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Ridin' in style.

Weighed down with your daily limit of birds, gear and other necessities, all-terrain vehicles provide a simple, convenient and easy way to get to and from your hunting spot.

With hunters in mind, many ATV models include camouflage paint schemes, GPS sys terns, power steering, accessory outlets, tow hitches, fuel injection and plenty of storage space. The list of hunter-friendly features is just as long with the explosion of utility-terrain vehicles. Four-wheel drive machines such as the Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Teryx, Polaris Ranger, Cub Cadet Volunteer and Honda Big Red are like mini-automobiles, but made for off-road riding. Featuring cabs with bucket seats and pickup-style beds, UTVs have quickly become hot items.


No matter what your waterfowling needs, one of these ATVs or UTVs is sure to aid your style of hunting.

ARCTIC CAT The 550 H1 quad is powered by Arctic Cat's own 545cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. An automatic transmission features two- and four-wheel drive and a front locking differential. A simple handlebar switch selects two-or four-wheel drive, and an electronic rocker switch on the instrument pod activates the front differential. A redesigned seat is mounted one inch lower to reduce the rider's center of gravity. A 2-inch automotive style receiver hitch makes towing handy, and front and rear fender racks can carry a combined 300 pounds of cargo.



Introduced in 2008, the Prowler XTX 700 H1 returns in 2009 with a 695cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection. An automatic transmission with two-wheel and four-wheel drive modes easily changes with the flip of a switch. A reverse override button on the center console allows for quicker reverse speeds. In the cab, dual bucket seats greet the driver and passenger. The Prowler also features dual 12-volt accessory outlets in the dashboard, a glove box, digital instrumentation with 14 different indicators and easy-to-reach controls. For long days hunting, the Prowler has a large under-hood storage compartment that can hold 25 pounds of gear. It doubles as a cooler. Additional storage and hauling capabilities are found in the fully composite rear cargo box with a 600-pound capacity. The Prowler has a 2-inch automotive-type receiver hitch and is rated for a 1,500-pound towing capacity.

CUB CADET With a top speed of 32 mph, the Cub Cadet Volunteer 4x4 EFI Camo vehicle can get you to your hunting spot quickly. A 748cc V-twin Kohler engine with electronic fuel injection powers it. An automatic transmission features high, low and reverse gears, including four-wheel drive with a differential lock when extra traction is required. To help soften any terrain chatter, the Volunteer is equipped with independent dual A-arm front and rear suspensions. In the cab, the driver and passenger sit in high-back "sport style" bucket seats with easy access to the 12-volt accessory outlet and other controls. For towing and hauling gear, it has a 14.4 cubic-foot steel cargo box with a 1,000-pound capacity. Its towing payload is rated at 1,400 pounds, which includes the driver, passenger and bed capacity. Storage is found in the glove box and under the seat.



(800) 800-7310

HONDA Released last fall, the Honda Big Red utility terrain vehicle is powered by a 675cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection. Honda's automotive-style automatic transmission shifts electronically for easy driving. To help maneuver over varying terrain, three forward gears and reverse and three drive modes: two-wheel, four-wheel and four-wheel drive with an all-wheel differential lock. Independent double wishbone front and rear suspensions cushion the ride. For hauling gear, the rear steel tilt bed has a 500-pound capacity. It also has a 2-inch automotive type receiver and a 1,200-pound tow rating. The Big Red features an in-cab glove box and a dash storage area. The driver and passenger sit on rubber-mounted bucket seats with adjustable backs. A waterproof accessory socket sits between the seats. For peace of mind on the hunt, it has a 7.9-gallon fuel tank with 1.5-gallon reserve.


If you are riding the Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape, there's no need to tote a GPS to find your hunting grounds. The Rubicon already has one integrated into the instrument pod. The weatherproof GPS system features mode and way point buttons that allows riders to select and store up to 100 locations. So if you're out scouting hunting locations, mapping a spot is as easy as pushing a button. Honda's Electric Power Steering system and pre-load adjustable shocks provide light and consistent steering at all speeds and it acts as a steering damper, reducing kickback through the handlebars. Returning features on the Rubicon include two- and four-wheel drive modes, Honda's exclusive Electric Shift Program for push-button shifting, a carburetor heater for cold-weather starting and a 499cc four-stroke engine. Water-resistant storage is integrated into the body, front and rear racks, with a combined capacity of 199 pounds.



