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Webteam Called 'Killer App' for World Wide Web; Empowers Customers,

Reduces Costs through Seamless Integration of Sales Management and
                          Support Applications

EMERYVILLE, Calif., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Scopus Technology, Inc., the market leader in enterprise client/server customer interaction systems, today announced production shipments of WebTEAM(TM) will begin immediately. WebTEAM is the first product to allow seamless integration of client/server customer interaction applications with the World Wide Web. Businesses can now extend their customer service, support, and marketing applications to allow direct customer access via the Web, with little or no additional development. Customers enjoy convenient, controlled "anytime, anywhere" access to product and service information managed by Scopus Enterprise applications.

According to Jeff Bork, vice president of marketing at Scopus, customer access to an organization's service and support systems can dramatically reduce costs by empowering customers to find their own solutions or move themselves along in the sales cycle. At the same time that costs are reduced, customers enjoy higher satisfaction. "Outstanding customer service is one of the few sustainable differentiators today," said Bork. "Customers appreciate direct and immediate access to information and services -- whether it's the status of a previous call, technical information that enables them to solve their problem on the spot, or the ability to sign up for a seminar. We know this for a fact -- since December, our customers have been logging cases and checking status directly via the Scopus web site. WebTEAM made this possible."

When used with Scopus' TeleTEAM for computer telephony integration Computer Telephony Integration - Computer Telephone Integration , WebTEAM opens up exciting new possibilities for call center applications. For example, a customer at the web site who is either known to the company or who has answered pertinent questions, could be presented with a "Call Me Now" button that routes the request for a call back to the next available agent with the correct skills. The agent would see the customer information materialize in a "screen pop" as the number is dialed automatically. Customers get personal service, while companies improve efficiency.

Industry Experts and Customers Ready for WebTEAM

Industry watchers validate Scopus' assessment: a recent Gartner Group survey proves that what customers want most from home pages is interactive support. As Eric Schmidt, chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems, commented, "Customer service is a 'killer app' for the Internet and Scopus' foresight and architecture puts them firmly in the driver's seat."

Geoff Morris, manager of support services support services Psychology Non-health care-related ancillary services–eg, transportation, financial aid, support groups, homemaker services, respite services, and other services  at Scopus customer Landmark Graphics concurs, "Scopus Technology's WebTEAM will let us offer better service and give us a head start on the competition. From anywhere around the world, we can give our customers the support they need, when they need it, 24 hours a day. Plus, more effective use of our staff will save money and time." Unlike products announced by Scopus' competitors, WebTEAM uses the same development language as other Scopus products: "We'll have only one set of applications to maintain, for both Web-based access and connections through our existing client/server architecture."

New Capabilities without Substantial New Coding

Because of Scopus' unique metadata-driven application architecture, users who have already deployed customized Scopus applications can use WebTEAM to generate the HTML HTML
 in full HyperText Markup Language

Markup language derived from SGML that is used to prepare hypertext documents. Relatively easy for nonprogrammers to master, HTML is the language used for documents on the World Wide Web.
 (hypertext markup language (hypertext, World-Wide Web, standard) Hypertext Markup Language - (HTML) A hypertext document format used on the World-Wide Web. HTML is built on top of SGML. "Tags" are embedded in the text. A tag consists of a "<", a "directive" (in lower case), zero or more parameters and a ">". ) and CGI CGI
 in full Common Gateway Interface.

Specification by which a Web server passes data between itself and an application program. Typically, a Web user will make a request of the Web server, which in turn passes the request to a CGI application program.
 (common gateway interface) scripts needed for web deployment. New users can deploy Scopus applications for the web out-of-the-box, or after customizing with the ScopusWorks development tool. Because Scopus developers use the same language and toolset for client/server and for web deployment, they maintain a single codeline, need fewer resources, and deploy faster.

Helping End Users Help Themselves

Customers, vendors, partners, and even remote or local employees who log on to a Scopus application through the web (after appropriate security checks) can then:

* enter data directly into SupportTEAM, SalesTEAM or other Scopus applications z * check status or update data submitted previously

* take advantage of built-in escalation procedures, business rules, or workflows

* use case-based reasoning tools to search knowledge bases for answers

Any authorized user with a standard web browser The program that serves as your front end to the Web on the Internet. In order to view a site, you type its address (URL) into the browser's Location field; for example,, and the home page of that site is downloaded to you.  and an Internet (or Intranet) connection becomes part of the extended enterprise without delay, without training, and without concern for platform, protocol, or version incompatibility. Transaction costs drop dramatically, while customers get what they want faster.

About Scopus Technology, Inc.

With more than 200 customers and 15,000 end users worldwide, Scopus Technology, Inc. is a market leader in enterprise customer interaction management solutions. Scopus is distinguished by its "Extended Enterprise" product strategy, which gives companies a powerful means to sustain their edge in today's dynamic global markets. Using advanced data replication and worldwide web technology, Scopus applications provide all members of the extended enterprise -- including a company's strategic business partners, system integrators, VARs, and distributors -- with real-time access to fast-changing corporate and customer information regardless of the platforms they have installed or their geographic location.

The Scopus suite of Extended Enterprise solutions automates customer service and helpdesk operations (SupportTEAM), quality assurance (QualityTEAM), and sales and marketing (SalesTEAM) to help companies enhance both customer satisfaction and product and service quality. Scopus customers represent a broad spectrum of industries including retail, financial services, telecommunications, health care, hardware systems, and both shrink-wrap and configurable software products.

Scopus sells its applications via a direct sales force in North America and the United Kingdom and through distributors elsewhere.

Scopus Technology (Nasdaq/NMS: SCOP scop  
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[Old English.]
) is headquartered at 1900 Powell Street, Suite 700, Emeryville, Calif. 94608. Tel.: 510-597-5800.

NOTE: SupportTEAM, QualityTEAM, SalesTEAM, TeleTEAM, and WebTEAM are all trademarks of Scopus Technology.
    -0-                        3/11/96

/CONTACT: Jane Turton of Scopus Technology, Inc., 510-597-5800, or Cindy Fay of Upstart Communications, 510-420-7978, for Scopus/


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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure to support and maintain breathing and circulation for a person who has stopped breathing (respiratory arrest) and/or whose heart has stopped (cardiac
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