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Ring-O-Matic. (Vacuum Systems).

Ring-O-Matic's line of machinery, the Super Jet Vac, come in three sizes. Every size can be truck, skid or trailer mounted. Jet Vac's patented cone and its components work together in a controlled environment in soft digging operations. A fiberglass hood comes standard. The unit digs a vertical or horizontal hole six inches or larger in diameter in most soils. The Jet Vac can be towed with a two-ton (minimum) truck. A pneumatic breaker inside the tank complements the hydraulic hoist system. This breaker consists of an inflatable floor on the bottom of the tank. To unload, the operator raises the tank fully with the hydraulic hoist. As the tank raises, the door opens, allowing the liquid contents to escape. A "cement-like" mass composed of mud and sand usually remains lodged inside. To remove it, the operator activates the pneumatic breaker control lever which diverts exhaust air pressure from the vacuum pump to inflate the breaker, dislodging the remainder of the load. Circle No. 130

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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