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Rogue antivirus program.

In light of reports of increasing incidents of scareware and rogue antivirus programs recently appearing on the Internet, Barracuda Networks Barracuda Networks, Inc. is a privately held company providing firewall products to block e-mail spam, viruses, spyware, load balancing and instant messaging software.

Barracuda Networks was established in 2002[1]
 Inc. announced it is aware of a Web site promoting a rogue spy-ware program called "Barracuda barracuda, slender, elongated fish of tropical seas. Barracudas have long snouts and projecting lower jaws armed with large, sharp-edged teeth. They are ferocious, striking at anything that gleams, and are considered excellent game fishes.  Antivirus." If downloaded, reports indicate that the program performs a fake scan of the user's computer, when in actuality it is installing spyware that will subsequently display pop-up ads and other unwanted applications. "This rogue 'Barracuda Antivirus' program is in no way affiliated with Barracuda Networks and is just one of a string of recent examples of hackers attempting to spread malicious programs using an established and trusted Internet security ''This article or section is being rewritten at

Internet security is the process of protecting data and privacy of devices connected to internet from information robbery, hacking, malware infection and unwanted software.
 brand," said Stephen Pao for Barracuda Networks. "Our threat databases have been updated to protect all Barracuda Networks customers from visiting or downloading content from this rogue site A Web site that is set up to spread a virus, collect names for spammers or for some other illicit or repugnant purpose. See also rogue access point.  and we advise all businesses and consumers to work directly with their trusted Internet security product vendors when deciding which solutions will best suit the needs of their networks." In addition, Barracuda Networks is reaching out to fellow Internet security vendors to ensure that their databases are also updated to protect customers from inadvertently accessing the Web sites that are hosting the fake executable program See executable code. .
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Title Annotation:Security News and Products
Publication:Software World
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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