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Ricky Martin, Shakira, Thalia and Juanes Among Superstar Nominees for ``Premio Lo Nuestro 2004'' Latin Music Awards.

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MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 14, 2004

Latin music's hottest recording artists make up the list of nominees for the 2004 edition of "Premio Lo Nuestro Lo Nuestro is an awards show honoring the best of Latin music, presented by television network Univision. The awards began in 1989. Notable recipients include Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena, Celia Cruz and Juanes.  a la Musica Latina," the oldest and most popular Latin music award program in the U.S. A total of 180 nominations in 32 categories were announced today. Winners will be revealed during a sensational sen·sa·tion·al  
1. Of or relating to sensation.

2. Arousing or intended to arouse strong curiosity, interest, or reaction, especially by exaggerated or lurid details:
 3-hour special that will be telecast LIVE on Univision Network on Thursday, February 26 from 8-11 pm ET/PT (7-10 pm Central/Mountain).

Recognizing excellence in five different genres -- Pop, Tropical, Regional Mexican, Rock, and Urban -- the "Premio Lo Nuestro" awards are bestowed yearly to the very best talent in the Latin music industry. This year's list of nominees, selected from charts compiled by the prominent industry publication Radio & Records(R), includes such internationally famous superstars as Ricky Martin, Juanes, Thalia, Shakira, David Bisbal David Bisbal (born June 5, 1979) is a Latin Grammy-winning Spanish pop singer. He gained fame as a finalist on the interactive reality television show Operación Triunfo. , Mana, Olga Tanon, Marc Anthony For other people named "Marc Anthony" or "Mark Anthony", see .

Marc Anthony (born September 16, 1968) is an American singer-songwriter popular in Latin America for his salsa music and salsa monga ballads.
, Pepe Aguilar Pepe Aguilar (born José Aguilar in 1968, San Antonio, Texas) is an American singer of Mexican descent who sings ranchera music. He is the son of the legends of Mexican show-business Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. , and Vicente Fernandez You may be looking for:
  • Vicente Fernández, Mexican singer
  • Vicente Fernández, Argentine golfer
. Winners of the coveted cov·et  
v. cov·et·ed, cov·et·ing, cov·ets
1. To feel blameworthy desire for (that which is another's). See Synonyms at envy.

2. To wish for longingly. See Synonyms at desire.
 award will be determined by the voting public via

The 2004 "Premio Lo Nuestro" award ceremony will take place at the Miami Arena Coordinates:   in Miami, Florida “Miami” redirects here. For the Native American tribe, see Miami tribe.

Miami is a major city in southeastern Florida, in the United States. It is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Miami is a gamma world city with an estimated population of 404,048.
. Hosted by popular TV presenter Adal Ramones Adal Ramones (born Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez , December 3, 1961 in Monterrey, Nuevo León) is a Mexican television show host and comedian who is known for his comments on Mexican and international social life. , the show will feature electrifying e·lec·tri·fy  
tr.v. e·lec·tri·fied, e·lec·tri·fy·ing, e·lec·tri·fies
1. To produce electric charge on or in (a conductor).

 performances by many of the nominated nom·i·nate  
tr.v. nom·i·nat·ed, nom·i·nat·ing, nom·i·nates
1. To propose by name as a candidate, especially for election.

2. To designate or appoint to an office, responsibility, or honor.
 artists, as well as an impressive parade of Hispanic celebrity presenters and attendees.

"Premio Lo Nuestro" is the highest-rated television program among Hispanics in the United States Hispanics in the United States, or Hispanic Americans, are American citizens or residents of Hispanic ethnicity who identify themselves as having Hispanic Cultural heritage.[1] According to the 2000 Census, Hispanic Americans constitute roughly 12. , watched by more than five million Hispanic viewers, beating all other English or Spanish language Spanish language, member of the Romance group of the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Romance languages). The official language of Spain and 19 Latin American nations, Spanish is spoken as a first language by about 330 million persons  TV programs including the Super Bowl.

Following is a complete list of 2004 "Premio Lo Nuestro" nominees by genre and category:


Album del Ano, Interprete (Best Album, Performer)
1)  Almas del Silencio, Ricky Martin
2)  Santo Pecado, Ricardo Arjona
3)  Estrella Guia, Alexandre Pires
4)  Millie, Millie Corretjer
5)  Rojo Relativo, Tiziano Ferro

Artista Masculino (Best Male Artist)
1)  Ricky Martin
2)  Ricardo Arjona
3)  Alexandre Pires
4)  Juanes

Artista Femenina (Best Female Artist)
1)  Thalia
2)  Shakira
3)  Millie Corretjer
4)  Soraya

Grupo o Duo (Best Group or Duo)
1)  Mana
2)  Sin Bandera
3)  Juanes y Nelly Furtado
4)  La Oreja de Van Gogh

