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Royal v. Durison.

U.S. District Court



Royal v. Durison, 319 F.Supp.2d 534 (E.D.Pa. 2004). A state inmate INMATE. One who dwells in a part of another's house, the latter dwelling, at the same time, in the said house. Kitch. 45, b; Com. Dig. Justices of the Peace, B 85; 1 B. & Cr. 578; 8 E. C. L. R. 153; 2 Dowl. & Ry. 743; 8 B. & Cr. 71; 15 E. C. L. R. 154; 2 Man. & Ry. 227; 9 B. & Cr.  filed a [section] 1983 action alleging he was detained de·tain  
tr.v. de·tained, de·tain·ing, de·tains
1. To keep from proceeding; delay or retard.

2. To keep in custody or temporary confinement:
 in excess of the statutorily prescribed pre·scribe  
v. pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing, pre·scribes
1. To set down as a rule or guide; enjoin. See Synonyms at dictate.

2. To order the use of (a medicine or other treatment).
 maximum for the crimes for which he was convicted, and that prison officials failed to consider his request for adjustment of his precommitment time. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, finding that the director of classification for a city prison system was not deliberately indifferent to the inmate's claim, that the clerk responsible for keeping records used to determine precommitment time had no authority to calculate the inmate's sentence, and officials had meaningfully and expeditiously ex·pe·di·tious  
Acting or done with speed and efficiency. See Synonyms at fast1.

 considered the inmate's claim. The court noted that the director investigated the circumstances around the inmate's multiple arrests after he was notified of a possible miscalculation mis·cal·cu·late  
tr. & intr.v. mis·cal·cu·lat·ed, mis·cal·cu·lat·ing, mis·cal·cu·lates
To count or estimate incorrectly.

, and notified the inmate in two separate correspondences that he was unable to change the period of the sentence by crediting time served. (Philadelphia Prison System, Pennsylvania)
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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