open another brothel on the Seven Sisters Road in London.

McCormick remained in Ireland and last year pleaded guilty to running a brothel and was given a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined EUR3,000.

Morgan returned to Ireland last year only for the Criminal Assets Bureau to hit him with a huge tax bill for hundreds of thousands of euro.

The woman said: "I would advise any girl who's thinking of going into the business to stay away from parasites such as Morgan.

"They are the biggest low-life scum I ever had the misfortune to work for."


SLAVE LABOUR: Morgan's girls worked 18 hours a day; DIRTY MONEY; Morgan was making IREUR14,000 a week from his six brothels in Dublin
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 26, 2003
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