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Robots: From Science Fiction to Technological Revolution.


Many people know that the word robot came from rabota, meaning servant or serf, coined in 1921 by Czech writer Karel Capek in his play "R.U.R." But the history of robots goes much further back. Some of the earliest ones, called automata, were built in the early 1800s with clockwork mechanisms. From these first examples to the cutting edge of invention today to speculation about the future, author Ichbiah describes the many exquisite and banal machines that can be called robots. He includes interviews with scientists, inventors, writers, toy makers, artists, and others. The realms he covers include science fiction and the worlds of industry, medicine, the military, and entertainment. The book, translated from French, includes a brief guide to robots in movies and books and is ideal for anyone interested in robotics and especially in the history of that field. Harry N. Abrams, 2005, 544 p., color photos & illus. hardcover, $37.50.
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Title Annotation:Books: A selection of new and notable books of scientific interest; book by Daniel Ichbiah
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Date:May 7, 2005
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