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SCNA legislative priorities 2006-2008.

The South Carolina Nurses Association has among its purposes:

1) The promotion of quality of life and health care for all people

2) The fostering of the nursing profession as a leading, positive force in the health care delivery system.

To achieve these broad purposes, the SCNA Legislative Committee will provide leadership for the association in the legislative and public policy arms.

To promote the quality of life and health care for all people in South Carolina, the SCNA Legislative Committee will:

1) Promote access to and delivery of cost effective, quality health services for the public,

2) Assure nursing care services to the public with emphasis on nurses' role as qualified providers of health care services,

3) Support equal rights and opportunities for all peoples unrestricted by consideration of age, color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Accordingly, SCNA will foster equal employment opportunity,

4) Encourage legislation that promotes and protects environmental health in the home, at the worksite, in the community, and other public places,

5) Initiate and/or support legislation to assure comprehensive health care services to all people, especially vulnerable populations.

6) Support legislation which protects reproductive rights,

7) Support and promote legislation that guarantees parity of coverage of services for mental and physical illness.

8) Support Healthy People 2000-2010, an initiative designed to promote high level wellness of individuals, families and populations,

To foster the nursing profession in its evolution to the full provider, leadership, and collaborative roles in the health care delivery system, SCNA will

1) Initiate, monitor and respond to all legislative activity which would affect the practice of nursing, including advanced practice nursing,

A) increase accessibility and affordability of nursing care to the public,

B) provide for direct reimbursement for nursing services including psychological/mental health services,

C) provide professional liability insurance to nurses at a reasonable cost,

D) assure safe levels of staffing of licensed professional nurses in health care settings, including but not limited to direct patient care.

2) Assure nursing participation in planning, development, and evaluation of policies related to health care,

3) Support the rights of nurses in the workplace,

4) Initiate and support the procurement of public and private funding for nursing education and nursing research.


November 15, 2002

SCNA House of Delegates


November 11, 2006

SCNAAnnual Meeting
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