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SAIC wins DEA contract.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC SAIC - ) recently announced a contract win from the Drug Enforcement Administration The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was established in 1973 by President richard m. nixon as part of the Justice Department, thus uniting a number of federal drug agencies that had often worked at cross-purposes.  (DEA DEA - Data Encryption Algorithm ). SAIC's Enterprise Security Solutions Group (ESSG ESSG European Special Situations Group
ESSG Engineer Strategic Studies Group
ESSG Environmental & Safety Support Group, LLC (Edmond, OK) 
) will continue providing the DEA with information security support focusing on enterprise-wide certification and accreditation, security engineering and additional technical services.

This follow-on time and materials labor and materials (time and materials) n. what some builders or repair people contract to provide and be paid for, rather than a fixed price or a percentage of the costs.  contract will be performed over a period of one base year, at a not-to-exceed value of $1.7 million, with four option years to renew. Assuming that all options are exercised, the contract has a total potential value of $9.2 million. The work will be conducted for DEA's Information Security Section within the Office of Security Programs, which is responsible for the comprehensive information security compliance and accountability for all classified and unclassified un·clas·si·fied  
1. Not placed or included in a class or category: unclassified mail.

 DEA information processing information processing: see data processing.
information processing

Acquisition, recording, organization, retrieval, display, and dissemination of information. Today the term usually refers to computer-based operations.

Under the terms of the contract, SAIC's ESSG will be providing information security related services to include certifying, verifying and/or validating all DEA information technology systems including sensitive but unclassified The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter.
Please help [ improve the introduction] to meet Wikipedia's layout standards. You can discuss the issue on the talk page.
, and classified systems for accreditation approval in accordance with National, Department of Justice and DEA security orders and policies.

"This contract enables us to extend our three-year relationship with DEA Security Programs and we are committed to continue providing DEA with quality security services," said Bill Madden, SAIC ESSG division manager. "We look forward to working with our DEA counterparts in helping keep their systems secure and assisting them in fulfilling their mission."

SAIC's Enterprise Security Solutions Group provides a full spectrum of information security services to protect today's government and commercial enterprises. SAIC's ESSG security engineers assess single systems to entire enterprises, and can analyze, design, develop, deploy and remotely manage information security solutions that protect business critical information and enable e-commerce.

SAIC is the nation's largest employee-owned research and engineering company, providing information technology, systems integration and eSolutions to commercial and government customers. SAIC engineers and scientists work to solve complex technical problems in national and homeland security, energy, the environment, space, telecommunications, health care, transportation and logistics. With annual revenues of $5.9 billion, SAIC and its subsidiaries, including Telcordia Technologies, have more than 41,000 employees at offices in more than 150 cities worldwide.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 8, 2003
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