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Russian beer will arrive in America.

Russian beer will arrive in America

Russkoye Premium Lager, a Russian brew produced in Obolon Brewery in the Soviet Union, will make its debut on the shores of New York City in the middle of January, the brewery announced recently.

Because of the Russian winter temperatures and subsequent port closings, the beer was transported from Kiev to Finland in insulated trucks, which actually drove directly onto the ship for the crossing to Liverpool, England. From Liverpool to New York, the beer will be in insulated containers before being palletized at Midway Beverage New York for pick-up by wholesalers.

The Russkoye beer is imported exclusively by Reiter Importers of Brooklyn, New York.

Available in Great Britain since 1988, Russkoye is making its appearance in only the second country outside of the Soviet Union.

"This is the spirit of Glasnost," said John Malone, Reiter Beer Importers.
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Title Annotation:Russkoye Premium Lager
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Dec 25, 1989
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