Revelacion del Ano (Best New Artist of the Year)
1)  Alex Ubago
2)  Ana Cristina
3)  Axe Bahia
4)  Contagious
5)  Daniel Rene
6)  David Bisbal
7)  Erika
8)  Frankie J
9)  Hector
10)  Juan Fernando Velasco
11)  Julio Iglesias Jr.
12)  Linda Bandry
13)  Los Tres
14)  Mia
15)  Nadia
16)  Roselyn Sanchez
17)  Tiziano Ferro
18)  Yahir

Cancion del Ano e Interprete (Song of the Year, Performer)
1)  Mariposa Traicionera, Mana
2)  No Me Ensenaste, Thalia
3)  Tal Vez, Ricky Martin
4)  Que Me Quedes Tu, Shakira
5)  El Problema, Ricardo Arjona


Album del Ano, Interprete (Best Album, Performer)
1)  Dance and Dense Denso, Molotov
2)  El Primer Instinto, Jaguares
3)  Super Riddim Internacional Vol. 1, El Gran Silencio
4)  Alma en Fuego, Inspector
5)  Libertad, La Ley

Interpretacion del Ano (Best Performer)
1)  Molotov
2)  Cafe Tacuba
3)  Jaguares
4)  El Gran Silencio

Revelacion del Ano (Best New Artist of the Year)
1)  Alessandra
2)  Circo
3)  Inspector
4)  Jorge Correa
5)  La Zurda
6)  Las Ninas
7)  Natalia Lafourcade


Album del Ano, Interprete (Best Album, Performer)
1)  Le Preguntaba a la Luna, Victor Manuelle
2)  Mi Alma y Corazon, India
3)  Escuchame, Joseph Fonseca
4)  A Puro Fuego, Olga Tanon
5)  Estilo Propio, Son de Cali

Artista Masculino (Best Male Artist)
1)  Gilberto Santa Rosa
2)  Victor Manuelle
3)  Marc Anthony
4)  Jerry Rivera

Artista Femenina (Best Female Artist)
1)  India
2)  Olga Tanon
3)  Celia Cruz
4)  Sophy

Grupo o Duo del Ano (Best Group or Duet)
1)  Son de Cali
2)  Limi-T 21
3)  El Gran Combo
4)  Bacilos

Revelacion del Ano (Best New Artist)
1)  Daniel
2)  Puerto Raices
3)  Sexappeal
4)  Son Callejero
5)  Son de Cali

Cancion del Ano e Interprete (Best Song, Performer)
1)  Si te Dijeron, Gilberto Santa Rosa
2)  El Tonto Que No te Olvido, Victor Manuelle
3)  Barco a La Deriva, Marc Anthony
4)  Seduceme, India
5)  Herida Mortal, Jerry Rivera

Mejor Interpretacion Merengue del Ano (Best Merengue Performance)
1)  Joseph Fonseca
2)  Olga Tanon
3)  Limi-T 21
4)  Grupo Mania

Mejor Interpretacion Salsa del Ano (Best Salsa Performance)
1)  Gilberto Santa Rosa
2)  Victor Manuelle
3)  Marc Anthony
4)  India

Mejor Interpretacion Tradicional del Ano (Best Traditional
1)  Monchy y Alexandra
2)  Elvis Martinez
3)  Nueva Era
4)  Aventura


Album del Ano, Interprete (Best Album, Performer)
1)  Situaciones, Palomo
2)  Soy Asi, Limite
3)  Imperio, Tucanes de Tijuana
4)  Tu Amor o Tu Desprecio, Marco Antonio Solis
5)  Afortunado, Joan Sebastian

Artista Masculino (Best Male Artist)
1)  Marco Antonio Solis
2)  Joan Sebastian
3)  Pepe Aguilar
4)  Jorge Luis Cabrera

Artista Femenina (Best Female Artist)
1)  Jennifer Pena
2)  Ninel Conde
3)  Graciela Beltran
4)  Marisela

Grupo o Duo del Ano (Best Group or Duet)
1)  Conjunto Primavera
2)  Palomo
3)  Kumbia Kings/Juan Gabriel/El Gran Silencio
4)  Intocable

Revelacion del Ano (Best New Artist)
1)  A.T.M
2)  Adan Cuen
3)  Angel Garay
4)  Banda Alameda
5)  Big Pepe
6)  Conjunto Piramide
7)  Erika
8)  Hermanos Higuera
9)  Isabela
10)  Ivan Diaz
11)  Jimena
12)  Joel Higuera con su Nuevo Grupo
13)  K-Paz de la Sierra
14)  La Onda
15)  Los Sombras del Malverde
16)  Pepito
17)  Punto y Aparte
18)  Sandra
19)  Santos Diablitos
20)  Talisman
21)  Temblor del Norte
22)  Universales del Norte
23)  Ursula Sol
24)  Victor Garcia
25)  Violento
26)  Zuly

