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Road from Ar Ramadi; the private rebellion of staff sergeant Camilo Mejia, an Iraq war memoir.


Road from Ar Ramadi Ar Ramadi (är rämä`dē), town, provincial capital, central Iraq, on the Euphrates River. It is the eastern terminus of a highway across the desert from the Mediterranean Sea. The town was founded in 1869. ; the private rebellion of staff sergeant staff sergeant
a. Abbr. SSG A noncommissioned rank in the U.S. Army that is above sergeant and below sergeant first class.

b. Abbr. SSgt A noncommissioned rank in the U.S.
 Camilo Mejia, an Iraq war Iraq War: see under Persian Gulf Wars.
Iraq War
 or Second Persian Gulf War

Brief conflict in 2003 between Iraq and a combined force of troops largely from the U.S. and Great Britain; and a subsequent U.S.

Mejia, Camilo.

Haymarket Books


300 pages




Having fought in Iraq, Camilo Mejia became convinced of the immorality and illegality of the war and, upon being called back to service, became the first US soldier to publicly refuse to fight and has since become a leading figure with the Iraq Veterans Against the War Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is an advocacy group comprised of active duty military and Iraq War veterans who are opposed to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The organization advocates immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces in Iraq, reparations for the destruction and  movement. In this memoir he recounts his experiences in Iraq, his decision not to return, and his trial and conviction for desertion by a military court.

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