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SAP Customers Extend Investment with Cognos Performance Management Solutions.

-- The combination of Cognos' world-class enterprise planning capabilities with mySAP(TM) applications quickly delivers improved performance visibility and control for global finance organizations --

ORLANDO, Fla., SAPPHIRE '06, May 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At SAPPHIRE '06 Cognos (Nasdaq: COGN; TSX TSX Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE before April, 2002)
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), the world leader in business intelligence (BI) and performance management solutions, today announced that Cognos customers worldwide are quickly and successfully extending the value of their mySAP applications with Cognos' leading capabilities for enterprise planning and performance management.

Selected by enterprises worldwide, Cognos delivers dynamic and effective global-scale enterprise planning and performance management capabilities alongside mySAP applications to help improve performance management decision-making. Global customers who are using Cognos to extend SAP solutions for managing best-in-class performance include:

Puget Sound Energy Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is an energy company providing electrical power and natural gas in the Puget Sound region of the northwest United States. It serves electrical power to over 1 million customers in Island, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Kittitas, Pierce, Skagit, Thurston, and  is Washington State's oldest and largest energy utility, providing electric service to more than 1 million customers and natural gas service to more than 693,000 in 11 Washington counties. As a regulated utility, Puget Sound Energy is following a strategy that emphasizes meeting the energy needs of its customer base through incremental, cost-effective energy conservation, low-cost procurement The fancy word for "purchasing." The procurement department within an organization manages all the major purchases.  of energy resources, such as wind power, and prudent investment in energy-delivery infrastructure. Cognos Planning was recently selected to help the management team at Puget Sound Energy improve budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes across its business.

"We selected Cognos Planning to help extend the capabilities of our mySAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) An integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. Evolving out of the manufacturing industry, ERP implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer.  system in a flexible environment for our business users," said Brenda Bartell at Puget. "We wanted a solution that could help us move beyond traditional budgeting to achieve continuous planning. We implemented the budgeting element of our project in just 47 days and are now working on streamlining forecasting. Ultimately, this move should help us re-allocate resources more effectively so that we can better serve our customers."

One of Sweden's largest financial management companies, Folksam, adopted a full Cognos performance management solution in 2003. More than 750 employees use Cognos business intelligence, planning and scorecarding capabilities on a daily basis alongside mySAP (for SAP(R) R/3(R) data) for quick input on market trends, scenario planning Scenario planning or Scenario thinking is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long-term plans. It is in large part an adaptation and generalization of classic methods used by military intelligence.  and forecasting work, the calculation of revenue and cost balance sheets, sales planning and risk management.

"Before we implemented Cognos, almost 60 percent of the time in the follow-up process was devoted to collecting and consolidating data, while only 40 percent remained for proactive business analysis of information. We have been able to reach our goal of devoting no more than 15 percent of our time to collecting and compiling figures. Today, we are able to use our 'business intelligence' more strategically by integrating it with forward-looking financial and operational goals and processes during the remainder of the time," said Mikael Ohlund, executive vice president and financial manager of Folksam.

WEKA Verlag AG, is a Swiss publishing company with a portfolio of 300 products, which are distributed via six different sales channels using five different subscription models. In order to plan successfully for its subscription business and the associated production and financial development requirements, the company implemented Cognos Planning on top of its mySAP (for SAP R/3 data) system.

"In the subscription planning process here at WEKA, we find that dealing with existing customers in particular is highly complex but also very important," said Nicolas Schloesser, head of Finance and IT, Board Member, WEKA Verlag AG. "In this area, Cognos has given us new ways of fully exploiting our options for planning with mySAP (for SAP R/3-derived data)."

"Cognos continues to deliver innovative enterprise planning capabilities of strategic value to the SAP community," said Rich Lanahan, vice-president, Office of Finance and Planning Solutions for Performance Management, Cognos. "With Cognos Planning and our broad set of world-class performance management solutions, we are helping organizations combine investments across multiple ERP and legacy transaction systems to meet current needs, automate To turn a set of manual steps into an operation that goes by itself. See automation.  and integrate key financial and operational processes, and transform performance management decision-making for sustainable competitive advantage."

About Cognos Planning on mySAP

Cognos Planning can be used across multiple instances and versions of mySAP applications. Its flexible design helps business stakeholders Stakeholders

All parties that have an interest, financial or otherwise, in a firm-stockholders, creditors, bondholders, employees, customers, management, the community, and the government.
 directly develop, revise and deploy best-practice planning models to increase responsiveness and improve cross-functional planning across the enterprise. This distributed environment alleviates additional work for the IT group and is independent of changes to SAP and non-SAP IT investments behind the scenes. Through its full suite of Performance Blueprints, which include best-practices and in-depth business processes across industries and the enterprise, the Cognos enterprise planning solution automates and transforms performance management processes to help organizations quickly create more business value.

For further information on Cognos Solutions for mySAP visit:

About Cognos:

Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions, provides world-class enterprise planning and BI software and services to help companies plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance.

Cognos brings together technology, analytical applications, best practices, and a broad network of partners to give customers a complete performance system. The Cognos performance system is an open and adaptive solution that leverages an organization's ERP, packaged applications, and database investments. It gives customers the ability to answer the questions -- How are we doing? Why are we on or off track? What should we do about it? -- and enables them to understand and monitor current performance while planning future business strategies.

Cognos serves more than 23,000 customers in more than 135 countries, and its top 100 enterprise customers consistently outperform Outperform

An analyst recommendation meaning a stock is expected to do slightly better than the market return.

Exact definitions vary by brokerage, but in general this rating is better than neutral and worse than buy or strong buy.
 market indexes. Cognos performance management solutions and services are also available from more than 3,000 worldwide partners and resellers. For more information, visit the Cognos Web site at

Cognos and the Cognos logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cognos Incorporated in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  and/or other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
  Media Contacts:
  Carrie Bendzsa
  Cognos, 613-738-1440

  Darlene Doyle
  Lois Paul & Partners, 781-782-5868

  Investor Relations:
  John Lawlor
  Cognos, 613-738-3503

CONTACT: Carrie Bendzsa, Media Contact, +1-613-738-1440,, or John Lawlor John Lawlor is an American actor. His best known role is Headmaster Steven Bradley on the television series The Facts of Life from 1979 to 1980.

He also guest-starred in L.A. Law, Knots Landing, Mr.
, Investor Relations Investor relations

The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors.
, +1-613-738-3503,, both of Cognos; or Darlene Doyle of Lois Paul & Partners, +1-781-782-5868,

Web site:

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