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Rich and famous love Bentley; Car Monthly Bentley.

NO car company in the world has a more illustrious history than Bentley, which is perhaps hardly surprising as it is the sporting arm of Rolls-Royce. Founded by Walter Owen For other persons of the same name, see Walter Stewart Owen.
Walter Owen was a Scottish translator transplanted to the Argentine Pampas. His career is an excellent example of how the translator can open up a key aspect of a culture to readers in another language.
 Bentley in 1919 the early cars had won Le Mans five times by 1930, which was just a hint of what was to com e.

The company's ambitious sporting obsessions soon overstretched its resources and ownership passed to Rolls-Royce whose first Derby-built models became forever known as the Derby Bentleys.

The 90mph 3.5 litres became the 4.5 litres and gained the nickname of the silent sportsters combining massive performance and the last word in luxury.

The introduction of new models over the years has been prodigious, with Britain's best coachbuilders queuing-up to clothe the chassis in their most adventurous bodies including coupes, cabriolets, saloons and even wooden-sided estate models.

Throughout the years the cars have continued to compete and be victorious in motorsport, from Brooklands in the 1920s to Le Mans eight decades later.

Impossible to list the vast array of models, one of W.O. Bentley's favourites was the 1928 Speed Six, which won five major races and clinched four seconds in two years.

As long ago as 1929 a Speed Six was officially ordered to slow down during the 500-mile Brooklands race after registering a record fastest lap In motorsport, the fastest lap is the quickest lap run during a race. Some series, like A1 Grand Prix and the GP2 series, award bonus points to the driver/team with the fastest lap.  of 126mph and rendering its rivals unable to compete.

A combination of huge engines of up to eight litres and supercharging made the Bentleys virtually untouchable untouchable

Former classification of various low-status persons and those outside the Hindu caste system in Indian society. The term Dalit is now used for such people (in preference to Mohandas K.
 and they became the preferred choice of the rich and famous including royalty and the Hollywood elite.

Renowned coachbuilders such as Mulliner, Hooper and Park Ward excelled in the design of regal bodies and the public were treated to such beautiful sights as the Empress, Continental, Mulsanne, Flying Spur and the S1, S2 and S3 models from the 1950s and 60s.

Today Bentley is back with a vengeance thanks to an impressive line-up of the Arnage saloon and convertible plus the Continental saloon and GT Coupe and Convertible models.

In true Bentley tradition they combine the very highest standards of craftsmanship and luxury with gargantuan gar·gan·tu·an  
Of immense size, volume, or capacity; gigantic. See Synonyms at enormous.


huge or enormous [after Gargantua, a giant in Rabelais'
 power outputs that give top speeds nudging an almost unbelievable 200mph.


Top of the market: Bentley combine the very highest standards of craftsmanship and luxury with gargantuan power outputs that result in staggering acceleration and top speeds nudging an almost unbelievable 200mph. Above, the Bentley Brooklands The Bentley Brooklands was a full-size luxury saloon introduced for 1992 as the marque's new flagship after the Bentley Mulsanne and Bentley Eight were discontinued. The Brooklands was replaced by the Bentley Arnage in 1998 as the Bentley flagship model. . Right, the 1930 Bentley Limousine
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2007
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