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Room divider, wine storage, sideboard, sofa back ... in one.

Room divider, wine storage, sideboard, sofa back . . . in one

This sturdy, freestanding built-in serves as sideboard, wine rack, room divider, and sofa back--and looks great as well. Tucson architect Robert Nevins used it as one of the focal elements in the living-dining space of Ellen and Tony Lomonaco's remodeled house.

A step separates the living room from the dining room, but the higher level of the dining room extends 36 inches beyond the back of the room divider. Here, a large seat cushion, back bolsters, and pillows form a settee; the combined height of the step and cushion provides comfortable seating.

The unit works with the level changes to separate the two rooms, yet their shared volume remains unobstructed. One corner of the sideboard is cut away; the diagonal edge enlarges the approach to the dining area, creating a more generous entry.

Fir trims three edges of the sideboard top as well as one vertical edge of the dining room side; plastic laminate covers most other surfaces. Three black-lacquered hardboard doors slide in two pairs of grooves to conceal glassware, table linen, and shelves for bottle storage.

Running down the square-cornered end and along the bottom of the unit, fir-framed cubbyholes create an L-shaped storage bin for two cases of wine.

Photo: Bottle racks wrap around two sides of dining room sideboard. Fir banding completes frame around three black sliding doors

Photo: Back of sideboard supports settee bolsters. Diagonal end creates wider approachway to dining room
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Date:Apr 1, 1988
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