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Righteous taxes?

LONDON -- We hope the burden of tax day has faded a bit from memory by now, but the Catholic Church of England Church of England: see England, Church of.  and Wales Wales, Welsh Cymru, western peninsula and political division (principality) of Great Britain (1991 pop. 2,798,200), 8,016 sq mi (20,761 sq km), west of England; politically united with England since 1536. The capital is Cardiff.  may feel differently. Its 40-page booklet, "Taxation for the Common Good" was released in February as a way to stimulate public discussion on the morality of taxation.

"Taxes are very much based on the principles of solidarity, which is based on the commandment com·mand·ment  
1. A command; an edict.

2. Bible One of the Ten Commandments.


a divine command, esp.
 to love your neighbor," former Bishop Howard Tripp, chairman of the church's Committee for Public Life, told Reuters Reuters

British cooperative news agency. Founded in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter, it was initially concerned with commercial news but began to serve a growing newspaper clientele after the London Morning Advertiser subscribed in 1858.
. "This document is suggesting taxes are a way to play our part, and it is something we should be pleased to do"

The document doesn't say what level of taxation is fair. and the church claims it is not a partisan Partisan may refer to: Political matters
In politics, partisan literally means organized into political parties. The expression "Partisan politics" usually refers to fervent, sometimes militant support of a party, cause, faction, person, or idea.
 political statement. Brits recently faced a rate hike to help fund the national health service. Now the basic income tax rate is 22 percent and 40 percent on anything over 29,900 [pounds sterling] (about $55,250).

No word yet on whether the 4.6 million Catholics in the U.K. are any happier about paying their tax bills.
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Author:Grennan Gary, Heather
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 1, 2004
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