(310) 783-2000

KAWASAKI Boasting the largest engine in Kawasaki's ATV lineup, the Brute Force 750 is built to tackle tough terrain. The 749cc,V-twin engine powers a fully automatic transmission with high and low forward gears and reverse. Riders can select two- or four-wheel drive by pressing the convenient handlebar button. In four-wheel-drive mode, the Brute Force utilizes a limited-slip front differential, which eases steering. Drivers can also engage the handlebar-mounted variable front differential control lever to manage torque delivery to the right and left front wheels for maximum traction. The Brute Force can tow up to 1,250 pounds, and the front and rear racks can handle a combined 264 pounds. Other features include a 5-gallon fuel tank, 9.7 inches of ground clearance and a digital speedometer, odometer, twin trip meters, clock, hour meter and fuel gauge.


Unveiled in 2008, the Kawasaki Teryx returns with the addition of digital fuel injection to the 749cc V-twin engine. When extra traction is needed, drivers can activate four-wheel drive by pushing a switch. Additional traction is achieved through an ATV-style front differential control activated via a hand lever similar. Driver and passenger sit on bucket seats. The camouflage version includes standard retracting cup holders, a half-windscreen and a cab roof. Standard equipment includes a multi function digital meter with i a fuel gauge, parking brake indicator, hour meter, clock, odometer, dual trip meters and warning lights. The 500-pound capacity, gas-assisted tilting cargo bed features a cargo net and tie down hooks in all four corners keep gear secure. Teryx has a 1,300-pound towing capacity.



(800) 661-7433

POLARIS Polaris Sportsman 850 XP EFI boasts a powerful 70 hp, 850cc twin-cylinder, tourstroke engine with electronic fuel injection. Nearly entirely new from the ground up, the 8S0 XP has a new chassis design, upgraded suspension, better clutching and a larger front and rear rack capacity. The Sports man XP sports the second largest engine capacity in the industry, so it is built to take on challenging terrain. While much of the 850 XP is new, it features on-demand, all-wheel drive that automatically delivers torque to all four wheels and reverts to two-wheel drive when it's not needed. In addition, it is equipped with Polaris' active descent control, which provides automatic engine braking when traveling downhill. Other noteworthy features include all-new digital instrumentation, new ergonomics and anti-kickback steering. The 850 XP is available with the optional electronic power steering system.


Cut with rugged, masculine body lines, the Ranger 700 XP is heavily updated for 2009. Improvements include a new cab design that adds more legroom, tilt steering, repositioned throttle and brake pedals and bench seat. A new dual A-arm front suspension, front end with recessed headlights and fully protected radiator and front differential highlight other design changes. The 2009 XP has 140 percent more storage, thanks to the new glove box, four interior compartments and a sizeable under-seat area. The XP can haul 1,000 pounds of gear in its rear cargo bed and tow up to one ton. At the heart of the Ranger XP is a 683cc, twin-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection. Top speed is 50 mph. Like other Polaris off-road vehicles, the Ranger is equipped with on-demand all-wheel drive that automatically senses when the rear wheels slip, signaling both front wheels to engage for additional traction.


(800) 766-2747

SUZUKI The Suzuki King Quad 500 AXi features power steering, an updated chassis and more power thanks to the new 493cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. It has two-and four-wheel drive and differential-lock four-wheel drive modes that can be set with the handlebar-mounted control. An engine braking system minimizes freewheeling when traveling downhill. For stowing items, the quad has a 2.8-liter, water-resistant front storage compartment, and front and rear fender racks for toting larger items. Other features include independent double wishbone front and rear suspensions with pre-load adjustable shocks, a 4.6-gallon fuel tank and RealTree Hardwoods camouflage body.



(800) 828-7433

YAMAHA Yamaha's new Grizzly 550 FI is decorated with a long list of features usually reserved for top-of-the-line machines with bigger engines and price tags. The Grizzly 550 has on-command system to allow drivers to select two-wheel drive and limited-slip and fully locked differential four-wheel drive with the push of a button. It has Yamaha's Electric Power Steering system, pioneered on Yamaha's Grizzly 700, that lightens the steering effort for drivers in a wide variety of terrain. Powered by a 558cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection, it can tow up to 1,212 pounds and carry a combined 286 pounds on the front and rear fender racks. An additional feature includes a digital instrumentation pod that features a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, hour meter that counts hours that the engine is running, four-wheel drive status, transmission position, clock and fuel gauge.


