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Rose, Debra J (2010). A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program.

Rose, Debra J (2010). A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program (2nd Ed). (includes companion DVD featuring testing procedures, training strategies, and a sample class). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. ISBN 13-978-0-7360-6747-8, 10-0-7360-6747-7 (hardcover). 313 pages, $62.00.

Addressed are multiple factors contributing to balance and mobility. By exploring reasons underlying falls, information is gained so as to offer comprehensive assessment and programming techniques. The program can be customized for individual clients, with exercise progressions for early, middle and late class modules, offering the following benefits: flexibility, guidance, supplementary materials, and results. This research approach has been field-tested and shown considerable success in a range of instructional settings including community-based and residential care environments.

The three parts include the following: (A) Theory behind the program (2 chapters), (B) The fall Proof Program for improving balance and mobility (7 chapters including the effects of common medical conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease joint replacement and Parkinson's disease), and (C) Implementing the Fall Proof Program (2 chapters). Each chapter includes objectives, key point sidebars, checklists, pictures, summary, test your understanding, and practical problems. The two appendices include a balance kit inventory and an answer key for "Test your Understanding" questions. There is an extensive bibliography.

The bound-in DVD makes information applicable to real-life situations by showing how to administer key screening and assessment tests, demonstrating selected exercise progressions for the major program modules, and featuring a sample Fall Proof class session in action.

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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