Cancion del Ano, Interprete (Song of the Year, Performer)
1)  Una Vez Mas, Conjunto Primavera
2)  De Uno y De Todos Modos, Palomo
3)  No Tengo Dinero, Kumbia Kings/Juan Gabriel/Gran Silencio
4)  Muy a tu Manera, Intocable
5)  Suena, Intocable

Mejor Interpretacion Tejana del Ano (Best Tejano Performance)
1)  Control
2)  La Onda
3)  Palominos

Mejor Interpretacion Grupera del Ano (Best Grupera Performance)
1)  Limite
2)  Los Temerarios
3)  Bronco El Gigante de America
4)  Socios del Ritmo

Mejor Interpretacion Ranchera del Ano (Best Ranchera Performance)
1)  Pepe Aguilar
2)  Vicente Fernandez
3)  Marco Antonio Solis

Mejor Interpretacion Banda del Ano (Best Banda Performance)
1)  Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa
2)  Joan Sebastian
3)  Montez de Durango
4)  Banda el Recodo

Mejor Interpretacion Nortena del Ano (Best Norteno Performance)
1)  Conjunto Primavera
2)  Palomo
3)  Intocable
4)  Tucanes de Tijuana


Album del Ano, Interprete (Best Album, Performer)
1)  La Prueba, Magic Juan
2)  De Fiesta, El General
3)  El Abayarde, Tego Calderon
4)  Proyecto Akwid, Akwid
5)  iTomala!, Los Tetas

Interpretacion del Ano (Best Performance)
1)  Magic Juan
2)  El General
3)  Vico C
4)  Tego Calderon


Cancion, Artista, Director (Song, Artist, Director)
1)  No es lo Mismo, Alejandro Sanz, Jaume De Laiguana
2)  Quitemonos la Ropa, Alexandre Pires, J.L. Massa
3)  Perfume, Bajafondo, Miguel Kohan
4)  Digale, David Bisbal, Rita Clip
5)  Hoy, Gloria Estefan, Gloria Estefan y Emilio Estefan Jr.
6)  Bonito, Jarabe de Palo, Andre Cruz
7)  Fotografia, Juanes, Picky Talarico
8)  Minutos, Ricardo Arjona, Simon Brand
9)  Jaleo, Ricky Martin, Kacho Lopez y Carlos Perez
10)  Amor Amor, Roselyn Sanchez, Pablo Croce

Univision Communications Inc. is the premier Spanish-language media company in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. . Its operations include Univision Network, the most-watched Spanish-language broadcast television network in the U.S. reaching 97% of U.S. Hispanic Households; TeleFutura Network, a new general-interest Spanish-language broadcast television network reaching 78% of U.S. Hispanic Households; Univision Television Group, which owns and operates 23 Univision Network television stations and 1 non-Univision television station; TeleFutura Television Group, which owns and operates 30 TeleFutura Network television stations; Galavision, the country's leading Spanish-language cable network; Univision Radio Univision Radio is the radio division of media giant Univision. The company was formerly known as Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation. It is the eighth largest radio company in the United States, and it specializes in Spanish language radio formats. , the leading Spanish-language radio group which owns and/or operates 66 radio stations in 17 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and 4 stations in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (pwār`tō rē`kō), island (2005 est. pop. 3,917,000), 3,508 sq mi (9,086 sq km), West Indies, c.1,000 mi (1,610 km) SE of Miami, Fla. ; Univision Music Group The Univision Music Group Is the #1 Latin music company in the U.S. with approximately 45% market share. Founded in April 2001 with a vision of releasing and marketing the best of every genre of Latin music, the Univision Music Group now includes three record labels: Univision , which includes the Univision Records, Fonovisa Records Fonovisa Records is an American Spanish language record label. Fonovisa mainly produces Mexican style music. It is well known for its signing with artists such as Enrique Iglesias and Thalía.

In late 2001, Fonovisa was acquired from Televisa by the Univision Music Group.
, and a 50% interest in Mexico-based Disa Records Disa Records is a privately owned record label based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Specializing in Spanish language recordings, the company's works are distributed in the United States by Universal Music Group. [1].  labels as well as Fonomusic and America Musical Publishing companies; and Univision Online, the premier Spanish-language Internet destination in the U.S. located at Univision Communications is headquartered in Los Angeles Los Angeles (lôs ăn`jələs, lŏs, ăn`jəlēz'), city (1990 pop. 3,485,398), seat of Los Angeles co., S Calif.; inc. 1850.  with network operations in Miami and television stations and sales offices in major cities throughout the United States.

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