The Rhino 700 FI Auto 4x4 Ducks Unlimited Edition comes with all the features found on the standard Rhino series, plus Realtree AP HD camouflage bodywork and a sun top. A 686cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke with electronic fuel injection powers an automatic Ultramatic transmission with high, low and reverse gears. When extra traction is required, the pushbutton On-Command system can be switched between two-wheel, limited-slip four-wheel and full locked differential four-wheel drive. Double wishbone front and rear suspensions with pre-load adjustable shocks cushion the ride. The cab features bucket seats with easy access to cup holders and controls. The digital instrument panel contains a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, hour meter, four-wheel-drive status, transmission position, clock and fuel gauge. The rear cargo bed has a 400-pound capacity and the vehicle has a 1,212-pound towing capacity.


(800) 962-7926



KOLPIN Featuring the largest interior of all Kolpin's gun boots, the Gun Boot 6.0 fits firearms up to 51 inches long. It has s pace for scopes and pistol grip style stocks. In addition to its roomy interior, the Gun Boot 6.0 features a hinged hatchback design with a snap close cover that can be locked. The Transport model includes a separate soft carrying gun case that fits within the hard case. The Gun Boot 6.0 utilizes all existing Gun Boot 4 brackets (separate purchase) to mount to an ATV or UTV.


You can keep warm and comfortable on your way to your favorite hunting spot with Kolpin's cushioned foam Heated Seat Cover. Designed with a 7-inch-by-18-inch removable automotive-style heating element, it connects directly to an ATV battery or ATV power outlet. Fits most ATVs.


Kolpin's Guard Dog system keeps your ATV secure during transit. The Guard Dog ATV Tie-Down system works with any pickup truck equipped with a 2-inch receiver hitch. With the ATV in the bed of the pickup, the Guard Dog system eliminates the need for straps. Secure the bracket in the pickup's receiver and attach the trailer-style hitch to the trailer ball on the ATV, and it's secure. Optional locks help deter theft.


Kolpin's Trailer Dog ATV TieDown system bolts to a trailer to secure an ATV by using the trailer ball on the back of the quad. When not in use, the upright arm can be removed, leaving the base plate attached to the floor of the trailer. The system comes with bolts for steel or wood trailers. Optional hitch and pin locks are available to deter theft.


Kolpin Rhino Grips feature a 360-degree rotating and multi-angle adjustable design that keeps firearms and gear securely in place. Strong gripping power reduces side-to-side movement. Flexible rubber straps hold tools and gear in various configurations. The grips come in a variety of mounting options, from suction cups to fully rotating and adjustable bases. They can be installed to ATV racks, UTV cabs, rear truck windows and many other places. Mounting hardware is included. The grips are compatible with Kolpin's Gearlock & Load and Utility Gear Rail Systems.


(877) 958-5746

MAD DOG GEAR When you need extra assistance in the woods, Mad Dog Gear's new ATV Pocket Winch can help. The mechanical, hand-powered winch has a 1,200-pound capacity that can connect ATVs to trees and other ATVs to pull machines out of trouble. Complete with a ratchet handle, the winch weighs less than 20 pounds and comes with a 24-foot long strap. It packs in a zipper-less storage bag that attaches to an ATV rack with quick-release buckles and web straps.


Featuring thick, heavy-duty rubber bottoms, Mad Dog Gear Cargo Bags protect your gear and provide extra storage capacity so you can get everything you need to your blind. The bag has semi-rigid sides and a steel perimeter rod for added strength, and includes two carry handles for convenience. Six lash tabs allow you to attach additional gear to the bag. The bag has three different configurations for assorted storage options. It is available in Mossy Oak BreakUp camouflage or black.


Mad Dog Gear's ATV Portable Work Bench offers a hard, flat surface anywhere you need it. Made of high-density plastic, it mounts to the front or rear rack on an ATV. It features two storage compartments that open independently, two bucket holders to haul two five-gallon buckets, integrated perimeter tie-down slots and 1-inch round holes to carry accessories, carry handles to help transport the bench and dual side release buckles for access to rear-mounted gas tank fillers. Leveling screws assure the bench is fiat.



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